Fall TV Week Three: AVALANCHE!

Brace yourselves — the crushing onslaught of returning shows begins NOW.  Because there are so many shows to announce this week, I’m going to do tonight and tomorrow night first, and then will post again Wednesday with the next batch.

Monday, 9/21

Heroes (NBC) – 8pm.  It’s too bad this show sucks so much, because it was super fun the first season.  Alas, it just sucks SO MUCH.  I’m not going to bother at all this year.  I didn’t bother last year either.  Sorry, Greg Grunberg.  I still love you.

houseHouse (F0x) – 8pm (two hour premiere).  I quit watching House a few seasons ago, but sort of got re-roped into it last season and wasn’t all that sorry about it.  I’ll tune in, see how things go.  Assess the sitchuayshon.   I’m willing to put up with a lot for Hugh Laurie because he knows Stephen Fry and Stephen Fry is my hero.  Then again, last year’s finale ended with House being institutionalized for serious, serious mental illness; if this season starts with him immediately returning to work like he’s been magically cured, I may have to arch an eyebrow in this show’s general direction.

Dancing with the Pseudo-Stars (ABC) – 8pm.  I don’t understand the appeal of this show.  And people who love this show don’t seem to understand the appeal of So You Think You Can Dance.  Someday, I hope we can all be friends.

castleCastle (ABC) – 10pm.  This show is incredibly ridiculous, thanks to Nathan Fillion, who probably ought to tame it down a little bit but won’t, which is why I love him so incredibly much.  Castle, in my opinion, fills a necessary void in the crime-show line-up — it’s not intense, it’s not gory, it’s not dark, it’s not complicated.  It’s just a cute little cozy in television format, with a highly lickable nose front and center.  I’m extremely fond of it, so keep your snark to yourselves.

Sitcoms:  How I Met Your Mother (CBS) – 8pm; Accidentally on Purpose (CBS) – 8:30pm; Two and a Half Men (CBS) – 9pm; The Big Bang Theory (CBS) – 9:30pm.   I know that HIMYM and Big Bang Theory are hilarious; everybody tells me this constantly.  Some day, I’m sure I will rent them on DVD and kick myself for not having gotten into them sooner.  But that won’t be today. Two and a Half Men just won an Emmy, if you care.  Which I don’t.  And Accidentally on Purpose is a new one starring Jenna Elfman, who just annoys the ever-living beheysoos out of me.  Like I need THAT today, CBS.  Really.

CSI: Miami (CBS) – 10pm.  My Dad does the best impersonation of David Caruso of all time.  Imitation is not always the highest form of flattery, trust me.

Tuesday, 9/22

ncisNCIS (CBS), 8pm.  Still love it.  Of all the cop shows on right now, this is the one that is the most consistently engaging, funny, and intelligent.  A total winner.  Plus, TWO ex-Boyfriends in ONE SERIES (Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly)!  It’s like heaven on earth.

Bonus Round:  tonight’s season premiere of NCIS is followed immediately by the series premiere of its spin-off:  NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS, 9pm).  I confess I’m a little wary of this one, despite the fact I LOVE L. L. Cool J. and Chris O’Donnell.  Love them, love them, love them.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that this won’t be the CSI:Miami of NCIS.  Please, please don’t be the CSI:Miami of NCIS.  I’m begging you.  Please don’t.  Just don’t.

The Good Wife (CBS) – 10pm.  I thought for a while I might give this one a try, but to be honest, I think I’ve bailed before it’s even begun.  I’ve never been a big Margulies fan, and though it co-stars Chris Noth, hubba hubba, to me it sounds too much like Judging Amy, only without the Tyne Daly.  Working-mother shows are always the same, lawyer shows are always the same, shows without Tyne Daly are ALWAYS THE SAME.  I’ve got better things to watch (I hope).  If you tune in and love it, though, definitely let me know and I’ll go back and check it out later on.

slaterThe Forgotten (ABC) – 10pm.  I am going to try this one, I think, mostly because I really enjoyed Christian Slater in last year’s My Own Worst Enemy and I’d like to see him give this TV thing a second go.  That said, I’m fairly certain this show is going to stink.  It also sounds too much the same as every other show on right now — I’m getting as burned out on specialty-detective shows as I am on lawyer ones (this one is about a group of dicks who focus on identifying previously-unidentified dead people, by the way).  Plus, also no Tyne Daly!  Again with that!   I shrug and throw my hands in the air.  We’ll see what happens.

Check back Wednesday for the update on Wed-Sun’s returning shows!

13 Responses to “Fall TV Week Three: AVALANCHE!”

  1. Rooklyn Says:

    Meg, were it not for your wise….ass and witty updates, I’d have no idea what to ever download and stare at, because I don’t watch TV. I have one, I mean, I’m not a total Luddite – though I confess it was a gift, I haven’t really watched TV much all my life – but I only use it for movies and video games when the guys come over.

