New & Used TV This Week, October 6 – 11

Here’s what’s new and returning to the boob tube, better known in France as “le tubeaux des boobez.”  (Not really.) (But you probably knew that already.)

Tuesday, October 7

Obama-McCain Friday Night Smackdown, now on Tuesdays!

DUDE, the networks are TOTALLY trying to kill off this awesome new reality series!  What is the deal with that?  First it’s on Friday night, now they’re moving it to Tuesday, and next week, it’s on WEDNESDAY!  How do they expect us to get into the characters and plots if they keep shifting it around in the schedule all the time?  This is exactly how FOX killed Firefly, you know.  Quick!  Someone start a web petition to Save The Smackdown!  Before it’s too late!  Otherwise, I fear this series may not make it out of October.

And what a shame that would be, as I’m REALLY enjoying that Obama character — it’s so cute when that old white guy tries to patronize him and Obama’s all, “Well, actually, Kissinger DID say that — why don’t you try Googling it next time, Grandpa.”

Though, to be honest, I think the writers probably should’ve gone with someone other than Kissinger for that particular plot twist, as he’s not exactly a model American diplomat, first and foremost, not to mention the fact the target demographic for reality TV is teenagers and low-20-somethings and kids today are probably all, “Kissinger?  Wasn’t he that transvestite guy on M*A*S*H?”

Besideswhich, thanks to the dropping of the Kissinger name, I’ve now had this  Monty Python song in my head for a WEEK.  Oy.  If they have to do Python references this time around, let’s hope it’s something about a one-half bee named Eric, because that’s one I could live with for a while.  “Did did did did and did!”  Hey, it sounds like something McCain might say. . .

Thursday, October 9

CSI — 9pm, CBS, Season 9.  It’s back, Warrick’s dead, William Petersen is leaving and being replaced by Morpheus from The Matrix.  Things are about to get seriously trippy, is all I know.  My advice?  TAKE THE BLUE PILL, GRISSOM!

Eleventh Hour — 10pm, CBS,  Season 1.  This is the first of two British TV remakes premiering tonight (the second is Life on Mars, see next item).  And frankly, it’s caused a bit of a problem for me.  You see, Thursdays at 10pm — that’s the timeslot I have set aside for my weekly hour of torture, courtesy of season 8,917 of ER on NBC (a HELICOPTER!  on ROMANO!).  But I want to watch both these new shows, too, despite the fact I know American remakes of foreign TV shows are typically about as good as American remakes of foreign horror movies.

Which is to say, NOT GOOD AT ALL.  (Speaking of which, Quarantine opens this Friday.)

Thank god for streaming Internet video, is all I can say.  ER can be viewed online on its official NBC web page:

Here’s the bigger problem with Eleventh Hour, though — I really like the sound of this series, which is about a biophysicist who teams up with the feebies to fight scientific crime.  But, Holy Roman Empire, it stars Rufus Sewell!  I know, I KNOW, BELIEVE ME I KNOW, you guys all LOOOOOOOOVE Rufus Sewell.  But you know what?  Dude gives me the creeps — I had to erase his eyes in that photo above because I could feel them BORING RIGHT INTO MY SOUL.  I don’t even have to do that with pictures of Christian Bale, for pity’s sake, and that guy looks like he’s a skipped-breakfast away from eating me alive.

Then again, it’s another wacky-science mystery series, and that means I can’t NOT watch it.  Science!  Mystery!  Scientific mystery!  The only thing that could make this show more perfect for me would be, you guessed it, the inclusion of zombies.  Heck, I might even be able to stomach Rufus Sewell as a zombie.  But only if his eyeballs are hanging out of his skull.

So, I’ll be watching. And this despite the fact the IMDb description of this series made me want to send Gloria Steinam a letter of solidarity.  Here’s what it says: “A government scientist and his attractive counterpart try to save people from deadly scientific experiments.”

“Attractive counterpart”?  You mean Special Agent Rachel Young of the FBI?

Up yours, IMDb.

Life on Mars — 10pm, ABC, Season 1.  The problem with this one?  Doesn’t sound all that intriguing, really.  Some cop show, some cop channel.

