“If You Mean Time-Traveling Bunnies, Then Yes.”

Okay, so, how awesome was last week’s Lost finale? Answer: DUDE!

I’m still thinking about it several days after finally watching it, and not just because the line in my subject heading for this post made me laugh out loud. But without boring non-Lost fans to death with my latest tediously geeky theories (the island’s in a wormhole, baby!), I thought I’d at least share a few interesting links I came across while going back and forth with my Mom, fellow Lost geek, the other day. You got any theories? Let’s hear them in the comments, yo!


First, a couple of questions to get the theories flowing: what’s the deal with Michael being next to the bomb when it went off? SINCE WE’VE SEEN HIM ALIVE IN A FLASHFORWARD?! Was he dead in that flashforward? Is that why he couldn’t kill himself? Because he was already dead? Or was he in an alternate dimension of some sort?

Additionally, I’d like to know why Widmore hasn’t killed the Oceanic Six yet, since he could easily have done so and we know he’d do anything to both protect AND get back to the island. The Six believed they needed to lie about the island to protect those they left behind, which suggested to me that they were worried Widmore might try to hurt the remaining 815 survivors. But if the remaining survivors are in danger from Widmore, why aren’t the SIX in danger? Especially since we also know that Ben and Sayid are killing off Widmorians left and right? Am I making any sense? Oh shut up — SINCE WHEN IS MAKING SENSE A REQUIREMENT WHEN TALKING ABOUT LOST?

Okay, groovy, informative linkages that even non-Lost fans may find interesting or entertaining:

The Casimir Effect was mentioned in the orientation video that Locke was watching (great moment there when the orientation video guy said, “Never put anything metal in the vault” just as Ben was loading the vault up with metal, by the way — I got a chuckle out of Locke’s facial expression: Um, but. . .?). Now, because I read Discover Magazine, which often has articles about wormholes, I knew the Casimir Effect had something to do with them, but it’s way over my head, that’s for sure. Here’s the complete skinny for all you uber-nerds: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casimir_effect

Analysis of the science of Lost in Popular Mechanics: http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/research/4266329.html?series=6

Ex-Boyfriend Adam Savage weighs in on the finale’s science (and explosives): http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/research/4266333.html

Who the hell is Jeremy Bentham (Locke’s pseudonym when he left the island)?: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeremy_Bentham. Dead, but not gone! Just like Locke?


7 Responses to ““If You Mean Time-Traveling Bunnies, Then Yes.””

  1. Marni Says:

    I just wanted to comment to say What an Awesome Season! The whole thing was terrific. I’m such a lazy Lost watcher, as is Eddie. All I ever do at the end is Cheer, Scratch My Head and Say What?!?!, and then hope that by the end of the series I will understand anything that just went on. I LOVE the people like you that do the legwork and try to explain it in the meantime. Just wanted to comment that I TOO loved the finale, but that I have no theories to add and will instead just read yours. :0)

  2. megwood Says:

    Ooh, here’s another good Popular Mechanics site — Lost Science for Dummies!


  3. Lorraine Says:

    I admit that I watch Lost because it is fun. I love the adventure and how I never know what will happen next, unlike all those procedurals on tv. My memory is just not good enough to remember the details of what happened in the previous seasons or even earlier in the same season 😉 I watch Stargate (the whole Ori storyline was a mess), Star Trek (the time travel never made sense), and any other sci-fi shows in the same way. I like the science as long as it isn’t mumbo-jumbo and advances the story. I’m not a dummy and I like science, but if I want real science then I’ll watch Nova and concentrate on just the science. I don’t even care if there is some grand explanation at the very end of Lost as long as we have fun getting there.

    I LOVED the Lost finale. The episodes since the strike ended have been awesome. It was a mind puzzle to try to figure out how the Oceanic 6 were going to get to one place so they would all get off the island together. And the Penny reunion took me totally by surprise. I also loved how Sawyer was so heroic time-after-time.

  4. Jenny Says:

    Season 3’s finale made me realize how good Matthew Fox is. Season 4’s finale, however, only left me with one thought: MICHAEL EMERSON KICKS MAJOR BUTT. I mean, come on! He rocks. That bunny line was great, but then his cold little “So?” after Locke’s “You just killed everyone on that boat!” KILLED me, it was so awesome.

    (And, I don’t think we ever saw Michael in a flash-forward after the freighter. I think his flash-forwards were after he got off the island, but before he went to the freighter. Isn’t that right?)

  5. megwood Says:

    Oh, is that the timeline for Michael’s flashforward? I guess that would make more sense! I figured the reason Michael couldn’t kill himself in that flashforward was because he was already dead (having blown up on the freighter), but just looked this up at Lostpedia and you are right — that was BEFORE the freighter. Doy.

    Thanks, Jenny!

  6. Lorraine Says:

    I also thought that Michael’s fast-forwards were before he got on the freighter.

  7. Liz Says:

    OKAY! I finally saw the season finale for “Lost” – because I was tired of avoiding this page of the blog, and trying to avoid reading other stuff about the show. (I did, however, read that Harold Perrinault, the actor who plays Michael, is complaining that he got “killed off” because he’s black! That’s insulting and stupid!)

    When I heard the “bunny” line, I laughed especially hard, because I recognized it, but I thought you (Meg) made it up. And I’m not convinced Michael is really dead, because a) he couldn’t seem to off himself in his flash-forwards, and b) if he was killed in the explosion, then so were Jin, Desmond, and Penny – and I don’t think they’re dead – and everyone else on the freighter! Somehow, I doubt it!

    But wait … there’s more! Here come some of my – probably silly – theories: I also wonder if Aaron really did survive (he looked pretty limp in Kate’s arms), and she’s faking it with another child, for some unknown loyalty to Claire. (Remember how she dreamed about Claire, and then said “I’m sorry” to the child?) I also wonder if that’s the “real” Locke in the coffin, or the “Widmore-Locke” that was part of the fake crash site, and they all have to go along with it, to continue to protect “real Locke.” BTW, the Wikipedia reference to “Jeremy Bentham” not only refers to his body being preserved in a wooden box (Locke in the coffin?), but also says that one of his biggest influences was the educator – philosopher John Locke! More name games, if you ask me – like the scientist who arrived on the freighter this season.

    I also suspect that the “island” may really be a boat or submarine (because of that wheel that Ben pushed). Except, if it went under water, as it appeared to, what happened to the people on the beach (specifically Juliet and Sawyer)? Also, what’s up with the ice and snow – is that supposed to hearken back to the polar bear?

    I confess to being stumped about references to what the island will or will not allow, and also why Christian Shephard keeps showing up. Does the island raise people from the dead? Is that why they have to bring “Locke” back with them? Hey, does that mean Charlie may return? Or Shannon? Or Boone?

    I hope all these, seemingly, disparate issues are all eventually explained, including the numbers, the healing properties, the pregnancy problems, and just what the Dharma people were trying to do! I know … I ask for a lot. But it’s such a great show, and so far, it’s been thought out so well, I hope it will be to the end. And, in a way, I agree with Lorraine: even if all my ideas turn out to be wrong (but I did figure out why the Oceanic 6 were lying, and who was in the coffin!), it’s still fun to see it all unfold, and get our answers when they come!

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