  2. Alisa Says:

    House – I stopped watching house around the time he started picking his new “crew”, got bored, tried giving it another chance via netflix but still couldn’t do it. Prob not be watching this season either. Hubby may and will prob give me the low down.

    So, so, so happy Castle is back. I love the campyness of it.

    HIMYM and Big Bang Theory – I still watch the reruns, need i say more.

    CSI Miami – I’m still catching up, I’m on season 6 through Netflix.

    Couldn’t get into NCIS, I tried twice but couldn’t get through even an complete episode, and I like Mark Harmon. But I like Crimminal Minds, which is sort of weird that I don’t like NCIS.

    And last but not least The Forgotten. I had no idea that Christian Slater was in another show, and I will have to watch, because I love him as much as I love Corey Haim, which is to say I’ve had a crush on both of them since I was 15 and now I’m 30something.

  3. Lorraine Says:

    House – Adore Hugh Laurie and he is fantastic in this. Tonight, he goes toe-to-toe with Andre Braugher (gosh, I still miss you Frank Pembleton)and I couldn’t be MORE excited.

    The Good Wife – I’ve actually heard some good things about this so I’m definitely checking it out.

    the forgotten – I’m sure this is awful but gotta check it out.

    The Big Bang Theory – Season 1 was so-so, but Season 2 was fantastic. Lots of nerd and science humor combined with real warmth between the characters. If you aren’t watching this, you should kick yourself 🙂

  4. megwood Says:

    Okay, so, how awesome was that episode of House? I was blown away. Granted, it was a little cheesy at times (everything regarding cello lady, for example). But man, sign me up for the season, yo. I’m back on the bus.

  5. Lorraine Says:

    Meg is back in the House!! (Sorry about that!) Hugh Laurie was masterful. And the Laurie/Braugher matchup was all that I could hope for. And my heart gave a little bounce at the first trademark Braugher grin.

    Loved the interplay between House and his manic-depressive roomie. And is it wrong to love all those House put-downs?

    And the guy who thought he was a super hero – it took me about a minute of trying to figure out where I knew him from and then it hit me – “Men in Trees”.

  6. megwood Says:

    Yes! Patrick! (Who, oddly enough, was also one of the two guys in Hostel!) I think they should keep Braugher around, personally. Don’t they need psychiatrists on staff at House’s hospital? I’d love to see him be made a regular character. And I’d looooove to get to sit in on more House therapy sessions, I must say!

  7. Eva Says:

    Watching Dancing with the Stars is like eating a huge slice of cake and then taking the frosting that your coworker scraped off of her slice because she didn’t want it and eating that, too. It’s an absolute sugar-binge of guileless TV joy. It doesn’t matter who’s on it. It doesn’t matter who wins. Everyone cheers for everyone else. Every single celebrity seems to be “overcoming the odds,” fighting some hangup or old injury or emotional setback so that each dance is a triumph of the human spirit. It’s an ongoing group hug. It just makes me feel good about the world.

    Yeah, I know. The entire show is pretty much escapist fantasy. But the way the world is these days, I’ll take some sequins and joy for a couple hours a week.

  8. megwood Says:

    I LOVE that cake analogy. So much so that I think I will tune in next week. Will report back!

  9. Eva Says:

    watch for the lumbering, somewhat befuddled Ultimate Fighter guy – I think I already love him. And the eager-to-please Iron Chef host – I think everyone already loves him. And the mellow snowboarder kid who seems to have wandered onto the show by accident. Seriously, if you like it, go back and watch the premiere ep on ABC’s website. The pre-dance practice footage, at least from the men’s episode, is pretty choice. (The women were a little lackluster, except for Kelly Osborne – who is adorable and makes everyone cry – and Macy Gray, who is just downright bewildering and must be seen to be believed.)

  10. Brie Says:

    So happy to have Castle back! I missed my weekly Nathan Nose fix.

    Also, you really should get your hands on Big Bang Theory Season 1 (I could have sworn you were already watching it). I am still waiting for my DVD’s to be returned. I loaned them out about a year ago, and they are still being circulated among my friends…and their friends… Claims of multiple viewings given by all (seriously).

  11. Liz Says:

    From someone who never left “the House” (that was an inspired joke, Lorraine!) I give Meg a hearty WELCOME BACK! I agree that the addiction issues, plus the “changing of the guard” issues were not always handled well, but Laurie was always so great – and still is! We both like “Castle” quite well, and have become Nathan Fillion fans, but, Brie! Why do you think Nathan needs a nose fix? I thought you guys love his nose (I’m just trying to be funny). Also, I bet “The Forgotten” doesn’t stink; I saw Slater talking about the program, and what they do, and I thought it sounded good. I also applaud him for taking another stab at a TV show, and staying so enthusiastic about it.

  12. megwood Says:

    Alas, “The Forgotten” totally stinks. Update coming later today!

  13. Catherine Says:

    The Good Wife is worth checking out, if only for Josh Charles.

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