April is National Poetry Month! Let’s Write Some Bad Haiku!

I love poetry.  I’ve probably never mentioned that here before, in part because I rarely read it in book format (like, collections of poetry) and so almost never have occasion to write a review of anything poetic.  (A recent exception: Failure by Philip Schultz.)  And also possibly in part because every time I try to talk about what I love about a particular poem, I feel like I sound like a complete idiot.

This month is National Poetry Month and you’ll be bombarded from all directions (I hope) by a mad-crazy hurricane of some really amazing stuff.  Keep your eyes open — it’ll be showing up in newspapers, magazines, blogs, your friends’ Facebook pages, etc.

But we can’t just embrace the good.  To embrace the good, we must also come to know the bad.  And so, to help balance things out, I am also going to bombard you from all directions with a mad-crazy hurricane — of some really amazingly silly stuff.

The goal:  One haiku a day about a movie or TV show or book or old Boyfriend of the Week.  To join in the celebration, I urge you to contribute your own 5-7-5 on the same subject in the comments of each post.  DIG IT.


He will not use guns
But he adores explosives.
Hair, eyes, theme song, knife!

(Ya dig?)

By the way, I’m also doing Script Frenzy this month (like National Novel Writing Month except you do a screenplay instead).  Is anybody else?  If so, we can connect on the SF web site to egg each other on — let me know what your handle is.


12 Responses to “April is National Poetry Month! Let’s Write Some Bad Haiku!”

  1. Melody Says:

    Coif a disaster
    MacGyver a solution
    Paperclip hairpin

  2. Katherine Says:

    Eighties TV full
    of mullet madness and mousse
    Were nineties better?

  3. megwood Says:

    Mel, that made me laugh so hard I spit apple across the room.

    Katherine, SWEET. Keep them coming, my peoples!

  4. Trip Says:

    Disarming the bombs
    With paperclips and grape jam
    Our hero shall live

  5. Liz Says:

    Crocodile Dundee:
    When he said, “Now THAT’S a knife”
    Lee and I laughed hard

  6. megwood Says:

    Crocodile Dundee is not MacGyver! But I’ll make one of those the daily theme for you down the line, Lizzie!

  7. megwood Says:

    Best of Facebook contributions (reprinted with permission!):

    MacGyver’s mullet
    While an outdated hairstyle
    Makes Meg’s knees quiver

    Duct tape, bubble gum
    A paper clip and some spit
    Can do anything.

    macgyver’s jaw,
    squared — quandary untangled.
    sweet testosterone.

    Quick! Hand me that pen!
    Okay, give me that duct tape!
    Hold this while I — BOOM!!!

    Tad (after I asked if I could repost):
    Yes, you can repost
    I have no problem with that
    Just give me cre– BOOM!!!

    Tad (after I asked if I could move in with him):
    We have a spare room
    It comes with bed, chair and desk
    What’s this switch for? BOOM!!!

    Me (in reply to that):
    It sounds like that room
    Might not be the bestest choice
    For a klutz like … BOOM!

  8. megwood Says:

    p.s. Lively conversations often ensue on my Facebook page after I post about a new post. If you’re over there and haven’t friended me yet, don’t make me come over there myself and give you a beat down.


  9. Liz Says:

    NO FAIR! I was riffing on your KNIFE theme. I didn’t understand that we HAD to write about MacGyver! And it was a GOOD haiku!

    BTW, if your blog wants to continue to recognize me at my old domain, who am I to object?

  10. megwood Says:

    It was a lovely haiku. “Same subject,” I said, though. We’re exploring the poetic concept of THEME. Or some dorky literary shit like that, anyway.

    I’ll do Dundee for you down the line, swearskies!

    Now, write a MacGyver one, already! JEEZ.

  11. Liz Says:

    Oh, okay, okay!
    “MacGyver”: I’ve got nothing!
    Now do you hate me?

  12. megwood Says:

    Ah hahahhahaha. PERFECT!

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