Star of My All-Time Favorite Movie Dies — Damn.

Alas, I never got around to making Roy Schieder a Boyfriend of the Week, which now seems utterly inexcusable given the fact he’s the star of my all-time favorite movie, Jaws.  (Technically, Jaws is actually tied for first on my list of all-time favorites — To Kill a Mockingbird being the movie it has to share the title with — but let’s not split hairs on this one today.) 

And now it’s too late.  Roy Schieder died Sunday afternoon of cancer (multiple myeloma) after a lengthy battle with the disease.  More information available here:,0,2880332.story

Thanks for all the great movies, Roy, and I hope the boats you find in heaven are plenty big enough as-is.  You’ll be missed.

5 Responses to “Star of My All-Time Favorite Movie Dies — Damn.”

  1. Liz Says:

    Uh – Meg – Brad, Heath, and Roy. That’s three. Hmmm. (But at least he leaves us with a classic line – “We’re going to need a bigger boat.”)

  2. megwood Says:

    Yeah, I couldn’t decide if Roy counted as the third. The first two were so similar in cause of death that I was expecting the third to also be a young person who died from a drug overdose (Britney, perhaps?). But maybe it’s just “three people Meg thought were cute,” in which case, Roy does complete the trilogy.

    In any case, so far 2008 has kind of sucked. It’ll be one big ol’ bummer of a “passages” slideshow at the Oscar’s this year, that’s fo’shizzle.

  3. jo Says:

    It’s always too soon. He didn’t win my heart completely in Jaws, but All That Jazz came along and I was a goner.

    And SeaQuest! sigh.

  4. Trip Says:

    Roy was best in Jaws and as Duston Hoffman’s brother in Marathon Man. Great performances.

    (While we’re on the subject of Jaws, how awesome was Robert Shaw? Best crusty old sailor man…ever.)

  5. Eva Says:

    I’ve been rewatching seaQuest these last few weeks – classic sci fi cheese, an all-time favorite – so this tweaked my heart yet again, after all the celeb sadness in recent weeks.

    Even if seaQuest wasn’t Shakespeare, Roy Scheider was a warm and fatherly captain, committed to the story even when the scripts reached their kookiest. (And there were some pretty kooky ones!) And he was also good in Shakespeare – he had a part in Patrick Stewart’s King of Texas, a King Lear adaptation that was really quite terrific.

    He died of the same cancer my mom had. Stupid cancer.

    Well, my commiserations to you all, again. At least he got 75 years in this world and had some warning of what was coming.

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