BOOK: No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy

A couple of weeks ago, I finally saw the Coen brothers film based on this book, and I was so fascinated by so many elements of it, I couldn’t wait to read the novel as well. Until now, the only McCarthy I’d read was All the Pretty Horses in college (wasn’t that impressed, though that may have been because I was devouring everything written by William Faulkner around the same time and unless you were Absalom! Absalom! it was kind of hard to impress me) and The Road a year or so ago. While I thought The Road was absolutely terrific, I didn’t find it nearly as brilliant as so many other people seemed to. At the very least, I obviously hadn’t been so affected by it that I’d immediately raced out to grab copies of everything else McCarthy had ever written.

After reading THIS novel, however, I’ve already got two more McCarthy novels on hold at the library, and two more in paperback sitting right next to me at this very moment.

Because THIS novel? IS BRILLIANT.

[finish reading the book review]

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