New Boyfriend is Up!

Flowers for Algernon, I finally got new Boyfriend write-up posted!

I’m as serious as a Hefty bag full of Rottweilers, people — you are going to love this guy.

And if after reading the last two sentences, you know who he is, you are totally my new best friend, as well as this week’s Champion of Awesomeness.Ā  Sensei Ping would be proud.


32 Responses to “New Boyfriend is Up!”

  1. Katherine Says:

    DUDE I love the Middleman!! And the funny thing is, my italian friend, who lives in Italy is already hooked! His friend is part of a translation site and all of them love it too! So if it doesn’t catch on here, it might catch on in Italy!

  2. megwood Says:

    Woot! Gots love in Italy!

  3. Brie Says:

    Awesome! I am so hooked on the Middleman…and I first heard about it on your blog. So, late write-up or not, you helped spread the word.

    Matt Keesler is so adorable. I loved it when “Sexy Boss Man” was declared inapproprate so he was instead dubbed “Pillow Lips.” Genius! Not that I would call that a great example of the show’s intelligent writing…just a personal favorite.
    I honestly fell in love with Matt in a little Hallmark movie called Durango. I
    have watched it a million times, but I suspect you would find it boring. Poor Irishmen herding cattle, hmmm. On the up side, it also starred Patrick Bergin and Brenda Fricker who are always fun to watch.

    Glad to see the Middleman love!

  4. Lizzie Says:

    YOU HAD ME AT “FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON!” That’s how quickly I suspected your next boyfriend was going to be “The Middleman!” By the time I had finished your e-mail, I was pretty sure! Which means: A) I’m pretty smart (which I doubt), B) You and I often think alike (which has been proved on at least some occasions), or C) I really need a life (yep – I bet that’s the one!). Anyway, I was right, and your write-up was delightful.

    My husband and I loved “The Middleman” (this is the same guy who CAN’T understand why I love zombies and vampires). He also ADORED “Men With Brooms,” and even confessed to liking “Moonlight,” so he obviously shares some tastes with you. But I digress! THEY BETTER RENEW “THE MIDDLEMAN” NEXT SEASON – OR … OR … OR ELSE!

    And, BTW, not that I want to make you watch “Rose Red” again (I agree – another disappointing King effort), but I stupidly watched part of it again too – and discovered that Emily Dechanel (“Bones”) was in it, but I hadn’t known who she was the first time around! Sometimes it actually pays to see dumb shows again!

    Anyway – love Matt Keesler! Wasn’t he awesome in the season finale, about the parallel worlds (just like “Star Trek,” starring “the great George Takei,” as one character said)?

  5. megwood Says:

    Yeah, the finale was great! Glad to hear you and the hubby like The Middleman too!

  6. Alisa Says:

    This show was on the air 2001 except it was called Special Unit 2. ( Sarcastic laugh, HAHA)

  7. Big Bro Says:

    “I’m as serious as a German film festival.” LOL. Why are foreign films always so…foreign? I’ll check this show out A.S.A.P. I just finished Burn Notice Season 2 on the internet and need something to watch while I grade.

    Maybe I can start calling the Missus “Dub-Dub.” Whataya think? I know, I know. I already call my youngest “Dub.” It might be confusing. Plus, her penchant for seriousness made her pre-ring nickname of W.E.B.bie almost a deal breaker.

  8. megwood Says:

    Mom and I were talking about calling your wife “Dub-Dub,” Bro, but figured there was probably no faster way to get her to ban us from your house for good! šŸ™‚ I do still call her “Dito” in my head, though! šŸ™‚

    Let me know what you think once you’ve seen a few episodes!

  9. megwood Says:

    p.s. Alisa, I’m ignoring you. La la la I can’t hear you la la la!


  10. Lizzie Says:

    But I CAN, Alisa! I saw a couple of reruns of “Special Unit 2,” and, although somewhat cute, it’s not NEARLY as clever as “Middleman!” So there! šŸ™‚

  11. Alisa Says:

    Lizzie – Did you just Neener-neener-neener me?? LMFAO

  12. Big Bro Says:

    Ha!! I ran it by her last night.


