New Boyfriend is Up!

Tall, scruffy, Canadian, AND left-handed.

I’d say more, but I might lose my composure.  Can’t be having that, no sir.

Go read it and then come back here to chat!

27 Responses to “New Boyfriend is Up!”

  1. Francesca Says:

    This movie TOTALLY introduce me to the virtues of Bruce Greenwood. And he totally rocked the role of Pike.

  2. Nai Says:

    Nowhere Man! I can’t believe you left off Nowhere Man. That’s where he had me. 😉

  3. Dixie-Ann Belle Says:

    Meg unfortunately I haven’t fallen in love with Bruce Greenwood, but your write-up brought me pretty close. He was very cool as Pike. I commented to my friend at the time that his recruitment speech to Kirk was spectacular. I was all ready to sign my name on the dotted line and join Starfleet then and there.

  4. megwood Says:

    I never saw “Nowhere Man”! But I just put all nine (9!) disks for it in my queue at Netflix, so I’ll remedy that ASAP. It sounds AWESOME.

  5. Liz Says:

    NOWHERE MAN! NOWHERE MAN! That was my introduction to Bruce, too, and Lee and I watched EVERY EPISODE! You MUST get yourself up-to-date on that show (but it sounds as if you’re already on it)! Also, I seem to recall a good movie – though it was a straight-to-video one – called “The Companion.” In it, Bruce plays an android (yay for androids!) who serves as a companion for a reclusive writer. Of course, she starts tinkering with his programming/abilities, and of course, wackiness ensues! Great acting!

    If you loved “The Cage,” you must realize that J.J.Abrams’ movie has now negated EVERY storyline from “TOS,” so the universe that is Star Trek has been irrevocably changed (and don’t try to tell me it’s not real!). However, the good news is that Pike will probably never have that horrible accident which left him unable to move at all, but only signal answers to yes or no questions.

    BTW, I loved the “parking brake” line, and the “I am relieved” line … but I still thought Karl Urban was very good!

  6. Liz Says:

    P.S. I have to put “I, Robot” and “Below” on my N. queue!

  7. megwood Says:

    I didn’t have a problem with the way the timeline was changed by the Abrams movie, though. And to be honest, I don’t really understand why so many TOS fans did either. It actually makes perfect sense if you think about it long enough (granted, it took me some thinkin’).

    Abrams set it up so that the timeline we were familiar with is still totally valid. That is, that timeline has already happened, exactly the way we saw it happen in TOS. That original timeline, all the way up to the old Spock failing to save the Romulans, is WHY Nero went back in time. That original timeline still took place, though — it has not been negated.

    Nero’s going back in time changed everything from now forward for the characters in the Abrams version of the story. But the characters from TOS — they already lived their TOS timeline once through. And now we have the absolute pleasure of getting to watch them live through ANOTHER timeline, and to see how the changes wrought by Nero’s actions unspool.

    Works for me. Nothing broken, nothing lost. More like a do-over than an erasure.

  8. alisaj29 Says:

    Meg, you so need to go and work for G4’s Attack of the Show. You would fit in PERFECTLY. 🙂

  9. megwood Says:

    Hah, that job would be so fun!

  10. Liz Says:

    Okay, okay! “More like a do-over than an erasure” – that kind of works for me. I just loved all the characterizations in the latest movie; I just didn’t want to have to “throw out” all the old story-lines I knew so well. Now you’ve given me a way to accept it all! THANK YOU!

    And I still say, McCoy and Scotty rock! And so do Spock, Uhura, Checkov, Sulu … and, of course, Pike! Kirk? Meh! But he was okay. But where was Christine Chapel? (Except for the computer voice.) I actually met Majel Barrett at a convention, and she was SO not a “star” or “diva type” – very personable.

    BTW, that Star Fleet Admiral guy was Tyler Perry – who does the “Medea” character!!

  11. Liz Says:

    P.S. Pike to Kirk: “Your father was a captain for 12 minutes, and he saved 800 people. I dare you to do better!”

  12. Catherine Says:

    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Nowhere Man once you see it. LOVE!

  13. Marni Says:

    You had me at “You make me want to be a better geek.”

