Fall TV Premiere Week . . .Wait, Which Week is This?

First, a quick recap of the new shows I’ve seen so far:

fiennesFlash Forward is a maybe for me, but it’s a strong maybe.  I found the pilot intriguing, and it’s full of great actors (loving John Cho and Joseph Fiennes), but segues to commercial breaks that feature an ominous voice telling me to do things like  “pay attention to the kangaroo — it might be important” kind of make me want to kick someone in the shins.  Don’t tell me what to do, you creepy bastard.  If I want to pay attention to the kangaroo, I’LL PAY ATTENTION TO THE KANGAROO.  (And if that’s not a Facebook status update of pure gold, I don’t know what is.)

NCIS: Los Angeles: [THIS PARAGRAPH CONTAINS A SPOILER] I love you, LL Cool J and Linda Hunt.  And okay, you too Chris O’Donnell, if I must.  However, your show is an absolute disaster.  I must have laughed out loud 15 times watching your pilot, and only 2 of those times were because you let LL Cool J tell a joke.  Plus, you know how at the end of the first episode, the bad guy is about to shoot “G” (O’Donnell) in the head, and just as he’s about to pull the trigger, G’s phone goes off,  and so the bad guy is all, “No, no, go ahead.  I’ll wait”?   Really?  I mean, REALLY really?   Also, poor, broken orphan who never had a first name, only a first initial?  And don’t even get me started on the rack of $300 designer jeans paid for with our tax dollars.  Bah.  One more episode and then I’m out.

The Forgotten:  Same song, different verse — it’s actually just Cold Case all over again.  I really liked Slater in this, but everybody else is a total throwaway so far, and the plots are going to have to get WAY, WAY more interesting if this show wants to survive longer than mid-October.  My money’s on one more episode and then the boot.

Eastwick, Mercy:  I didn’t make it through their pilots, I’m afraid.  I’m out, and I bet the networks will be shortly out as well.

Let me know what you guys thought?  I still haven’t seen The Good Wife, but will try to catch that one this week.  So far, in terms of returning shows, Supernatural is still kicking everybody’s ass, by the way.  If you aren’t watching that series and you like smart, funny, clever, creative writing, DUDE.  Is all.

Monday, 9/28

lietomeLie to Me (FOX) — 8pm.  I watched this series last year and mostly enjoyed it, but it needs a lot of work if it’s going to keep me intrigued enough this year to keep going.  I confess the part I like the best is that I feel like I am learning skills I can apply whenever I suspect someone is lying to me.  Frankly, if they could just skip the character drama and turn this show into a TV-based training course in kinesics instead, I think I’d like it a lot better.  Sorry, Tim.  Maybe you can narrate?

Trauma (NBC) — 9pm.  Another show tries to fill the void left by ER.  But you know what, shows?  We don’t really need you to fill a void.  We sort of need you to do something new.  This one is about EMTs and trauma surgeons, and maybe, MAYBE the EMT stuff might be sort of interesting.  We’ll see, sigh.   The cast has a few familiar faces (dashing-Kiwi Cliff Curtis, guy-who-creeps-me-out Jamie Sheridan), but for the most part don’t look terribly inspiring.  Can you tell I’m really struggling to muster up ANY degree of enthusiasm for this one?  Yeah, that.  Go ahead, Trauma, make me eat my words.  DOUBLE-DOG DARE YOU.

Tuesday, 9/29

hkHell’s Kitchen (FOX) — 8pm.  You know what’s really weird?  Watching this show and then watching Gordon Ramsey’s British shows like Kitchen Nightmares and The F Word.   Why do we, as Americans, need to convert that guy into such an incredible jerk in order to make him entertaining and marketable here? I boggle, as does my mind.

Wednesday, 9/30

Hank (ABC) — 8pm and The Middle (ABC) — 8:30pm.  Whatever.

Thursday, 10/1

Private Practice (ABC) — 10pm.  This is still on?  AND EYES GOT CANCELED?  I hate you, ABC.  And yes, I will hold that grudge for all of eternity, thanks for asking.

