MOVIE: Burn After Reading (2008)


(Shortest movie review ever?)

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Genre: Comedy
Cast:  Brad Pitt, George Clooney, John Malkovich, Francis McDormand,  Tilda Swinton, J.K. Simmons, Richard Jenkins


12 Responses to “MOVIE: Burn After Reading (2008)”

  1. Trip Says:

    So is that “WTF?!” in the good way, like the Danica Patrick GoDaddy Super Bowl commercials, or “WTF?!” in the bad way, like that Ed McMahon/MC Hammer Cash4Gold Super Bowl commercial?

  2. megwood Says:

    Here’s an expansion on the WTF?:

    Okay, so, like, for the first half of this movie, there’s off-beat comedy, there’s some intrigue, there’s John Malkovich looking extremely cool, there’s Francis McDormand doing her Francis McDormand thing, I can kind of see where this movie is headed.

    And then suddenly George Clooney is demonstrating a chair with a penis on it and Brad Pitt’s getting it between the eyes.

    I. . . am not sure. . . exactly. . .


  3. Andrea Says:

    I actually loved Brad Pitt in this, he was just so hilariously odd. I didn’t really get the whole thing, but at the beginning I was sort of like, ok, I can go with this…

    Then there was the penis chair. And, um….yeah, so there was that. Then there was scene in the street with the ax? And then I was very very confused. And kind of grossed out.

  4. Lizzie Says:

    I think “WTF” says it eloquently. I was way disappointed in this movie!

  5. Jenny Says:

    Agree with all the WTFs. I saw this movie on a second date. That Clooney chair scene was juuuuust a bit awkward.

  6. Lorraine Says:

    Geez, I forgot about the chair! The movie was very uneven but I enjoyed every minute that Brad Pitt was on screen. I usually find him dull, like in Benjamin Button, but I thought he was hilarious in this movie.

  7. Lizzie Says:

    Lorraine, you’re so brave. I forgot about the chair too, but didn’t want to admit it!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    So let me get this straight…

    * There is some sort of “penis chair”
    * There is an ax
    * There is John Malkovich

    (Maybe it’s the way Meg words it, but I’m not sure I want to know what Brad Pitt gets between the eyes, though…)

    Yet despite all this, it still only amounts to merely “WTF”?

    Now I have to see it.

  9. Trip Says:

    DOH, me again above. Keep forgetting to tag on…

  10. megwood Says:

    Trip, go rent it this weekend and if your reaction is something OTHER than “WTF?!” when the final credits roll, I will shave my head.*

    *Note: not really.

  11. Lorraine Says:

    Lizzie, I’m brave to admit that I forgot something?! If I admitted everything that I forgot then I could be a superhero 🙂

  12. Marni Says:

    I LOVE everything you guys said. Thanks for the laughs! Haven’t seen this movie and am not a big fan of WTF movies so I think I will skip it. Penis chairs too. Not a big fan of those either. Malkovich AND McDormand, bound to be an odd movie, but this seems odd in the wrong direction, no?

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