TV Timekilling Post (New Boyfriend in the Works This Week!)

Just to let you know, things will be somewhat quiet here this week, as I’m scrambling around like pan o’ breakfast trying to get the new Boyfriend of the Week write-up posted before October expires.  (Not just because I’m trying to get at least one lame write-up posted every month (although, that too), but because he needs to make it up BY HALLOWEEN, or else there goes all the fun.  That’s the only hint yer gettin’, so don’t try for more, my peoples.)

While we’re waiting, though, let’s have some conversation.  Everybody tell me in comments which of the new Fall TV shows you are still watching and enjoying?  Here’s what’s still on my list:

gleeGlee — I’m behind by three episodes, but I WAS behind by six until this past weekend and then I started to get caught up and got all sucked in again.  That said, I confess nothing gets my dander up like a subplot involving a faked pregnancy being used to trick an unhappy husband into staying in an awful marriage.  Newsflash to men everywhere:  Most women would never, ever consider doing something like that.  I promise, we wouldn’t.  We. Would. Not.  In any case, this is a subplot that I feel is not only grossly cliché and completely out of place in the show itself, but one I think we women ought to be downright offended by.  If you’re not offended by it, rest assured that I am offended on your behalf.  Wrap that shit up, Glee, and give me more songs by Journey or I may bail before the year’s out.  You’re on alert, yo.

The Forgotten — I recognize that this is not a good show.  That said, you know what?  I’m enjoying it anyway.  I really like Christian Slater; I can’t help myself.  And even though everybody starts off dead and so there is never a happy ending, I kind of like the concept behind this series — a show about a group of volunteers with various sorts of skills who spend their free time working as amateur sleuths.  I love sleuthing — it’s why I became a librarian, in fact.  In any case, while I haven’t been overly impressed so far with the plots, it MIGHT get better.  It COULD get better.  I’ll hang in a little while longer.

llcooljNCIS: Los Angeles — Oh, please, I KNOW this one is not a good show.  I’m still watching this one just because every episode is so amazingly stupid and bad, it is absolutely hilarious.  I laugh out loud no fewer than 8 times per episode, which is more than The Daily Show gets out of me half the time these days.  Oh god, I love this one.  I LOVE IT.  I have never seen a show this ridiculous.  It’s totally awesome.  Plus, I will never get tired of looking at L. L. Cool J’s butt, no matter how old I get.  Or how old he gets.  May we grow old together, in fact, me and L. L Cool J.  And L. L. Cool J’s butt.  All three of us, old.  Together.  Forever.

Flash Forward — I’m behind by three episodes, and I think it’s because. . . meh.  I mean, I like the concept of this series, and I fully intend to get caught up (this weekend, even).  But I haven’t gotten sucked into it that solidly yet.  Not like I got with Lost, certainly.  I never fell behind on a single episode of Lost until season three, come to think of it, but I started falling behind on FF on EPISODE three.  Probably not a great sign.  That said, I’m still IN.  I’m just not IN all the way.  I’m sort of hokey-pokey-in.  One foot, one hand, shakin’ it all about.  What do you guys think of this one?  If it lasts long enough, Joseph Fiennes or John Cho for Boyfriend of the Week?  Both?

Three Rivers — It’s terrible, I know it.  Stop, I know it.  But still.  Of the three new medical shows (Mercy and Trauma being the other two), it’s the only one I watched a second episode of, and even though I haven’t then watched any more, I’m letting them pile up on the DVR for a rainy day and am even sort of looking forward to the day that rainy day finally arrives.  Incidentally, I recently went to the ER myself and guess what was playing on the TV while I was there — Mercy and Trauma. I motioned to the TV set and said to the doctor, “Really? Isn’t that kind of like playing Castaway on an airplane?”   And he laughed and said the nurses liked it.  Personally?  I think health care reform needs to start RIGHT THERE.

I think this is it for me and the NEW shows this year.  I’d love to hear what you guys are watching (is anybody still watching Eastwick, for example?  How’s it going?  Did you guys end up loving The Good Wife?  What did I miss that I ought to check out?  Any of the new sit-coms good?).  Hit the comments and chat us all up and together, we’ll make it to the next Boyfriend of the Week write-up, due FRIDAY come hell or high water.  (Or, more likely here in Seattle, a hell OF high water.)

