James Tupper Cast as Joseph Cotton!

Faithful reader and friend Lorraine sent me an awesome Boyfriends in the News tip this morning.  It was mostly just a link, actually, with little description of what I was about to learn other than that it involved something about ex-Boyfriend James Tupper being cast in a new movie about Orson Welles.

As I clicked the link, I thought to myself with a smidge of dismay, “But not AS Orson Welles, right?” and then the web page opened.  When I saw the words “Joseph Cotton,” I literally shrieked with joy and clapped, rather a lot like a 1 year-old who’s just seen a dog for the first time.

I first encountered Joseph Cotton in the movie Gaslight when I was about 17 years old and fell in love with him on the spot.  A few years later, I had the amazing opportunity to see The Third Man in an actual movie theater, and it totally blew my mind.  I actually went to the movie with my boyfriend at the time, who was an Orson Welles fanatic and was desperately trying to make me stop saying things like, “A SLED?  Seriously?!” whenever he brought Welles up at parties.

Much to his dismay, however, I didn’t even NOTICE Orson in Third Man, I was so busy swooning every time JoeCot came on screen.  Joe was not only gorgeous and talented, but there was always something so gentle about him, somehow.  Orson Welles you could tell would be one of those boyfriends who was just insanelyhigh-maintenance in terms of emotional demands (not unlike my boyfriend who worshipped him so much, I might add).  JoeCot, on the other hand, seemed more like the kind of boyfriend who would leave sweet notes in your coat pocket and light up when you entered a room.  I married a guy kind of like that — I knew what I wanted, apparently, even when I was but a wee 17.

For comparison, here is a photo of James and one of Joe.  Not exactly “separated at birth,” but I can see this working pretty well, personally.  Congratulations on the part, James!  Let’s hope this explains why you’ve been missing in action on Men in Trees lately and that you’re planning to be back soon?


2 Responses to “James Tupper Cast as Joseph Cotton!”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    I didn’t realize that my email was so cryptic but it seems like it held the suspense just a little bit longer for you. More fun! I have “Portrait of Jennie” with Cotton on my TiVo because I heard that is a good romance. I’ll have to try to watch it soon.

    I find Orson Wells fascinating but I would NOT want him as a boyfriend!

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