10 PRINT “Hello, World!”

Hi, my peoples!  When I logged into WordPress right now, it wanted me to check a box that said “Remember Me” next to it.  Ouch, WordPress.  I have to ask?  To be remembered?  You guys remember me, right?  Even though I haven’t posted for a while?

Sorry I haven’t posted in for-ev’s, but I was out of town this weekend and haven’t seen a new movie in a week or so — the nerve!  The good news is, I’m about to blog a book for you (tonight), AND I have a great Boyfriend write-up 90% ready to go.  HANG IN THERE.  DON’T LEAVE ME!  I WILL BE BACK SHORTLY!



3 Responses to “10 PRINT “Hello, World!””

  1. Jo Says:

    No worries – I would wait for you forever.

    Well, maybe not forever. My attention span isn’t that long. But a really long time.

  2. alisaj29 Says:

    Listen Woman, you better make it quick, I’m tired to having to find my own Boyfriends. LOL :)=

  3. Liz Says:

    Hey, I’m there with Jo and Alisaj29! And I was considering starting a new quote war myself (even though I don’t know the rules – if there are any!). I saw a lovely, rather silly zombie movie – “Night of the Dead” (note: NOT “Living Dead”) on a TV channel I found called “Chiller.”

    There was this mad scientist guy, with a thick German accent, who had become a talking and thinking (!) zombie when his head got pulled off, and then re-attached (I told you it was silly!). Someone said, “You’re insane!” to which he replied, grinning, “Yes, but who gives a sh*%?” Isn’t that great?

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