24 Responses to “TV Timekilling Post (New Boyfriend in the Works This Week!)”

  1. Wendy Phillips Says:

    Glee, Glee, Glee….by the third episode I was so put off by the stereotypes of women and gays I thought I’d kick it to the curb, but then I think it clicked in my brain that this show is REALLY tongue in cheek and I should just watch and try not to analyze so much. I’ve enjoyed it a lot more since. However, every episode seems to have a really redonk plot.

    I wanted to watch Three Rivers for Kate Moennig (my girl crush!) but I just couldn’t do it. I am over and out on medical and crime dramas.

  2. jo Says:

    I think the only new show I even started watching is Glee. I like it, except for the fake pregnancy thing, which I suppose would be offensive if it weren’t just stupid. Seriously. Fake belly? I could be mistaken, but I think my husband would notice if I had a pillow strapped to my body. Just sayin’.

    Is Castle new? Or was that last season? In any case, I’m still watching. The Halloween episode Firefly shout-out was worth the price of admission – or what the price of admission would have been if I had paid to get in.

  3. megwood Says:

    Castle is from last year, but I’m still lovin’ that one too! He’s done several Firefly things, btw — if you follow him on Twitter, he usually mentions it when he sneaks something in an episode. VERY fun!

    Dude, YES about that stupid pillow! He fell for the “don’t touch my stomach; you’ll hurt the baby!” thing? That was so ARGH! dumb. Nine months and he’s never going to touch her stomach or see her naked? What??

    But Wendy’s right — I’m trying to think of it as just silly fun too and not let the dumb stuff get to me too much. It IS super fun sometimes. And I just adore the entire cast. Especially Jane Lynch, who is the greatest bad-ass gym teacher of all time.

  4. Cate Says:

    Flash Forward I’m enjoying. Out of those you mentioned, that’s the one I’m enjoying the most. I love Cho – please make him a boyfriend of the month. I’m enjoyin the twists and turns, but I do hope they actually answer some questions (I’m 3 episodes behind at the moment) before 7 seasons are up! 🙂

  5. Alisa Says:

    Glee is awesome! You are supposed to be offended by the fake pregnancy! It’s all over the top, every single aspect of it is ridiculous and it’s supposed to be and it’s WONDERFUL! We are supposed to hate the wife and the coach and we’re supposed to root for Finn and the cute guy, think the cheerleaders are snarky and hope the black girl gets another solo. It’s high school…on steroids! Or, more accurately, it’s our memories of high school!!

  6. Liz Says:

    I can’t believe it – again! The shows you’re watching are EXACTLY the ones I’m still watching, and I agree with just about everything you said! Except that I think “The Forgotten” is pretty decent, and I’m still on the fence about “Glee.” I agree completely about “NCIS: LA” and “F.F.,” and I think that Alex O’Loughlin is being WASTED in “Three Rivers.” However, I’m still watching all those shows (and “Castle,” AND I’ve given up on “Heroes” … and may I say, it’s a relief! I also like “The Good Wife.” However, I’m behind on EVERYTHING! 🙂

  7. megwood Says:

    I just watched another “Three Rivers” and had the same exact thought as you, Liz — WASTED! But it’s not too sucky, so I’ll hang in there for that one a little while longer, I think.

    Cate, don’t think I didn’t notice “boyfriend of the month.” SNAP!

  8. Jenny M Says:

    I agree with everyone about Glee. I love it, mostly. The thing with Glee is, the creator of Glee, Ryan Murphy, is also the creator of Nip/Tuck. So when Glee veers into extreme soapy ridiculousness, that’s Ryan Murphy Nip/Tucking it up. BUT, when super-cute Matthew Morrison sings or when super-hot Puck (he’s 27 in real life, I checked!) does anything, I’m on board.

    I also just started watching Castle but pretty much am in love with Nathan Fillion now. I never watched Firefly, but the dude won my heart in Dr. Horrible. And now on Castle. Yum.

  9. Firedrake Says:

    I’ve dropped FlashForward (and Stargate Universe) for the fatal six words: “I don’t care about these people”. I don’t think I’m watching any of this season’s new shows now, though (unlike the rest of the world, apparently) I enjoyed Defying Gravity, and I’ll give V a try.

    FF seemed to me to be following the same path as Alias, Lost, Heroes, and parts of the Battlestar Galactica revamp – it’s much easier to have an interesting story by building up tension and complexity than by resolving it. But what this usually means is that you get layers upon inconsistent layers, with no overall framework and therefore contradictions and inconsistencies. When the show gets cancelled, it all gets wrapped up in one last unsatisfactory episode.

    If there’s going to be a big overarching plot, which I certainly favour, I’d much rather see something along the lines of Babylon 5, with a specific story outline and ending plan in place right from the start.

