New Boyfriend is Up!

In French, they’d be Les Décembres.

I almost went with Spanish for that sentence (Los Diciembres), but no, no, I could see immediately that it had to be French.

Go read the write-up and then come back here to comment!

4 Responses to “New Boyfriend is Up!”

  1. melindam Says:

    Blast it, I can’t find your agree button! Brilliant post, and I especially enjoyed the critique of modern lyrics and agree wholeheartedly.

    I’ve never gotten into The Decemberists, but, as has happened several times through your blog, I think I might need to check them out!

  2. megwood Says:

    Thank you, darlin’!

  3. Liz Says:

    At first, I was completely mystified by this write-up. 1) I’d never HEARD of “The Decemberists.” 2) You usually talk about what boyfriend(s) look like, but there was nary a word about their appearance. 3) So much of what you say about music makes me wonder how you can help not liking musicals, especially when the songs help to tell the story. But I think that’s exactly what you don’t like about musicals … and that’s what I do like!

    Anyway, I took myself over to “YouTube” for a crash course in “The Decemberists” – there are a LOT of videos of them. The first song I listened to was “The Sporting Life,” which I hated – so I thought, once again, Meg and I show our different tastes in music … even though we agree a lot about movies, books, etc. But then I thought I’d better give them “another chance,” so I listened to some of “The Crane’s Wife,” and some of “The Hazards of Love” (I think someone has downloaded, like, the whole album!) And I “changed my tune!”

    I do like their songs, but, for me, I hear the music first (which, in their case, is VERY interesting), and if that “turns me off,” I never really get to the lyrics. However, I agree that lyrics are VERY IMPORTANT, and when I’m teaching singing, I emphasize that words are what makes singing so different from playing an instrument. You need to convey meaning in your singing, while at the same time, paying attention to the musical elements.

    Anyway, this forum is sort of like a cyber book-music-movie-(and TV) club. I mentioned the band to a guitar teacher colleague of mine, and if he likes the stuff, maybe he’ll want to use it with his students. We collaborated last year – maybe we’ll collaborate again! Keep those interesting reviews coming!

  4. megwood Says:

    That’s an extremely interesting point, Liz. Why DO I hate musicals if I love songs that tell stories? Clearly, I am as crazy as I have long suspected I might be. Brain, get your act together.

    Do I really always talk about how they look? Shame on me.

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