New Boyfriend Finally Up!

He’s tall, but not particularly dark, and handsome, I’d say, would be in the eye of the beholder.  What I like best about him, though, is that he can scare the beheysoos out of me one second and charm me onto his sofa the very next.  It don’t get no bettah than that.

Enjoy and be sure to come back here when you’re done reading to tell me what you think!  (Haiku formatted comments acceptable; party on, National Poetry Month!)

15 Responses to “New Boyfriend Finally Up!”

  1. Alisa Says:

    Really? 99.999% MacGyver score? And David Boreanaz only got 98.5435%? I think you’ve got it bad.

    Meg is blinded by
    Jonathan Simmons, gives him
    Overly high score

  2. Richard Harland Smith Says:

    I hated seeing J.K. in Jennifer’s Body, which I thought was just awful. I thought the satire was way too broad and smug (oh how those provincials love their pecan sandies and cran-grape!) and didn’t particularly care for the way the movie made fun of a Vietnam vet (oh, but wasn’t it hysterical when he nerd-pushed his eyeglasses back up the bridge of his nose with his prosthetic hook?). God, it’ll take a six of Mickey’s Big Mouth at least to wash the taste of that out of my mouth.

    But otherwise, he’s the bomb.

  3. Buzz Says:

    OMG, I LOVE him! Great boyfirend pick, and write up!

  4. Shelly David Says:

    LOVE him!! I just watched him the other night in The Viscious Kind. He is always so good!!

  5. megwood Says:

    Will have to look for The Vicious Kind — don’t think I’ve seen that.

    Richard, shamefully do not remember the vet seen in J’s Body. That’s lame, indeed. Thanks for pointing that out. Fooey.

  6. Jenny Says:

    Yesss! I love J.K. Oz is one of those shows that I often feel I ought to watch, but I just can’t. I don’t think I want to see J.K. as a nazi rapist. But I love him in everything else, for sure. He’s the best thing about The Closer (well, him and Provenza).

  7. Linda Teddlie Minton Says:

    Totally agree with your rating of J.K. Also with Jenny, who can’t bring herself to watch him as the Nazi rapist in Oz … don’t want to ruin my image of him as the crinkly-eyed adorable good-guy. Other than that, I’ll watch ANYthing he’s in! Thanks for another great write-up, Meg!

    And may I suggest you look at Timothy Olyphant next? YUM!

  8. Mark W Bryan Says:

    Dead on correct. “Off the Map” is viewed routinely @ my house & entire films are rented because of your new boyfriend.

  9. Liz Says:

    The first time I remember seeing JKS (hee – another one!) was in “Spiderman,” and I thought he was great! Then I figured out who he was in “The Closer.” I agree with you about Brenda and Fritz, but I didn’t realize Brenda had “history” with JKS; neat!

    I laughed at your inventive names for “SVU” and “Crim. Int.” (I always wanted to see a skit/show called “Law and Order: SUV,” about a bunch of crime-fighters who work out of – you guessed it – a specially tricked out SUV.) I’ve been watching a bunch of reruns of those shows, but I don’t remember seeing our friend; I’ll be on the look-out. And anyway, what about Vincent D’Onofrio? He’s not boring at all to me; I find Jeff Goldblum (who I’ve always liked) to be a rather pale imitation!

    I’ve never seen “Oz” – basically because we never wanted to pay extra for HBO. But we have a new system now, which includes HBO, and we’ve finally “graduated” to DVR, so if they decide to show reruns of it, I can record it. I LOVE seeing actors playing such different roles you can hardly believe it’s the same person. And, unlike “The Sopranos,” which never interested me at all, I bet I would be interested in “Oz.”

    One nit-picky thing: the newspaper in “Superman” is called “The Daily Planet;” the one in “Spiderman” is called, I think, “The Daily Bugle.” Gotta get your comic book facts straight, you know! 🙂

  10. Jackie Says:

    I love your new boyfriend. I guess it is because he is an older gent besides being a fine actor. I know the world is tons younger than me, but I love the mature guys too.

  11. megwood Says:

    Drat, I always get the fake newspapers mixed up. Thanks, Liz! Off to correct that! You’re awesome!!

  12. Aster Says:

    I remember seeing JK Simmons in Spider-Man, then looking at his bio and realizing that he’d been in a bunch of things that I’d loved. The Ref? Pete & Pete? Cider House Rules? Check, check, and check.

    He’s also the voice of the yellow M&M in those commercials, and who doesn’t like M&Ms?

  13. JDB Says:

    Really great choice of BotW to start the year.
    I loved him before Oz, hated him with gusto on Oz and love him again in everything after Oz. He’s a great actor. Altough not a hunk in any way he makes you care for his characters which again can leads to a sort of attraction to him. Don’t know if that makes sense, but anyway if he’s in a movie the chances of me hauling my sorry ass to the cinema quadrupled, no matter how bad the critics are or how short his screentime is.
    Loved him in Thank You for not Smoking (with Aaron Eckhart, yum!).

    BTW the Imdb link you give after your write-up, goes to Sam Raimi and not J.K. Simmons.

  14. punkinpuss Says:

    Ahhh, fab choice. Sorry we’re late to the party, but here’s one more — Mr. Simmons is also a song and dance man. He was in the great 1992 revival of Guys and Dolls (with Nathan Lane, Faith Prince, Peter Gallagher & Josie de Guzman). He’s on the cast album, too, and you can see a snippet of him in the documentary of the cast recording here, starting around 4:42 —

  15. Meg Says:

    Oh my god, that is awesome, punkinpuss! Thanks for posting that — just totally made my day!

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