Fuck. Sorry, but that’s all there is to it.

[Note:  After learning about the death of iconic writer/director John Hughes, I shut down the Boyfriend of the Week site for a 24-hour “moment” of silence — the original text of this blog post is preserved below, for what it’s worth, but the BotW site has returned to its regularly scheduled programming.  You can find the metaphorical black armband page that took its place for 24 hours archived here:  http://megwood.com/johnhughes.html.  I probably won’t write anything about Hughes, after all; there’s going to be enough of that going on without me joining in.   But I will say this:  Thank you, Mr. Hughes, for showing me that it was okay to be an Allison in a Claire sort of world.  The Breakfast Club came to me at the most fateful of times imaginable.  It changed everything.  It still changes everything every time I watch it.  I think it probably will forever.]

For John Hughes:  http://megwood.com

I will say more after I pull myself together.

4 Responses to “Fuck. Sorry, but that’s all there is to it.”

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  4. Liz Says:

    See e-mail. Love ya!

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