Breakdancin’ and Bugs! Bring it!

Just wanted to give y’all a quick heads-up about two television events coming up in the next several days that I am QUITE excited about. 

The first is the premiere of the new season of So You Think You Can Dance, which starts this Thursday night on FOX at 8pm.  YAHOO!  I am so ready!  If you need a refresher course, be sure to go back and reread my Boyfriend write-up on the show.  And even if you DON’T need a refresher course, go back and reread it anyway — all the cool kids are doin’ it.

Then, as if THAT weren’t awesome enough, next Monday night brings us, at long last!, A&E’s miniseries of The Andromeda Strain, which I’ve been seeing ads about for weeks now.   First the ads were all cryptic ones that said only “What Happened in Piedmont” and led you to this fake blog, which was kind of fun.  And then came the ads that REALLY made my eyes go wide — the ones that showed us the extremely good-looking cast.  Rick ShroederBenjamin Bratt!  Daniel Dae Kim!  Eric McCormack!  Andre Braugher! DEADLY VIRUSES AND CUTE BOYS — SIGN ME UP, YO!

As many of you found out last year, I looooove to gossip about SYTYCD, so feel free to email me or post comments on the blog after each and every episode.  I will ALWAYS play along.  Blog comments need not be related to the actual blog post on which they are made, something I think I’ve demonstrated my flexibility on after the recent spate of movie quote wars in the last several posts.  Dang, that was fun, by the way!  How we got onto Star Trek on that book review, I still have no idea, though.  I blame Trip, god bless ‘im.

16 Responses to “Breakdancin’ and Bugs! Bring it!”

  1. Verna Says:

    Andromeda Strain looks pretty good. I have to check it out. I have to admit I didn’t see SYTYCD last season.Perhaps I will have to check it out, too.

  2. Trip Says:

    I can explain the comment sidetrack from the last post. I was merely being subversive by extending Quote War to the new post, but since it was about a book with medical themes, I deployed the first medical-related quote I could think of – Bones McCoy to the rescue.

    “These go to eleven.”

  3. megwood Says:

    Gotcha, Trip. But I’m SO not falling for the “Spinal Tap” quote. . .

    Oh wait, yes I am! BAM!

    “Here lies David St. Hubbins. . . and why not?”

  4. Alisa Says:

    I can NOT wait for SYTYCD!!! And no one i know watches it, so I have no one to talk to about it. 😦

  5. megwood Says:

    Um, hello! You know me and I watch it! Problem solved!! 🙂

  6. Alisa Says:

    Alright, I’m going to be emailing on Friday. 🙂

  7. Dawn Says:

    I watch SYTYCD, so we’re now a trio!

  8. Liz Says:

    I like Quote War – even if I don’t completely understand it! And I’ve NEVER seen SYTYCD – but I still watch American Idol religiously … and have even gotten my husband hooked on it. Singing – yay! Dancing – feh! (sp?) Bugs – feh, but yay! (I.E. Can’t wait for “Andromeda Strain”)

  9. Trip Says:

    We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

  10. megwood Says:

    Dude, you are unstoppable!

    “That’s some bad hat, Harry.”

  11. Liz Says:

    MEG! I thought you gave up on “House!”
    “Sit, Ubu, sit – good dog!”

  12. megwood Says:

    “House”? I’m lost! That was a line from “Jaws”!

  13. Trip Says:

    What we have here is a failure to communicate.

  14. megwood Says:

    Anything so innocent and built like that just GOTTA be named Lucille. . .

  15. Liz Says:

    Trip: I already quoted that line about “failure to communicate”!!
    Meg: I was referring to your “bad hat” quote – I thought it came from the production co. of “House.” (OF COURSE that line about the “bigger boat” is from “Jaws!” Sheesh! 🙂

  16. megwood Says:

    Oh funny! The “House” people must be fans of “Jaws” — that almost makes me want to watch that show again! 🙂

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