Kill Some More Time! I’m Running Late on the Write-Up!

spikeA reader just sent me a link to a feature on her site that ranks the 20 hottest vampires of all time.  Guess who’s number one?  Uh huh:  James Marsters!  Yum.

So, go read her piece, which is hilarious and sharp, and pretend you didn’t notice I didn’t get that Boyfriend write-up posted today like I said I would.  Go on now, shoo!  I’ll try for tomorrow, I swear!


2 Responses to “Kill Some More Time! I’m Running Late on the Write-Up!”

  1. akbar Says:

    yeah! alex o’loughlin. woo

  2. Liz Says:

    I’ve been a David Boreanaz fan for years – I always loved “Angel.” “Spike” I could take or leave, although I think James Marsters is a very good, under-appreciated actor. But his English accent is fake! Of course, it IS very good. But Alex O’Loughlin won my heart (!) in “Moonlight!” How can he be listed at 15? And how could Robert Pattinson be #2? I take issue with quite a lot in that post, but I have to read it more carefully a little later. Hey! I just realized she didn’t include “Nick Knight” from “Forever Night” (I’m blanking on the actor’s name!), and he was the precursor to Alex O’Loughlin’s character!

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