I’m Crazy Busy! And So Is Tim DeKay!

Sorry the blog has been a bit dead the last week — I had family in town last week and am about to enter the week before my best friend’s wedding as well, so don’t expect much over the next seven days!  You’re lucky I’m still alive, frankly.

timdekayTo tide you over, I’ll be posting a review of District 9 this week, and also wanted to mention that I was watching Psych the other night and saw an ad for a new USA series starring ex-Boyfriend Tim DeKay!  It’s called White Collar and will be debuting this fall.  It sounds sort of like Catch Me If You Can, as it’s about a con artist (Matt Bomer) who finally gets caught by an FBI agent (DeKay) and instead of being sent to jail, gets put to work by the Feebies helping them catch other elusive criminals.    Could be fun.   And, of course, I’d watch Tim DeKay do (almost) anything after falling madly in love with his Jonesy in HBO’s Carnivale.  (I say “almost” because even DeKay couldn’t save Tell Me You Love Me from the abyss of self-important inanity.  Win some, lose some, Timmy.)

More soon, swearsies!

9 Responses to “I’m Crazy Busy! And So Is Tim DeKay!”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Gosh, if this role is anywhere near as interesting/adorable as Jonesy then I’ll be a happy girl! The new network shows look rather uninteresting, maybe USA is the place to be.

  2. megwood Says:

    I agree, Lorraine! I haven’t been too excited about anything networky coming up, including Paul Gross’s new series (Witches of Eastwick), which looks terrible and, I fear, will be unwatchable no matter how adorable he is.

  3. Liz Says:

    Hey, wait! Have you already given up on “Fringe?” I’m looking forward to the new season – Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Lance Reddick, and – hey! – Leonard Nimoy! “Heroes” – not so much (especially if, as I suspect, there will be less Zachary Quinto). Also “Supernatural,” which will now have Micha Collins (“Castiel”) as a lead, as well as our two friends, Jenson and Jared. ALSO, I’ve just been seeing some reruns of “First Wave,” and I still love it! I wouldn’t mind seeing more Sebastian Spence!

  4. megwood Says:

    We just meant NEW shows, Lizzie! Although I did kind of give up on “Fringe,” I confess. I really liked it, but got behind by a couple of weeks and just never managed to get caught up! Maybe I should do that before it comes back on, though.

    What’s “First Wave”?

  5. Liz Says:

    Wow! First “Nowhere Man,” and now “First Wave!” It was a scifi show, shot in Canada, (I don’t know if that means it WAS a Canadian show or not) that I started watching a few years ago, and got my husband into. It had to do with an imminent invasion by aliens, which had been foretold by Nostradamus, so each episode focused on a bit of the “poetry,” and how the symbolism reflected what the aliens were doing.

    The lead was played by Sebastian Spence (extremely good-looking, IMHO), and his buddy/cohort/assistant was played by Rob LaSalle – “Crazy Eddie,” who was, of course, a technical genius, and self-professed paranoid/agoraphobic. They were joined later by Roger Cross (“Curtis” on “24”), who played a “good” alien, and Traci Lords, who tried very hard to be a “real” actress, and leave her porno roots behind her!

    The reruns are playing on the – gag – “Syfy” Channel, but I don’t remember which network the show originally aired on. I tend to think it was a cable channel, though it may have been a “SciFi” original. Anyway, I liked it, and have seen all those guys on other shows since then.

    BTW, have you had a chance to see “Nowhere Man” yet? When you get the time (time? – hah!), let us know what you think.

  6. Liz Says:

    Me AGAIN!! 🙂 There’s also “Three Rivers” with Alex O’Laughlin (a BOYFRIEND, for goodness sake!) coming in the Fall. And (I think) more Alan Tudyk on “Dollhouse.”

  7. megwood Says:

    Wait a second! I’ve seen that — First Wave. I don’t think I ever saw the beginning, though, but I caught a few random episodes on SciFi (I refuse!! I refuse to call you “SyFy” and you cannot make me!). I should look and see if it’s on DVD.

    SPEAKING OF WHICH, I did get the first disk for Nowhere Man from Netflix, but it was all scratched up and wouldn’t play. And I haven’t gotten around to trying again. But I will, I promise. First time I’ve had an unplayable DVD from Netflix, incidentally, in about 4 years, so I wasn’t too mad about it.

    Forgot about “Three Rivers” — I’m about to do another ex-Boyfriends-on-TV post so will mention him again!

  8. Lorraine Says:

    Liz – I’ll definitely try First Wave if I can find it (no luck on SciFi or Netflix). I like Spence from those Donald Strachey movies.

    Yes, I was talking about NEW shows. Sure, some have cast interesting actors but unfortunately the shows look very much like “been there, done that”. But I’ll check them out and hope to be pleasantly surprised.

    For the returning shows, I think I’m most looking forward to Big Bang Theory, House, Bones, and Sons of Anarchy (gosh that Charlie Hunnam is adorable).

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