BOOK: Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane.

This is the first Dennis Lehane novel I ever read — way back in May of 2003. I remembered being really entertained by it, so I recommended it to my husband recently when he got hooked on Lehane’s Patrick Kenzie series and ran out of installments to read. He loved this one too, so I decided it was about time I reread it, having mostly forgotten all its intricacies. After I was done, I went back to reread my original review of this novel, though, and was pretty surprised to find I had been really pissed about its ending back then in 2003. In my defense, that was right about the time I saw the movie Identity, I think, and the two have somewhat similar denouements, which was not a plus when it came to Shutter Island. I was already irritated by that conceit, and I’m sure stumbling into it AGAIN at the end of this otherwise-fantastic novel was pretty infuriating.

This time around, oddly enough, I was still sort of disappointed when I realized anew where Lehane was taking his characters, but it didn’t seem to bother me as much as it had originally.  Go figure.

The story, by the way, is about two cops who have been sent to Shutter Island, the location of an asylum for the criminally insane, to investigate the disappearance of one of the institution’s patients. Only, once they get to the island, they start to discover there’s a whole lotta crazy stuff going on there, and it’s not all the work of the inmates.

The ending is a bit cheeseorama, if you ask me. But at the same time, it sort of works too. In even better news, I recently learned this book is being turned into a film that will be directed by Martin Scorsese and star Ben Kingsley, Mark Ruffalo, and Leonardo DiCaprio. With a crew like that, I have a feeling it’s going to be a pretty entertaining ride. Looking forward to it! And if you’ve never read a Lehane novel, this might not be a bad one to start with. He’s hands-down one of the best dialogue writers I’ve seen in a long time, and for that skill alone, he’s worth a read.


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2 Responses to “BOOK: Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane.”

  1. jo Says:

    Hey! I think I’ve read this book. I don’t usually read mysteries, but my husband was reading it in his car (not while driving; he keeps a book handy to read on his lunch hour) and I snagged it. I don’t remember a lot of the details other than thinking the ending was something of a cheat. I think.

    Dang, now I’ll have to read it again.

  2. megwood Says:

    Or you can just wait for the movie! 🙂

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