    Oh, if anyone’s thinking about Bored to Death: yeah, very appropriate title for that show. Woody Allen the next generation, plus the annoying best friend from Reaper. That’s not me being locked in place with excitement, it’s just a coma.

  10. Lorraine Says:

    I picked up 3 shows: Glee, FlashForward and Modern Family.

    Yes, Glee frustrates me at times but it’s mostly the adult storylines. They kids are all great. I wonder if the adults get most of the storylines because the “kids” are busy learning and filming the musical numbers. The latest Puck storyline was interesting. I want more Kurt, Artie, Mercedes, and Tina.

    John Cho has definite boyfriend potential. And giving him a run for his $$ is Matthew Morrison (Mr. Schuester). Yeah, I got a crush on the teacher 🙂

  11. Meg Says:

    Firedrake, Flash Forward actually is following the Babylon 5 strategy — they have the story completely mapped out already. They’ve completely outlined the entire first season and the entire last season, with somewhat looser plans for middle seasons that can be flexible depending on how well the show does (3 years minimum duration for the whole thing, though).

    I also really appreciated that they put the “flash forward” date in April 2010 with plans to actually get there and beyond it by the end of season one, and will also be telling us what caused the flash to begin with by the end of the first season.

    Only reason I tuned in to begin with was the knowledge they’d mapped the whole story out like this. Been burned by the middle 1.5 seasons of Lost!

    But definitely, I’m having trouble caring about any of the characters myself, which is why I might not make it to April 2010 myself.

    I really liked Defying Gravity too! A little wary of V, but I’ll probably give it a shot.

  12. Firedrake Says:

    Meg, thanks, I hadn’t heard that about FlashForward. I may keep up with it via televisionwithoutpity or some similar site.

    I haven’t seen the original V despite being of a suitable age, so I probably fall between two target audience stools. But I’m used to that.

  13. Sheila Says:

    I am hanging in there with Glee – the thing that really bugs me about that show is the CHEESE factor with the musical acts! I love the singing, I like most of the song choices, but puleeze, Mr. Schuester and his dancing and singing are just a little over the top for me. (Not that he isn’t one hot teacher!!). I love the scenes with him and the guidance counselor and I love Sue Sylvester. By the by, does everyone do their own singing on this show or are they all faking it? Been wondering…

    I think that is the only show I watch that isn’t a ‘reality’ show! SYTYCD (what the heck happened to Billy Bell? Anyone know?), Biggest Loser, Survivor, Amazing Race…with all of those I don’t have time or energy for the regular shows it seems.

  14. Melinda Says:

    I watched the first nine minutes of V on Hulu and it looks pretty good so far, but then, I’ve never watched the original show. I might watch it just for Morena Baccarin.

    NCIS:LA truly is awful, although I like…. is her name Hetty? Anyway, she always reminds me of The Incredibles, and I love that movie, but other than that, this is the show on the bottom of my list to watch at work when I get bored.

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned Vampire Diaries yet!/sarcasm I just watched the pilot yesterday and …. well, I’m probably not watching the other episodes today. It’s really kinda like True Blood meets Twilight, and I think they lifted the hero’s pained expression and craggy eyebrows straight from RobPattz. I read the book synopsis on Wikipedia yesterday and all I could think was “drama drama drama.”

    As for the last Castle episode? I watched it two and a half times yesterday. Totally rescued my day! The first three minutes are golden and the crazed father laugh scene was priceless. Nathan Fillion, you are wonderful!

  15. Alisaj29 Says:

    First off Alisa – COOL ASS NAME!!!!!

    But I have to disagree w/my namesake, around the time we found out of the cheerleader’s baby daddy really is I started fast fowarding through the show for no particular reason other than I was bored, so I stopped watching.

  16. Lorraine Says:

    So there’s some Babylon 5 fans here. I loved the strong storyline in that show. It really elevated it above other shows.

    Sheila – I don’t want the teacher to stop singing and dancing because he’s so talented, although he seems a bit too cool for school. But I wish they didn’t “polish” up the musical numbers so much. I prefer them a little more unplugged. But I think they are doing that so they can sell them on iTunes – it’s a bit overmarketed.

    I can’t help being curious about what happened to Billy Bell on SYTYCD but at the same time I respect his privacy. I thought he was amazing and was looking forward to his dancing. But at the same time, I think he would have split votes with Jakob Kerr so I’m almost just as happy to have him in different season (not that I wish him ill).