And yet, it stars Jason O’Mara, who I think is super cute (you may recognize him as Stuart, Marin’s publisher from Men in Trees, or Lt. Meehan from Band of Brothers).   It’s about a modern day cop who is hit by a car and somehow manages to wake up in 1973, which, admittedly, was a very good year for awesomeness (I was born in ’73, natch).  There, Detective Futureboy is forced to solve crimes without all the modern-day scientific gadgetry that makes CSI:Miami bearable despite the presence of David “I Wear My Sunglasses At Night” Caruso.

Plain ‘ol detective work?  No Blackberry?  No cell phone?  No scanning electron microscopes?  NO STARBUCKS?  Damn you, dark ages!

The upside?  The aforementioned Jason O’Mara, as well as Harvey “The Cleaner” Keitel.  The downside?  The aforementioned remake-edness, not to mention what I’m sure will be an absolutely stunning amount of polyester.   I’m intrigued, but am going into this one 100% expectation-free.

That’s it for this week!  More new/used TV next Monday, which is the last week for premieres this season.  Shortly after the premiere season wraps up, I’ll be telling you which shows I’ve decided to stick with this year, and which ones have gotten the Official Meg Wood Boot to the ShinsTM.

22 Responses to “New & Used TV This Week, October 6 – 11”

  1. Rochelle Says:

    life on mars sounded interesting until i heard the 1973 part. as a person born in 1972, it’s pretty easy for me to block out the 70s. which i would like to continue to do. unless i could come across a time traveling dean winchester napping on bench for example. 🙂

  2. megwood Says:

    Hah, that episode of Supernatural was rad!!

  3. Eva Says:

    Rufus Sewell! Rufus Sewell! Rufus Sewell!

    I think the creepy eyes are part of the sex appeal. This guy *is* masculinity. Manliness, thy name is Rufus Sewell.

    Ahem. What? Oh…

    Anyway, I hope they publish episodes online, because I’m not currently in possession of any TV channels.

    On a side note, did you ever see “Paris, Je T’aime?” It’s a series of short films set in Paris. I rented it for Rufe-baby, but his section isn’t actually all that good. But *guess* who else is in it?? That’s right!!! Willem Dafoe!! And in the best vignette of the bunch!

  4. Kristen Says:

    LoL! Though I am a Rufus fan, I cannot stop laughing about you cutting out his eyes. Before I got to that part, I kept looking down, distracted by the picture, trying to figure out what show this season could possibly star a man with white laser eyes . I was thinking X-men.

  5. megwood Says:

    Nope, never seen “Paris, Je t’aime” — will have to look for that!

    Kristen, they’re already doing an X-Men TV show — it’s called “Heroes.” 😉

  6. Lorraine Says:

    Thurs @ 10pm is definitely a dilemma. I have to TiVo ER because after 25 years of torture (that is how long it’s been on right? because that’s how much younger everyone looks back then) I’m not going to miss the last season.

    You can mock Rufus Sewell all you like (and you are really good at it, thanks for the laughs) but I love him so I definitely have to TiVo “Eleventh Hour”.

    Jason O’Mara is “super cute” but to watch him I also unfortunately have to look at Harvey Keitel (ouch!) and Christofuh Moltisanti (big cheer when he finally got whacked!). If I can stay awake, I may try to watch this “live” – horrors!

    I’ve OD’ed a bit on politics and until they go off their talking points it is just too painful to watch. I want a “real” debate where they have to actually think on their feet and answer the questions.

  7. megwood Says:

    Hah, “Christofuh”! Didn’t realize he was in “Mars” too. Interesting mix! We’ll see how it comes out this Thursday!

  8. Lizzie Says:

    LOL, LOL! Meg, I love your write-up of the “Obama/McCain Smackdown!” I watched the supporting characters go at it, and I must say, the casting for the Rep. V.P. nominee is ATROCIOUS! She seems to me to be the embodiment of the “I’m cute, so I can get away with anything” Syndrome! I HATE THAT! I don’t usually like “reality shows,” but this one is pretty interesting. I think you’re right, though; it probably won’t last past October! 🙂

    I see what you mean about Rufus Sewell’s eyes. They are dominant, and a bit strange, but also kind of cool! And I also see what you mean about Christian Bale’s mouth – very annoying. I’m going to tape “Eleventh Hour” but not “Life on Mars,” because it sounds like it’s going to get generic really fast! (Think “Police Woman,” or – God help us! – “Starsky and Hutch” – which, I admit, I used to watch!)

    BTW, if anyone watches “Dexter,” you should know that the lead in “Quarantine” plays his sister, “Deborah”.

