BOOK: Prayers for Rain by Dennis Lehane

This is the first of the Kenzie/Gennaro series that I’ve read, but I’m familiar with both characters from the film version of the book that comes right before this one in Lehane’s series, Gone Baby Gone. While I enjoyed that movie, I have to confess that nothing about it inspired me to pick up any of the books featuring the same two lead characters. Now that I’ve finally done so, I’m sorry it took me this long AND that I ever saw the movie to begin with. Because, alas, I think that since my first experience with Patrick Kenzie was via Casey Affleck, that character is always going to look like Casey Affleck to me. And that’s not really a plus, in my book (because Casey Affleck looks 12 years old, and Patrick Kenzie doesn’t read that way to me).

That said, this is a really great mystery and now that I’ve gotten a taste of the series in print, I’m definitely looking forward to reading more (note: I’ve read other novels by Lehane, just not ones from this set). In this installment, private detective Patrick Kenzie has split from his old partner-slash-girlfriend Angela Gennaro, after their disagreements about the way their last case was handled drove a wedge between them. Patrick is feeling pretty burned out by his life AND his career as this story opens, but can’t resist agreeing to help his latest client, a young woman named Karen Nichols, who reports that she’s being stalked by a guy at her gym.

It doesn’t take long for Kenzie (and his tough-guy buddy Bubba) to scare the patooties out of the stalker and resolve the case for Karen. So you can imagine his surprise when, six months later, he’s listening to the news and hears that Karen has just leapt to her death — naked — from the roof of a building in downtown Boston.

Determined to find out what happened in those six months to push Karen (literally) over the edge, Patrick manages to talk Angela into working with him again, and the gang begins an investigation that leads them right to the victim’s twisted, estranged brother.

Or so they think.

This is a brilliantly written and intricately plotted novel, with many of the same types of moral complexities found in the story behind Gone Baby Gone. Definitely a hit with me, and I look forward to the rest of the novels in this series.  (p.s. And yes, that song by The Cure gets stuck in my head every time I see the title of this novel.)


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6 Responses to “BOOK: Prayers for Rain by Dennis Lehane”

  1. Trip Says:

    OK, since I’m ready for a new book, and after watching Gone Baby Gone, which I really liked…I just may go read this one.

    That said, has anyone noticed how freakin’ awesome the new Star Trek movie looks?!?! On the strength of the trailers, I think I’ll go see it twice and I don’t care if it sucks.

    Also, I really liked Watchmen but truth be told, I was a built-in fan anyway.

    And lastly, can BSG really afford these last filler episodes this late in the game? Seriously? Because if this wasn’t the final season, that last epiosde would have made me pull a Heroes on it and swear off forever.

  2. megwood Says:

    I SO hear you on BSG, Trip. What the. . .?! Star Trek looks amazing — I cannot WAIT to see that one. But I’ve been pretty wary of Watchmen — loved the comic and heard from fellow fans of the print version that the film is pretty disappointing. I’ll probably wait for DVD on that one.

  3. Trip Says:

    Surprising that fans of the print version are disappointed, since the film is basically a frame-for-frame live-action remake lovingly crafted especially for them.

    I get where the mixed reviews are coming from though – if you’re not already familiar with the material, it’ll probably be a weird movie experience for you. Personally, I loved the casting, the look and feel and especially the ending, which was a vast improvement over the comic.

    Squid, my ass.

  4. megwood Says:

    Oh, you know — comic fans are never happy with anything. It’s why they spend so much of their free time inside reading comics.

  5. Lizzie Says:

    I agree about the trailers for the new Star Trek movie – I can’t wait! And I’m hoping to get a little Star Trek party together to go see it. It’s funny, though – when the idea of the “prequel” was first bandied about, fans were almost up in arms. Now I think its time has come. I’ve always been a huge “Spock” fan – love Leonard Nimoy – but I’m really on board with Zachary Quinto taking the role. Not only does he look like Nimoy, his posture and movements are exactly the same!

    I know nothing about “Watchmen,” so I don’t know what I’d think of it. BTW, “Heroes” got better again!

  6. Trip Says:

    Agree about Zachary Quinto – it’s amazing how closely he resembles a young Spock from the original series. Looking forward to him kicking whiny young Kirk’s ass a few times in that movie for sure.

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