Two Ex-Boyfriends Come Together to Match “Wits”

Two ex-Boyfriends of the Week — John Hodgman and John Roderick of The Long Winters — came together this past weekend for the finale of a 4-part comedy/music stage/radio show on Minnesota Public Radio.

Yes, you read that right!  Both Johns on the stage AT THE SAME TIME (along with Neil Gaiman, “who’s written some stuff”)!  And nothing exploded!  It’s a goddamn miracle.

The show, a series that started in March and is hosted by radio great John Moe, is called Wits. has, over the past few months, brought together musicians and comedians of all types (including Julia Sweeney, John Munsen, and more) to discuss, joke, and sing about a huge variety of topics (“hard work, chickens, parenting, and distraction,” for example).

Though this video starts with a few too many minutes of people wandering around taking their seats (dear MPR, how about editing your film clips before posting?  It’s super duper easy, I swear), fast forward ahead a bit and let the laughing begin.

Really, John Hodgman on a ukulele — what more could you possible need on a Tuesday?

Check the show out here — it’s a blast!

And if you enjoy it, be sure to fire off an email to MPR asking for a second season.  Whether or not it comes back is up to the fans and the station so let them know how you feel!


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