National Poetry Month 7/30: LOST in 5-7-5

Join in the National Poetry Month fun!  Add your own Lost-related haiku in the comments!


Remember back when
This show wasn’t all woo-woo?
Yeah, I don’t either.


6 Responses to “National Poetry Month 7/30: LOST in 5-7-5”

  1. Melody Says:

    Too much confusion.
    I think I liked Jack better
    When he was Charlie.

  2. Jessie Says:

    Watched for three seasons.
    Demise of Terry O’Quinn??
    I can’t be toyed with!

  3. Mark W Bryan Says:

    No television
    People seem to like this show
    I am “Lost”, myself.

  4. Liz Says:

    I still like the show!
    Of course, I do get confused,
    But it’s still clever.

    verse 2:
    Lee’s tired of it!
    I still make him watch with me,
    but now there’s baseball!

    verse 3:
    I quit “24!”
    That show really made me mad,
    But I still like “Lost.”

  5. Tad Says:

    I can’t tell you what
    Lies in the statue’s shadow
    Josh, take off your shirt

    Where is the island
    If you are confused at all
    Go back to the beach

    When is the island?
    Blow up a nuclear bomb
    Everything’s all right

  6. megwood Says:

    Best of Facebook contributions:

    Love me some Sawyer
    Those eyes those dimples and grin
    Give me a nick name

    I still miss Daniel
    At least when he was around
    We talked ’bout physics.

    Ev’ry new season
    I begin watching, stopping
    Three episodes in

    Dude, I so hear that.
    But I can never give up.
    Just ask “ER,” jeez.

    Why the disinterest?
    My impatience is greater
    Than the black monster…

    Never watched the show.
    Saw the plane crash on YouTube.
    But that’s about it.

    “Lost” would be better
    if all episodes focused
    on how hot Sun is.

    ER and LOST mates
    Tried and true until the end
    Clearly we are one

    One episode ends
    as writers scramble for plot.
    And we too are Lost

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