Friday, 10/2

Til Death (FOX) – 8:30pm.  Watched half of season one of this one, actually — I know, surprise, right?  Yeah, it. . . meh.

Sunday 10/4

threeriversThree Rivers (CBS) —  Dammit, CBS, don’t fail me on this one, would you?  Of the three medical shows starting this fall, this is the only one that actually has a chance of being relatively not-that-sucky.  But here’s the problem — this series is about organ transplant doctors.  Remember that OTHER series about organ transplant doctors — Heartland?  The one with Treat Williams?  That show was a veritable croque monsieur of cheese.  This show needs to NOT BE LIKE THAT SHOW.  And that’s really the only advice I can give at this point.  Come on, Alex O’Loughlin, you mad-crazy hunkaroo, SAVE ME.

8 Responses to “Fall TV Premiere Week . . .Wait, Which Week is This?”

  1. sonja Says:

    The Good Wife – the pilot was free on iTunes so I went ahead and watched it. It struck me as your pretty standard lawyer show with a minor twist thrown in. I enjoyed it but not in a OMG this is AWESOME manner.

    Chrisitine Baranski and Josh Charles (Dan from Sports Night) are in it as well. Josh Charles means I will watch it again. (and then probably rewatch Sports Night)

  2. Jessie Says:

    “Mercy” was sooooo bad. So bad. Just… bad.

  3. Trip Says:

    Jaysus, if this is what’s passing for network TV these days, I think I’ll stick to watching people lance & drain their own boils on YouTube.

    Kinda wishing the early 80’s would repeat themselves so we could get some updated super-vehicle shows like Street Hawk and Automan.

  4. Lorraine Says:

    So far, the only new show that I’ve definitely added to “must watch” viewing is “Modern Family”. I’ll keep “FlashForward” if the mystery becomes interesting rather than just ominous.

    I’ll check out “Trauma”. I’ve heard both good and bad reviews for it. Did not hear good reviews for “Three Rivers” but will give it a chance.

    “Private Practice” – don’t get me started. I’ve waited SO long for Tim Daly to get a series that catches on. They cancelled “The Nine” just as it was getting better. Now, he’s on this dreck that I can’t watch. Argh!

    “Mercy” and “the forgotten” – if you are going to recycle characters and plots that have been on tv forever then you have to put some quality in the show or some hook. But these shows have nothing – lazy!

  5. Rochelle Says:

    my TV policy instituted last season: your show must star Jensen Ackles or Neil Patrick Harris. if it doesn’t, no deal. exception to policy, will accept Bruce Campbell in a broadcast show. yes, still too cheap for cable. i tried the forgotten but except for Christian Slater, the whole thing was a big meh. same thing with whatever show he was in last year.

  6. Firedrake Says:

    Eastwick lost me about ten minutes into the pilot. It’s a pilot, people! The one thing it absolutely must not do is drag. Will be keeping up with FlashForward for now, but it has two strikes against it: Brannon Braga, and “we got us a real life skiffy author” Robert Sawyer.

  7. alisaj29 Says:

    The only show out of that whole list I’ll be watching is Lie To Me.

    Medical Shows – Unless they are on the Discovery Channel or the Health Channal, I refuse to watch anymore fake-@$$ medical drama’s. Sorry Alex, come back as a vampire and I’ll watch.

    Flash Foward – Too much like Lost for me, and I don’t know if I want to invest that much time into a show that I’ll be expecting John Locke or Ben Linus to pop up.

    Eastwick – I work in Salem, and live 10mins away from Salem, I don’t want to watch a show based on witches in Salem.

  8. megwood Says:

    Trauma — wow, BAD.

    What’s the deal with all the crappy new shows this year? There isn’t a single one of the new ones that I’m jazzed up about (that includes Glee, which hooked me with the pilot but hasn’t been as much fun as that since). Lame networks! Lame! Back to drawing board!

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