National Poetry Month 4/30: ALIENS in 5-7-5

Add your own haiku on today’s topic (Aliens!) in the comments, and help celebrate National Poetry Month this April!


Here’s a confession:
I’ve always found Newt to be
Really annoying.

(Don’t hate me.)


21 Responses to “National Poetry Month 4/30: ALIENS in 5-7-5”

  1. Trip Says:

    Nuke site from orbit
    The only way to be sure
    Yeah man fuckin’ A

  2. Trip Says:

    Smarter than they look
    How could they cut the power
    They’re animals man

  3. Trip Says:

    Yellow lights flashing
    Construction bot powered up
    Away from her, bitch

  4. megwood Says:

    Nuke site from orbit — NICE!!

  5. Mark W Bryan Says:

    Crowded theatre
    “What do you think laid these eggs?”
    Hmmnnn. A big chicken?

  6. megwood Says:

    I just laughed so hard I woke up the cat. THANKS, MARK.

  7. ysabelkid Says:

    Big guns, space marines
    No match for an alien queen
    Only Ripley rules

  8. Jessie Says:

    My husband would like to submit the following:

    I have not seen this.
    Yet, that is. But I do know
    This: “Game over, man!”

  9. megwood Says:

    Dear Jessie’s husband:
    Get the heck out of here, sir!
    You HAVE to see this!

  10. aussie deb Says:

    In Australia
    this film is so popular
    everyone knows Ripley!!

  11. gil mann Says:

    Pawn? No, a White Knight.

    Stand up to the Queen, mate? Check!

    This Bishop can’t be beat.

  12. gil mann Says:

    Nuke “this” from orbit–it’s the only way to be sure that line’s five syllables.

  13. Corey Says:

    Let’s move. Two minutes.
    Snore, wheeze, cough, snore, cough, snore.
    Somebody wake up Hicks.

  14. Liz Says:

    Sigourney Weaver!
    “They” thought, that’s all she can do –
    She proved “them” SO wrong!

  15. Sarah Says:

    Vasquez needs to know
    Only one thing – where they are.
    Her gun is biggest.

  16. Trip Says:

    Must collect all clips
    No firing under the core
    Aliens delight

  17. Trip Says:

    Colony cost dough
    Can’t just vaporize whole place
    They can just bill her

  18. Trip Says:

    Man, these just write themselves, don’t they?

  19. Trip Says:

    Tough to adjust from
    Fifty-seven years’ deep freeze
    Cat stays home this time

  20. Liz Says:

    I’m glad for the cat
    I worry more about them
    Than about people!

    (You’re right, Trip; they DO almost write themselves!)

  21. Jim Says:

    As is usual
    In the space and war genres
    The black sergeant dies

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