New Boyfriend is Up!

A usurper! Who looks like a cross between Bigfoot and Rupert from Survivor: Pearl Islands!

Besides, how often do I get to use the words “hirsute” and “theremin” in a single Boyfriend write-up? Do you really want to miss seeing THAT?

Hit it:

And then come back here to comment, if you feel so moved!

13 Responses to “New Boyfriend is Up!”

  1. Alisa Says:

    I feel ya on the bus/music bit. Right now I’m obsessed w/Joss Stone and the soundtrack to Hedwig and The Angry Inch, and the other day I must have been humming to one Joss’s songs and the T driver (sorry bus driver, Boston) asked me what I was listening to; and I told him Joss Stone, but he had no idea who that was, and then I had to go into this spiel about how she’s this brilliant, British soul singer. And then we started having a conversation about something else and I never did get to listen to the end of that song, until I was going home.

    My god that was a long rant………LMFAO And it absolutely nothing to do w/the accuall boyfriend himself….I’ll have to go and see if I can download one of his songs.

    My god that was a long rant………LMFAO And it had absolutely nothing to do w/the boyfriend.

  2. megwood Says:

    Hah, I hear you, Alisa!

    By the way, everybody, a reader emailed me to let me know Pilate (the Canadian band I said sounded like Radiohead) has a new name: Pilot Speed.

    I really like their old album “For All That’s Given, Wasted.”

  3. Wendy Says:

    I literally GASPED when I pulled up the Boyfriend site (do I need to get out more?). Finn-alicious! I saw him open for Crowded House several months ago and he was waaaay dreamy and charming.

    On the topic of music, has anyone turned you on to Pandora radio? It is severely cool. Give it a try.

  4. Alisa Says:

    Wendy – FrongPond? 🙂

  5. Wendy Says:

    Am I totally old and unhip to not know what FrongPond means?

  6. Andrea Says:

    Yes, yes, yes. Neil Finn is my BOTW all year-round, and I remember seeing Liam when he was a teener, playing with Dad for the Try Whistling This tour. So great that young Finn is making his own name with a more indie but still melodic sound. And, there’s a really cute guy under all that hair (ugh!)

  7. Liz Says:

    Okay, Liam Finn was a new one for me, but very interesting. It was cool the way he dumped the guitar, and then went crazy on the drums. But … it wouldn’t have been cool, IMHO, if he hadn’t been VERY GOOD on both instruments. If you’re going to be kind of “out there,” I think you have to be good at what you do – otherwise, it’s just annoying attitude. (I.e. – lots of the auditioners on “American Idol”). He was way good. BTW, I don’t know what “FrongPond” means, either (although I have already used “LMFAO!”)

  8. megwood Says:

    I have no idea what “FrongPond” is either — Alisa, whatchutalkin’ ’bout?

  9. Alisa Says:

    Sorry guys, I meant FrogPond. It’s this sight that promotes websites and products using Word of Mouth. Pandora is being featured on thier website.

    Although the first I heard of Pandora was last year when I was watching Attach of the Show on G4.

  10. Brie Says:

    Yay! New Music for my ears…and thanks to YouTube, for my eyes as well.

    I am usually reluctant to suggest music (tastes are SO different!), but I am in love with Matt Costa at the moment, and if anything, you might get a giggle from a few seconds of this video:

    Your write-up definitely reminded me of it…

  11. megwood Says:

    Brie, that totally cracked me up — awesome!! 🙂

    He’s cute too — I’ll have to dig up some more of his stuff ASAP. Thanks for the tip!

  12. Cheesepuppet Says:

    I took one look at that photo and developed a major crush.

    Now I need to find his music.

  13. emeraldkity Says:

    Looking forward to seeing Neil open for Eddie Vedder this week ( who by the way- is the main man on my boyfriend list- I don’t know why he hasn’t ever been on your- I mean- his rants could get a bit exhausting, but the man is passionate.

    Props to mentioning the Long Winters though

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