National Poetry Month 20/30: THE SHINING in 5-7-5

Celebrate National Poetry Month this April!  Add your own haiku about The Shining in the comments below!


Tony’s Danny’s friend.
He lives in his mouth and warns
Him about REDRUM.


2 Responses to “National Poetry Month 20/30: THE SHINING in 5-7-5”

  1. Liz Says:

    This was a good film
    Not as scary as the book,
    But very well done

  2. megwood Says:

    Facebook contributions:

    Writer’s block in winter
    Jack is not such a dull boy
    Don’t call room service

    Sidewinder? Sno-Cat?
    Check it out, Wendy!

    Who knew little girls
    Could be so goddamn scary?
    I’ll never have kids.

    That lame redrum flick
    is a very dull boy, Jack.
    You can admit it.

    If that little shit
    Says “redrum” one more damn time…
    That’s it – HERE’S JOHNNY!

    I love The Shining!
    That Stephen King hated it
    Told me everything.

    The Shining’s okay
    The book was way, way better
    Scatman wuz robbed, yo

    King’s miniseries
    Was so incredibly lame —
    NOT an improvement.

    First she was pretty
    then she was all water-logged
    Poor naked lady

    That Shelley Duvall
    made a better Olive Oyl
    And Jack peaked as George

    Love that Big Wheel sound
    Carpet, flooring, carpet, floor,
    Ominous wheel sounds.

    Dan: (From a Colorado colleague that get’s to host/attend events at a place with the Shining on 24/7 constant loop:)

    Stephen King visits
    and hears the floor creak at night
    the Stanley’s famous

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