  9. Brie Says:

    I’ve been looking forward to Life With Mars, it sounds different, and even though I like the modern forensics “stuff,” I’ve always liked the old-fashioned cop shows too. I’ll give it a go, even though my Tuesday’s are already pretty booked.
    I am mostly looking forward to it because I FINALLY recognized Jason O’Mara. He played a recurring character on Monarch of the Glen (Series 2), and I am always happy to see anyone who was on that that show.

    As for Eleventh Hour, I think the premise is intriguing, and I marked it to try. My reaction to ol’ Rufus is very close to yours (although I would never had thought to remove the eyes from his very face – Haha), so I’m curious to see how he comes across in this.

  10. Trip Says:

    Just FYI, “Life on Mars” is an American remake of an original BBC series.

    I’d love to see a US version of “MI-5”, known as “Spooks” on this side of the pond.

  11. Lizzie Says:

    Trip, I really liked your quote that started with “I am a leaf…” and ended with “UUURRRK!” What was it, before the zombie evidently ate the head off the speaker?

  12. Lorraine Says:

    Brie, wow Monarch of the Glen! The first few series were wonderful but unfortunately after that it rather deteriorated. For me, it was never the same after Katrina left. But I would love to see any of those actors in other projects.

  13. Trip Says:

    Lizzie – it’s the infamous scene near the end of Serenity after the crew survives a crash-landing after the hairy battle overhead between the Alliance and the Reavers. It’s when a beloved secondary character .

  14. Trip Says:

    …spoiler deleted.

  15. Lizzie Says:

    Thanx, Trip – both for the explanation, and for avoiding the spoiler. I haven’t gotten to the movie yet; I’m still working on the series.

  16. Odd News Update « Hokie Thoughts Says:

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  17. Lorraine Says:

    Meg, just a reminder that James Tupper is supposed to have a limited run on “Samantha Who?” this season. The show starts Monday but I don’t know when he’ll be on.

  18. Alisa Says:

    Meg not liking musicals, well now I know why you don’t like Eli Stone. I don’t know why I JUST picked up on that. LOL 🙂

    Saw Quaintine last night. I was suprisingly good, not a happy ending which is a nice twist, although it does leave you with some questions, won’t say anymore because it would give away the reason for the Zombies. It was nice to see Greg Germann in something, and Jay Hernadez was in it, nice eye candy. And Jennifer Carpenter’s mouth lean thingy didn’t bother me as much in the movie as it does in Dexter. Much blood though, lots and lots of blood.

  19. megwood Says:

    I actually ended the season a fan of “Eli Stone,” but it was a long time coming. Had nothing to do with music, though — ES isn’t a musical at all (there might be one musical number in an episode, but they don’t use music to tell the story — it’s story-through-music that makes me want to hurl, no offense to fans of such things). It was the early plots of ES that were really bothering me. I found at least two of them offensively ignorant, for one thing, and found a few others pretty unoriginal.

    But what it lacks in legal savvy, it more than makes up for in George Michael quota. And I like all the characters a lot as well. It ended a lot better than it started, in other words. Worth giving another try if you bailed early on.

    Thank GOD “Quarantine” doesn’t have a happy ending. I would’ve had to eat someone’s brains for real if it had. I bet it still pales in comparison to the original, though. If it’s got lots and lots of blood, it already sounds to me like the American filmmakers, yet again, lost the entire POINT of what made the source material so damn scary. It’s what you DON’T see in “[REC]” that gives you the screaming heebie jeebies. Blood schmud. Anybody can bleed. But. . . like. . . what the HELL is that thing that you can’t quite get a glimpse of around that corner!?!

    Might save that one for a rental. If I manage to get the spouse to a movie in the coming weeks, it’ll probably be Bill Maher’s “Religulous.”

  20. Lorraine Says:

    Meg, I saw “Religulous” and I liked it more than I expected. The movie moved pretty quickly from scene to scene so it kept my interest. I wasn’t expecting a Discovery Channel investigative piece but it did ask some valid questions. In the end, although there were definitely humor bits, it was not overly so and was actually rather frightening. I look forward to hearing what you think of it.

  21. megwood Says:

    Cool — glad to hear “Religulous” was good! Hoping to get a chance to see that one soon (maybe this weekend, though I seem to say that every week and then we never actually DO it — lame!).

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