BOOK: Dead Connection by Alafair Burke

Detective Ellie Hatcher has always wanted to work homicide, so when she’s called up for a special assignment to help eccentric homicide dick Flann McIlroy with a serial murder case, she doesn’t really stop to question his motives. At first, it seems like McIlroy selected her because of her tech smarts, since the serial killer seems to be using an online dating service to choose his victims. But the more she works with Flann, the more she comes to realize it’s actually because of her personal history. Her father, a homicide detective himself, was murdered by a serial killer he himself had been trying to track, and this has left Ellie with a unique determination to solve the cases she’s assigned. Flann thinks she’ll be unwilling to let this case go until it’s solved — to make her father proud from the grave, I suppose — and, as it turns out, he’s right.

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