MOVIE: Live Once, Die Twice (2006)

This is another one of the movies I watched with my Mom last weekend, and even though we were fairly sure it was going to stink (shady-looking box, if ever I saw one), it was actually pretty decent.

Anybody who has seen and liked Kellie Martin’s Mystery Woman Hallmark channel movies will enjoy this film, because though she doesn’t play a bookseller who solves crimes along with her ex-spy friend Philby, she plays the same type of savvy, smart woman in this movie, and, even better, actually dresses her age for a change (good lord, some of her outfits on Mystery Woman are just beyond awful on her!). 

The film opens with Kellie’s character, Nicole, makin’ out with her extremely good-looking husband Evan.   (I believe my exclamation at this point, not thirty seconds into the movie, went along these lines:  “Kissing?!  ALREADY?!”)  But, whatever — Evan’s about to leave for a fishing trip, and I can understand the urge to get one last round of, um you know, before they separate for a few days.

Nicole sees her hubby off on his boat, and heads home to enjoy a quiet evening with the New York Times Sunday crossword (which she, like me, does in ink — we’re so cool).  But she’s interrupted by a knock at the door from the local sheriff, who has some very bad news:  there was an explosion on the boat and it looks like Evan and his friends have all been killed.

A day later, Nicole is kidnapped by some bad guys demanding to know where Evan’s money is.  Turns out he’s been involved in an elaborate scheme to steal platinum bars and sell them, and he’s double-crossed one of his buyers.  Even worse news, though, is the next piece of information Nicole digs up — Evan’s  been lying to her about more than just the fact he’s a thief.  As it turns out, his name isn’t actually Evan, for one thing. 

And for another, he’s got another house and another wife.  Those weren’t business trips he’s been taking, in other words. . .

From there, the movie speeds up into a really satisfying little mystery drama, complete with a set of anagram-based clues, a grizzled ex-cop who decides to help Nicole and Evan’s other wife Zoe solve the crime, and a pretty effective, if a bit predictable, ending.  It’s a little “TV-movie,” if you know what I mean (except it can’t have actually been a TV movie, since it’s also got naked boobies in it), but it’s also pretty entertaining and well made. 

Definitely recommended, especially if, as I said, you’re a fan of Martin’s Hallmark channel movies. 

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Genre: Mystery
Cast:  Kellie Martin, Martin Cummins, Cindy Sampson, Bruce Gray


8 Responses to “MOVIE: Live Once, Die Twice (2006)”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Meg – you crack me up! I can’t begin to imagine what made you even rent this movie. If it had a “boyfriend” then I could understand.

    I liked Kellie Martin in “Life Goes On” – geez, the Jesse storyline was heartbreaking. I keep waiting for Chad Lowe to get another role even half that good. Then I liked her in “Christy” where she was lucky to act opposite Stewart Finlay-McLennan. Gosh – his hair, his intensity and that accent made my toes curl 🙂

  2. megwood Says:

    Ah, well, we picked it up because we’re both fans of Kellie Martin, of course! We both loved “Christy” too (by the way, did you know Stewart Finlay-McLennan is an ex-Boyfriend of the Week? And have you read the novel the show was based on, because it’s wonderful!).

    And I also loved Martin in “Life Goes On,” “ER,” and the aforementioned Mystery Woman movie series on Hallmark Channel too (even though it’s pretty cheesy).

    Plus, what’s life without risk, I ask you? We’ll rent anything that looks remotely interesting, my Mom and I, because that’s how we end up stumbling across entertaining little unknowners like this one! 🙂

  3. Liz Says:

    I just have to jump in here, because Stewart Finlay-McLennan was the “crush” that led me to the BOTW site in the first place! I was searching him (because I liked him so much on “Christy”), and I found Meg’s BOTW, and the rest, as they say, is history! Hurray for boyfriends, and crushes, and all that stuff! Oh yes – and Kellie Martin is good, too; I’m glad she’s still doing decent stuff, as I haven’t seen her since “ER”, and I’m afraid I thought she was a bit dreary in that. BTW, Chad Lowe was on “24,” and Stewart was on “Lost,” and they were both pretty good.

  4. Lorraine Says:

    Meg, SF-M is missing from your category list of boyfriends and I’m having no luck finding him with search. I know that Chad Lowe has a guest appearance here and there. I remember him in “Now and Again” but nothing with much staying power. He is vertically-challenged and I think that makes it difficult for him to get good roles.

    I think that SF-M had only 1 episode on “Lost” and now he pops up just here or there as a guest-star. I need something that is more regular! Yes, I did read Christy and loved that it ended with Christy and MacNeil getting together.

    I didn’t mean to disparage Kellie Martin. I think she is very good and I find her interesting. I’m always trying out non-mainstream movies on Netflix and I’ve found a few gems that way. The one that comes to mind is “Tully”. It’s also a way to find new/interesting actor/actresses.

    btw – I think that I found this site through boyfriend Richard Armitage. I have to find some time to rewatch “North & South”.

  5. Lorraine Says:

    My mistake, I needed to go to the botw site to find SF-L. And, now I’m sure that I was reading botw before you chose Richard Armitage. I noticed that a former boyfriend was Daniel Day-Lewis. “There Will Be Blood” is a must-see for any DD-L fan. He is amazing and I found the movie very interesting. I’m rooting for it for the Best Picture oscar, and Daniel of course.

  6. ZZ Says:

    I’ll watch anything with Kellie Martin in it. She’s totally hot and adorable. Also a great actress who just needs some better roles.

  7. antiquarian books Says:

    Thank you for this information. 🙂

  8. Anonymous Says:

    How did it end once he had them both on the boat

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