Fall TV Week Two Reporting for Duty

Monday, 9/14

gossipgirlGossip Girl and One Tree Hill (CW, 8pm and 9pm).   I don’t watch either of these shows, and even though I have read many positive reviews of Gossip Girl, I’m telling you right now, it’s just not for me.  Girls are so lame.  And, for that matter, so are boys.  Which is why I never tuned in for One Tree Hill either.

jaylenoJay Leno Show (NBC, 10pm).  You know what’s funny about this show?   The ads.  Except, when I say “funny,” I actually mean, “horrifying.”  You know the ads I mean?  The ones in which Leno interviews random people on the street who think Abraham Lincoln lives in the Vatican?  Did you know those people are old enough to vote?  It sort of makes me want to weep.  And then throw myself off a bridge.  Or maybe both at the same time. For that reason alone, I think this is one I’m better off avoiding — the world needs all the people who read newspapers it can get.

Tuesday, 9/15

biggestloserThe Biggest Loser (or “Looser,” if you’re reading this on the Internet) (NBC, 8pm).  I don’t watch this show.   But it’s back tonight if you do.

Wednesday, 9/16

thebeautifullifeThe Beautiful Life (CW, 9pm).   Mostly all I know about this new CW series is what I’ve read in gossip columns about Mischa Barton’s recent breakdown.  And the fact I can’t remember if it was a mental health breakdown or an “exhaustion” breakdown or an addiction breakdown (or all three) tells you how much I was paying attention.  This show is about two young high-fashion models – a girl and a guy (neither of which is played by Barton, I don’t think).  It sort of sounds like a fictional ANTM, except possibly with less crying.  Since the crying is the best part of ANTM, I’m pretty sure this show is not for me.  If you watch and it’s good, let me know.  [View trailer]

Thursday, 9/17

Survivor: Samoa (CBS, 8pm).  This show is still on?

bonesBones (FOX, 8pm).  Though there are a few things about this series that annoy me (primarily these days, it’s what they did to Zach, the obnoxious Zach-2.0s they kept rotating through last year, and pretty much any- and everything about Sweets, including the very existence of his job which makes no sense whatsoever), I confess I still love it.  It’s funny, it’s clever, and it’s refreshing to watch a show that is still rocking a “mystery of the week” format.   Plus, ex-Boyfriend David Boreanaz has a great butt and an even greater grin.  My one request for this season?  Make Stephen Fry a regular!

fringeFringe (FOX, 9pm).  Halfway through season one of this show, I confess I started to get pretty bored.  But I hung in there, and man, those of us who did ended up getting a serious treat in the season finale.  (I’ll take Vulcans over smoke monsters ANY ol’ day of the week, J. J. Abrams!)  This show is weird and it doesn’t really make a lot of sense — but it’s also extremely funny, clever, and nerdy, and that makes it a keeper in my book.  Plus, ex-Boyfriend Joshua Jackson has a great butt and an even greater grin.  My only request for this season?  Make the cow a regular!

theofficeThe Office (NBC, 9pm).  I love this show, but I always wait to watch it on DVD.  Which reminds me, is last season out yet?  Oh, it is!  Plans for the next free weekend, check!  I hope Jim and Pam didn’t get too  annoying while I was away.  Happiness is such a buzzkill.

parksandrecreationParks and Recreation and Community (NBC, 8:30 and 9:30pm).  I’m not generally a big fan of sit-coms.  Never really have been (though, of course, there have been some notable exceptions over the years).  If a sit-com survives the first two or so seasons, though, and is getting a lot of raves, I’ll usually give it a try on DVD.  That’s my plan with these two too, so if you tune in and think it’s great, let me know.   P&R stars Amy Poehler as a government official who has dedicated her life to public service and teams up with a nurse to turn a “city eyesore” into a public park.  Hilarity ensues, apparently.  Community stars Joel McHale (from The Soup) as a lawyer who gets his degree revoked.  For lack of anything better to do, he decides to go back to college, “aligning himself with fellow oddballs,” including Chevy Chase and Alison Brie.  Hilarity ensues, apparently.  You let me know.

3 Responses to “Fall TV Week Two Reporting for Duty”

  1. Alisa Says:

    I only watch 2 of the shows on your list, Bones, and The Office. I have no bones w/Bones, Ha see what I did there?? No bones, Bones. LMAO
    Can’t wait until I get the next Temperance books comes out.

    As for The Office…I stopped watching it on tv last year, and I think I perfer to watch it via DVD.

  2. Lorraine Says:

    I love Bones too! My only complaint is when it become too Bones/Booth focused. I love the lab-rats (I usually do on any of these procedural shows). Give me more Hodgins! And I like Sweets – he’s earnestly offbeat. And I’m still floored that he’s that geek from “Freeks and Geeks”.

    “The Office” is rather hit or miss but like “30 Rock” it is amazing when it “hits”. Jim/Pam are not annoying me. And Stanley kills me.

    I’ll check out “Community” but won’t go near “Leno”. That’s 5 hours of scripted tv wiped from the schedule. Sure, it wouldn’t have been 5 hours of great tv but you’ll never achieve greatness unless you at least try and NBC has just given up. I can’t even fathom who thinks that Leno dreck is entertaining??

  3. Liz Says:

    I love “Bones” too, but boy, was I mad at last season’s finale. They kept touting the fact that Booth and Bones were going to go to bed together, and that it WASN’T GOING TO BE A DREAM. Well, guess what – it was a COMA – INDUCED HALLUCINATION! Nope, that’s not a dream! We weren’t being lied to! It was a semi-cute idea; they should have just let it be a surprise; then, it might have almost worked. (Note to Meg: I also think that Sweets is getting a little better!)

    I love “Fringe” too, and I don’t really care if it doesn’t always make sense. I’m just trying very hard to keep up with it. I love all the “Astrid” jokes – “Asteroid” indeed! Great casting!

    I never watch comedies any more, although I did think the ads for “Community” were funny. I hope Chevy Chase does some more eps of “Chuck.”

    The rest of them: FEH! (That means you, too, Mr. Leno!)

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