BOOK: The Terror by Dan Simmons

Okay, enough with the tomes, already! Ordinarily, I kind of avoid novels that are 800+ pages long because, nine times out of ten, 200 or more of those pages are in there because of bad editing, and I often just don’t have the patience. But this makes twice in a single month I’ve read and enjoyed a massively-overwritten novel, so I’m either getting less picky in my old age, or the books were just so entertaining I didn’t care about the superfluous parts.

In the case of Simmons’ The Terror, it was definitely the latter. This novel, a fictionalized retelling of Franklin’s fabled Northwest Passage expedition of 1845, was absolutely gripping. Dan Simmons is one of the few horror writers out there who can truly scary the bejesus out of me, and this novel was noooooo exception. It had me up way into the wee hours of the night (or maybe that’s the wee hours of the morning — whatever, all I know is them was some hours of WEE), trembling under my bedspread and clutching a flashlight for protection against the things that might go bump in the night. I haven’t been that freaked by a novel since I read Simmons’ Song of Kali, another one to put on your list if you like a good thrill.

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