BOOK: Rough Weather by Robert B. Parker

As I’ve said no fewer than 86 gazillion times on this web site, I looooves me some Spenser mysteries. This one, the latest installment in the series, is even more fun, as it combines two of my favorite story elements: Spenser and weather disasters. In this one, Spenser is hired by a wealthy woman to attend her daughter’s wedding way out on an isolated island. He’s not just sure WHY she wants him to attend, since it clearly isn’t for security purposes (she’s got her own security team). But it certainly makes him a bit suspicious when, thirty minutes into the wedding, a group of gunmen barge into the ceremony, led by The Gray Man (a bad guy from one of the earlier books who nearly killed Spenser last time he saw him). The Gray Man walks up to the bride and groom, shoots both the priest and the groom in the head, then grabs the bride and takes off with her. The Gray Man had clearly been planning to whisk her off the island immediately, but that plan is delayed by two factors. The first is the hurricane. The second is Spenser.

How the story unfolds from there is fairly predictable — I’ve never claimed these were brilliantly plotted, after all. And, as with the last several I’ve read, I again left this one feeling like Parker had gotten bored by the end of it and just wanted to wrap it up quickly and be done with it. The ending is sort of sudden and. . . well. . . uninspired, we’ll say. Nevertheless, there’s plenty of witty banter to be had, and I’ll put up with a lot for witty banter. If you’ve never read a Spenser, I’d strongly recommend you start from the beginning (The Godwulf Manuscript is the first one — Rough Weather is the 36th!) — this is definitely a series you should attempt to read in order, as the relationships between the recurring characters (Spenser, Hawk, Susan, Pearl) grow and change from book to book. Recommended! (And by the way — fans of Parker’s Jesse Stone series, and of Tom Selleck, will be pleased to learn there are two more JS/TS movies coming to network television in the next year. Hurrah!)


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2 Responses to “BOOK: Rough Weather by Robert B. Parker”

  1. Lizzie Says:

    This question is going to date me, and also make me look stupid (okay, who said: “stupid-ER?). Is this character the same “Spenser for Hire” that Robert Urich played on TV way-back-when, and “Hawk” was “Capt. Sisko” from DS9?? Also, I never knew that the writer of the “Spenser” books also wrote the “Jesse Stone” books. (I’ve never seen a “Jesse Stone” mini-series, because I’m not much of a Tom Selleck fan – so sue me!!)

  2. megwood Says:

    Yes to all the above. Parker also has a series about a female lawyer in Boston (Sunny Randall — Spenser in a dress, essentially), and a Western series (of two books so far), the first installment of which (Appaloosa) was made into a movie last year starring Viggo Mortensen and Ed Harris. I have it out from Netflix right now and hope to get a chance to see it this weekend!

    He’s also written some non-fiction and some young adult fiction. Dude is prolific, to say the least.

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