Sawyer [Hearts] Me!

I love these sorts of things — finding out which character on a show or from a movie you most resemble, what your pirate name would be, etc.  Why I love them, I do not know.  I try not to be too introspective about stuff like this.

Normally, I wouldn’t annoy you guys by posting a lot of this kind of stuff, however, I couldn’t resist sharing this one, my “Sawyer” nickname, because it’s eerily accurate.  Anybody who knew me back when I was in college is going to be completely amazed by this one, because I actually DID go by the nickname “Huckleberry” for many years back in my 20’s.  Damn, that Sawyer is GOOD (you know, except for the “Pinhead” part — up yours on that one, Sawyer)! 

And also, he [hearts] me!  Woot!  Happy Valentine’s Day to me!

Post your own Sawyer nicknames in comments, ‘kay, guys?  I want to hear what the others are (surely, one of them will be “Chewie”?  “Freckles”?  “Col. Kurtz”?), but I’m too lazy to try to figure out all the possible answer combinations!

15 Responses to “Sawyer [Hearts] Me!”

  1. jo Says:


  2. jo Says:

    OK, this is totally cheating, but I changed one of my “brain” answers (really, I was on the fence the first time anyway) and now Sawyer calls me “Ladybug”.

    Which is an improvement. I think I’m growing on him.

  3. Marni Says:

    Hi Magoo, I was laughing out loud. My name was “Hawking”, I assume as in, Stephen. Sweet. Anytime I can be a math/science nerdy-type, sign me up!! Love, Me

  4. Jessie Says:

    “Sugarpop” I kinda like it.

    Milquetoast is awesome too. 🙂

  5. Buffy Says:

    The first time I tried, it was “Avalanche” which I was not fond of, so I tried again. I was less impressed with “Stubby.”

  6. Verna Says:

    “Spacebar” Hmmm, is that an insult?

  7. Nicole Says:

    “Math Boy.” And I’m a girl.

  8. Eva Says:

    “Haus.” I don’t get it. But then, I’ve not seen the show.

  9. Wendy Says:

    Lightbulb. Hopefully it has to do with my creative abilities rather than my shape.

  10. Liz Says:

    Okay, I played … and it was kind of cute! I gave my “maiden” name instead of my married one, because I’m more than a little paranoid. And it came up with “PEACHFUZZ!” Actually, I think it’s kind of cute; I had a friend who called me “Peaches” for years!

    Meg, where do you FIND these things? I think you ought to be getting a “finder’s fee” or a commission for all the business you seem to be bringing to these sites. I looked up the “Etsy” one, and though it’s not really my “thing,” I was impressed. I tried to find “Jessie” through the main page, but couldn’t. But when I just clicked on her name in the comments on this blog, I got her right away; her stuff is great. Let’s keep playing, okay?

  11. Liz Says:

    P.S. I heard that Stephen Colbert wanted to be Mike Huckabee’s running mate, under the party name, “Huckleberry!” Also, why isn’t anyone capitalizing of the (IMHO stupid) movie “I [Heart] Huckabee’s?

  12. Kerri Says:

    Sweetheart! I guess he likes tall smart blondes?! He can call me sweetheart anytime he wants!

    On second thought, he’s not being sarcastic, is he? 😉

  13. megwood Says:

    These are so fun, you guys! Thanks for playing along!

    p.s. Marni, I can’t BELIEVE yours was “Hawking”! That totally cracked me up! (Everybody else here, Marni is my twin sister and she was valedictorian of our high school and then went on to major in math. So, for her to get Hawking — that’s almost as good as me getting Huckleberry!)

  14. Alisa Says:

    I don’t watch Lost, so I’m not sure what this name means in the world of Lost, but aparently, my name is Skeletor.

    Now I know Skeletor from Master of Univ., but really, come Skeletor!! 😦

  15. Catherine Says:

    Mine is Rinse N’ Repeat, which I find hilarious, but strange.

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