  14. Lorraine Says:

    I’m not totally on board with this one, although I’m never disappointed to see Greenwood. I strongly recommend “Thirteen Days” where he plays JFK during the Cuban missile crisis. If you think he was a great prez in “National Treasure” then you’ll love him portraying a real prez. And the movie is very interesting and well done.

  15. Trip Says:

    I second the Thirteen Days thumbs up. He just about steals the whole movie out from under Costner as JFK.

  16. jo Says:

    Just to jump on the timeline bandwagon, it made perfect sense to me (and was pretty consistent with how JJ handles time travel in Lost).

    My fave part? The way that even though everything got all wonked up, everyone still ended up in the same place.

  17. leQ Says:

    Allow me to chime in with more praise for Nowhere Man. If you think you love Bruce Greenwood now, you have no idea. It was a crime it got cancelled before they finished.

    I disagree about The Sweet Hereafter. I haven’t read the book, but I found the film very moving. Just thinking about the flashbacks to the bus crash gives me shivers. Atom Egoyan is a Canadian treasure, the young Sarah Polley was a revelation, and Bruce played against his usual dashing self very well. (He is practically unrecognizable. I always wonder about that missing tooth.)

  18. Lorraine Says:

    I agree with leQ about “The Sweet Hereafter”. It’s been many years since I’ve seen it but I remember liking it. It wonderfully set a mood and told a compellling and haunting story.

  19. suzi Says:

    Lucky for me, “Nowhere Man” crossed my radar a couple of years ago. A little “The Fugitive” and a lot “The Prisoner”, it was just so entertaining, and so disappointing that it only lasted one season. It did, however, prompt me to seek out other works by Bruce–namely “Exotica”–another Atom Egoyan film–very moving, almost hypnotic, and “The Republic of Love”–one of few opportunities to see Bruce play the romantic lead. .kind of nice to see him out of the role of authority figure for a change!

    Loved, loved, loved the new Trek movie!

  20. Amy Says:

    Waaaaaaaaay back in 1995 he filmed a series called Nowhere Man that actually knocked my socks off. great mystery/suspense tale filmed in my hometown of Portland, Oregon (Yay!)

    I had the great fortune of literally running into Brucie in Pioneer Courthouse Square and fell on my ample hiney. He was such a gentleman, HE apologized (even though the whole incident was caused by me not paying attention to where I was going) and helped me to my feet.And didn’t even laugh when I was unable to put together a coherent sentence.

    I have wanted to smooch him ever since.


  21. megwood Says:

    Wow, Amy — great story about falling on your ass in front of Bruce! Why do these sorts of things never happen to me, I ask you? I fall on my ass all the time and NEVER ONCE has Bruce Greenwood been there to help me up. LUCKY!! 🙂

    A bunch of people have been recommending Nowhere Man to me since I posted this write-up. It’s up next in my Netflix queue and I can’t wait to see it! After I’ve seen it, I’ll be sure to post my thoughts on the blog, so check back in a couple of weeks!

  22. Amy Says:

    I’m interested in what you’ll think of it.

    I have found that the people who have seen it fall squarely into two camps:

    Love it and miss it desperately


    Hate it with a passion and think it is nothing more than a televised stinking turd.

  23. Liz Says:

    I’ve NEVER met anyone who hated “Nowhere Man!” Come to think of it, I’ve never met anyone except my husband and you guys who have even seen it! Phooey!

    • Amy Says:

      Well, my mother-in-law and closest college friend both thought it was utter garbage.

      But my mother-in-law thinks Matclock was the best show on TV ever and my college friend is addicted to Valium, so…..

  24. Susan Says:

    I had the same slow burn for Bruce….always liked him a lot, but when I saw him in an old TV movie, Soul Collector….sizzle….now it’s a steady, heart-warming burn….

  25. mary Says:

    Everything you say about this man is deadon! I have tried to track down every movie he has done and thanks to sights like Amazon, I’ve accquired a huge collection. Here is an actor who is not afraid to try any part and does a beautiful job. He’s funny, sexy, handsome as all get out, distinguished…. he can definitely show today’s ‘heart throbs’ a thing or two. Thanks Meg for a sight that truly appreciates a hell of a man and actor.

  26. Sara Says:

    Just saw the movie “Wildlike” in which Bruce Greenwood stars and I had to google him after that. This is an indie film that has been playing the film festival circuit. Glad to read that he is as good a guy in real life as he is in this movie.

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