  13. Lizzie Says:

    Alisa – I don’t know! Because I don’t know what “neener-neener-neener” means. If it means “nyanh, nyanh, nyanh” then I guess I did! (But in a friendly way šŸ™‚ )

  14. megwood Says:

    I’m surprised she didn’t boot you to the couch for even suggesting it, Bro! šŸ™‚

    Lizzie and Alisa — don’t make me have to pull this car over. . .

  15. Alisa Says:

    She started it, :)-

  16. Lizzie Says:

    I did not! YOU did, when you tried to insinuate that “Middleman” was just a newer version of “Special Unit 2!” That’s like saying that “Unsub” was like “CSI” before its time. (Wait! It was!)

  17. Alisa Says:

    Um, I don’t know what Unsub is, other than it’s a term they use in Criminal Minds. LOL

  18. Lizzie Says:

    Unsub – unknown subject. I love to crow about that show, which only ran about 6 episodes, because – get this – the producers thought that audiences wouldn’t go for a show about high tech forensic work on rather gruesome murders! Sound familiar?

  19. JC Says:

    Hey dunno if you watched it while researching Matt Keeslar but the movie I discovered him in was Safe Passage which is a really decent movie and filled with lots of eye candy (well for girls for guys not so much). Definately worth checking out. He is also worth checking out in Run of the Country which featured a lot more of him than SP. Now I have to go add Middleman to my list of tv shows to track down.

  20. megwood Says:

    I tried to get “Safe Passage,” actually, but they didn’t carry it at my video store and I hadn’t planned far enough ahead to get it from Netflix. I saw it several years ago and really, really liked it, but couldn’t remember who Matt was in it (didn’t know who he was at the time). It’s in my Netflix queue now, though, so I watch it again soon for sure! Thanks, JC! Hope you enjoy “The Middleman”!

  21. megwood Says:

    Lizzie, I’ve never even HEARD of “Unsub.” It sounds great! I’ll have to see if I can dig any of it up on Teh Interwebs!

  22. Big Bro Says:

    LOL! The couch is close to the Playstation 3. That would be too much fun and I’d be tired and cranky the next day.

    I should have said, “Vetoed by ‘Dito.”

  23. megwood Says:

    Good point about the couch and the PS3!

    Vetoed by Dito — that cracked me up. šŸ™‚

  24. Carol J. Says:

    Ooh, Matt Keeslar! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE him in the Whit Stillman movie Last Days of Disco. He’s amazing in that. He’s also good in a smallish, not much speaking role in Waiting for Guffman, as the young hunk Corky steps in to replace at the last minute. So glad to see him getting boyfriend status! And I didn’t even realize he had a tv show. For shame!

  25. Lizzie Says:

    OMG! “Waiting for Guffman” is one of my favorites! Now I’ll have to see it again, as I didn’t know who Matt Keeslar was when I saw it before. Meg, you should see “Waiting…”, too, if you haven’t already. So funny!

  26. Big Bro Says:

    iTuned the first episode last night!

  27. Big Bro Says:

    LOL. “Don’t get fresh with me, missy. I’ll split your lip.”

    Dave used to say that second sentence.

  28. Big Bro Says:

    LOL. “Don’t let your piehole talk you out of a job.”

    Dave uses that one, too. I’m getting a little misty eyed. (Is that hyphenated?)

  29. megwood Says:

    So, I take it you are enjoying the show, Bro?

  30. Big Bro Says:

    Ha! Yeah, it was funny. Buy it on DVD so I can borrow it. I’ve got about 10 minutes to go on “Running Time.” It’s totally what you’d expect from a Bruce Campbell you’ve never heard of. The whole one shot schtick is cool and B&W adds class to it.

  31. megwood Says:

    Coolies, Bro! I will definitely loan you the DVDs as soon as they come out and I get them! Unless what happens is they come out and I get them for MOM, in which case, she’ll loan them to you.

    Looking forward to “Running Time”! Happy Birthday again, dude! I had an excellent time with you guys this weekend!

  32. Big Bro Says:

    Sweet. Finished it up this morning while grading papers. I’ll get it to you ASAP.

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