  17. Liz Says:

    FIREDRAKE – I’ve never seen “Bored to Death,” but I’ve read about it. It’s not Tyler Labine (from “Reaper”), I think you mean Zach Galifianakis. I’m glad someone else thinks that the best friend (“Sock”) from Reaper is annoying – I was starting to get a little annoyed, too. But then I saw some repeats of “Invasion,” and, guess what: Labine is a much better actor than what we see on Reaper!

    Zack G. is also evidently coming into his own. I first saw him as a regular in a dramatic (albeit supernatural) series, called “Tru Calling” with Eliza Dushku. I also saw him in a so-so science fiction movie, in which he basically provided the comic relief. Now I hear more about how funny he is … and Meg likes him, too, so he MUST be good, right?

    JENNY M. – thanx for putting “Glee” in better perspective for me. I had forgotten that the producer also does “Nip/Tuck” – one of my guilty pleasures. (What? I started watching it for Julian MacMahon … and stayed with it.) BTW, that’s where I first saw Jocelyn Gilsig – annoying wife with false pregnancy in “Glee” – small world, isn’t it? Maybe I’ll like “Glee” better if I realize it’s SUPPOSED to be “over the top!”

  18. Firedrake Says:

    Liz, yes, I didn’t mean that the actor was the same, just that the character struck me as similarly annoying – Morgan in Chuck seemed to start off with the same template, but has gone in some moderately interesting directions since. I haven’t seen any of those actors in other roles.

  19. Hokie Thoughts Says:

    I couldn’t get into FF either. I tried, I really did. I’m sucked into Glee also, though–and especially now that Joss Whedon is directing a future episode!!!

    None of the others really did much for me this season. I’m sticking with Defying Gravity, which I loved (and ABC swears is not canceled, they have six more episodes in the can ready to air but ran into premiere week). Whenever it comes back on, I”m there!

    None of the comedies looked funny at all to me, and the bits I’ve tried of each of them didn’t do much to inspire weekly devotion like Big Bang Theory did the first time I saw it.

    I did, however, fall for Royal Pains and the new White Collar on USA. Loved those.

    My reality addiction tends to stick to people that are really talented–SYTYCD, Top Chef, Project Runway–and I avoid shows that are just for notoriety’s sake. (Billy Bell has mono, by the way–or so I read somewhere.) I am, however, annoyed by the baseball interruption of the fall SYTYCD season, where not just one but TWO weeks worth of performances will decide who is being kicked off by judges vote only. The minute Russell and Brandon were placed in the bottom two last week you KNEW it was Brandon that was going home, simply because they have praised Russell so much and even on that performance. If it had been, say, Peter and Brandon in the bottom it might have been a tougher choice of who to send home. Am looking forward to having Brandon on Season 7, though–if he works hard over the interim he can be a serious contender for one of the top places. I thought for a hip-hop dancer with all of 36 hours to prepare he did pretty darned good. I think the only reason he came back at all was because he partnered with Paulina so much during Las Vegas week.

  20. megwood Says:

    White Collar started already? WHOOPS!! And I am psyched to hear “Defying Gravity” might not be canceled. Hooray!

    I really liked Royal Pains too, by the way. Really fun! I’ll have to check for White Collar online and see if I can get caught up.

  21. Firedrake Says:

    Defying Gravity is cancelled, alas – the sets have been chainsawed, the cast have been released, it’s not coming back.

    I have seen the last five episodes (broadcast in Canada only so far); the one immediately after where ABC dropped the show is the one that explains much of what’s been going on so far! Don’t expect ever to see them on American broadcast TV; they’ll probably end up on Hulu or iTunes.

    There’s some talk here about how things would have gone had the series continued. Spoilers, obviously:

  22. megwood Says:

    Bummer, Firedrake!

  23. Kerri Says:

    White Collar started last week. It is already one of my favorite new shows. The main actor, Matthew Bomer, was on the show Traveler – only lasted half a season. He is fantastic (and gorgeous)!

    I also am really enjoying Accidentally on Purpose. It is very cheesy, but it keeps me laughing.

  24. Brie Says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one watching The Forgotten. Yeah, its not great, but there is something about Christian Slater’s character, and the concept in general that I really, really like.

    Glee is fun, though annoying at times. I agree, MORE JOURNEY!

    I saw the pilot of White Collar and loved it. Smart and funny leading men, Yay!
    And I know everyone’s digging Matthew Bomer, but personally I think Tim Dekay will be what keeps me watching. He’s sharp, funny, and sooo annoyed by all the idiots around him. Good stuff.

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