Fall TV Week One Reporting for Duty: Mon 9/7 – Sun 9/13

Hello, and welcome to Fall TV season 2009!  I’ll be breakin’ it down for you each week, as per tradition, so check back every Monday for the schedule for the upcoming seven.  The bulk of the premieres don’t get started for another week or two, but a couple of favorites are back this week, so there’s still plenty to be excited about.  Well, okay, “plenty” is a bit of an overstatement.


9021090210 (CW), 8pm — I watched about four episodes from the first season of this series and then threw in the towel with a resounding THWACK.  It’s unlikely I’ll bother with it this year either, though I did read a lot of reviews last spring that said it had improved dramatically.  Whatevs.  If Luke Perry shows up, somebody call me.  Otherwise, I think I’ll keep sitting this one out. [web site]

melroseplaceMelrose Place (CW), 9pm — I guess the CW thought 90210 was doing so well, they might as well dredge up the other big hit from my teenage years, Melrose Place.  I was not, I will confess, a fan of this series when it was on.  Even then, I was kind of annoyed by the angst of maudlin 20-somethings (a feeling that only got worse when I later turned into an angsty, maudlin 20-something myself, mind you).  That said, the updated version of this series. . . nope, sorry, still looks terrible.  Color me surprised. [web site | trailer]

sonsofanarchySons of Anarchy (FX), 10pm — Look, it’s flawed, okay?  But it’s also intriguing, entertaining, and original.  Plus, goddamn, Charlie Hunnam looks good with his shirt off, and the producers of this series KNOW IT.  Season two brings two new enemies to the Sons — a white supremacist played by Adam Arkin (last seen on Life) and a rival gang leader played by Henry Rollins.  I’ve been waiting for Henry Rollins to show up, actually; hope that won’t be the shark-jumper.  In any case, Hunnam is back, and so is his killer hair and torso.  Sign me right up. [web site]


antmAmerica’s Next Top Model (CW), 8pm — SMILE WITH YOUR EYES, for pity’s sake.  Don’t make me have to tell you again, ladies.   I confess that as long as they keep putting these out, I’ll keep watching.  I can’t stop; it’s just too ridiculously entertaining.  But this year, I think we ought to take bets — with real money — on which girl will cry first.  I always call it, and I might as well make  a little money while I’m at it.  I’ll put a twenty down on the girl with the baby at home who gets all her hair cut off in the makeover episode.  Too obvious?  [web site]

sytycdSo You Think You Can Dance (Fox), 8pm — Confession time:  I was a bit dismayed to see this is already back.  I knew it was doing a fall run, but was hoping to have a few more weeks to decompress after the huge time-suck of the summer round before having to sign on for it again.  The perpetual two-hour episodes last season were just too much for me.  Dear SYTYCD:  If you’re going to do multiple seasons a year now, you’re going to have to bring the hour-long Wednesday episodes back, or else you’re going to lose me as a viewer.  Asking me to give you three hours every week, especially in the fall — it’s just too much.   Don’t make me make hard choices, I beg you.   Hard choices stink.  Love, Meg. [web site]

gleeGlee (Fox), 9pm — I recorded the pilot of this series, which aired last spring, and then never got around to watching it.  FINALLY busted it out last night, and I didn’t get ten minutes in before I was completely head-over-heels.  First of all, Jane Lynch!  You just can’t expect me to say no to Jane Lynch; it’s like expecting me to say no to being happy, which I only do when I’m chain-smoking and listening to Morrissey.   And secondly, any show with that much Journey in the pilot is bound to be helmed by like-minded 30-somethings.  Like-minded 30-somethings are among my favorite people in the universe.  Try not to kill it before its time, wankers at Fox.  (p.s. if you missed the pilot, you can catch it online at the web site.  But I don’t think you’ll be swimming in confusion if you just dive right into episode two this week.) [web site | trailer]


vampdiariesVampire Diaries (CW), 8pm — Plot description in a nutshell:  Two vampire brothers, one good and one evil, vie for the love of a pretty girl.  I vote with my gut on this one, and my gut tells me GAK.  And no, it doesn’t help that one of the brothers is Boone from Lost.  Why would that help?  I’m asking you a question, CW.  ANSWER ME.  [web site | trailer]

supernaturalSupernatural (CW), 9pm — Bring on the apocalypse!!   Of all the shows returning this fall, this is easily the one I’m the most excited about.  Theoretically, it will be the final season of SupeNatch, and I’m hoping everybody sticks to that plan.  Go out with a bang, not a whimper, you guys.  We might miss you terribly when you’re gone, but I’d rather miss you than disdain you.  I’m sure I’m not alone. [web site | trailer | Jared Padalecki write-up | Jensen Ackles write-up]

7 Responses to “Fall TV Week One Reporting for Duty: Mon 9/7 – Sun 9/13”

  1. Wendy Phillips Says:

    Thanks for doing this Meg! I used to subscribe to Entertainment Weekly and I’d dog-ear the pages of the shows I wanted to watch and write them all down in my planner but my subscription ran out last spring.

    Glee is so fun. I think there is an unofficial youtube of the Glee kids singing “Push It”. I died.

  2. Liz Says:

    Do you realize that exactly NONE of the shows on your list are from what USED TO be the top three networks? I don’t know if that holds any particular significance, but it is kind of pathetic! I don’t watch modeling or dancing shows, or shows about angsty 20-somethings. So that leaves … “Anarchy” and “Glee,” both of which I tried (and had high hopes for), but neither of which I liked. So THAT leaves … “Vampire Diaries,” which I’ll try because – hey – vampires! And “Supernatural,” which I LOVE! BTW, in the long run, it’s probably better that they killed off the father – JDM is way to cute – and too YOUNG – to be the father. Let Jared and Jensen be the hunks; Jeffrey can be one on another show!

  3. megwood Says:

    Good theory, but nope, it doesn’t hold any particular significance. The major network premieres start rushing in next week. I think the CW is struggling to get their stuff launched first so it doesn’t get lost in the flood.

  4. Liz Says:

    Ah … that makes sense. The reason I mentioned Jeffrey Dean Morgan is that I just saw him in that movie, “P.S. I Love You,” and he was really gorgeous – even cuter than stupid “Denny” on (equally stupid) “Grey’s Anatomy!” There are going to be a few shows on the “networks” that we have to try.

  5. Lorraine Says:

    Meg, you wrote “Charlie Hunnam looks good without his shirt off”. Yes he does, but I think you may not have meant the double negative 🙂 Shirtless Jax is definitely the best part of SOA but there’s so many things that I love about this show. Katey Segal and Ron Perlman are fantastic and Hunnam has this killer blend of sexiness and sensitivity.

    This summer was my first try at SYTYCD and I’m totally hooked. I agree, I hope they don’t continue with 3hrs/week because it’s just too much. But I can’t say that it won’t fill up my Tivo.

    Can Glee be more fun? I think not!

  6. megwood Says:

    Hah, thanks, Lorraine! Fixed now!

    Can’t wait for Glee. Which is not a sentence I ever expected to type this fall.

  7. alisa Says:

    Meg – I have to thank you, my new favorite show is now Glee. I finally watched it yesterday, and I LOVE IT.! I already hate the Head Cheerleader (Love the name of the cheer group though) and I LOVE Jane Lynch, but I’ve always loved her from the first time I saw her in A Mighty Wind.

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