Paul Newman dead at 83.

I’ve got no words.

Well, except maybe these:  The future’s all yours, you lousy bicycles.

God, I loved this man. (Boyfriend write-up number 12)

One Response to “Paul Newman dead at 83.”

  1. Marni Says:

    For the record, I never DID give them up. I loved them both. I buy jewelry from the Sundance catalog and eat lots and lots of Sookaroni sauce because I still love them. I was incredibly saddened by this news. I am far too out of it to have even known he was sick, so it was a true shock. Anybody that can be THAT sexy and can love one woman for his entire life will always be my hero. His acting was amazing, and he truly was one of the sexiest men to ever live on this Earth (oh those eyes!), but his love for Joanne will always be why I loved him so. Cool Hand Luke is one of the reasons why my little man has his name.
    PS “Arriba las manos!”

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