New Boyfriend is Up!

I think instead of telling you who it is here, I’m just going to give you the transcript of a conversation I had with my husband a few minutes ago:

Me: Honey, do you remember D&D jargon at all?

Him: Yeah, of course!

Me: Okay, well, give me a good line to use as a threat. Like, if I was a Dungeon Master and I wanted to punish one of my players for some reason, what would I threaten to do to him?

Him: Like, something REALLY bad?

Me: Yeah, man, really bad.

Him: Okay, write this down: “Do what I say, or I’ll make you roll a saving throw against death at -4.”

Me: Yes! That’s perfect! Thanks, sweetie!

Him: I KNEW that would come in handy someday!

So, like, how’s your curiosity NOW, my friends? Head on over to the write-up and then come back here to post your comments on the Boyfriend, his TV show, his movies, or whatever else you feel so moved to express.

In other words. . . I’m baaaaaaack!

Read the Write-Up Now!

14 Responses to “New Boyfriend is Up!”

  1. Rochelle Says:

    funny write up, as usual, and i totally agree about the henleys! “man boobs” had not occurred to me but the are decidedly weird fitting. i began watching moonlight because one of the producers or whatever used to work on angel. he quit early on for “personal” and/or “creative” difference depending on which gossip you read. my sister and i are leaning toward “creative”. (ok, what’s will all the quote marks? stopping that.) we think the show sucks, but on the other hand we watch it each week and call each other to mock and/or praise it at each commercial break. i kept watching for jason dohring. logan was one of my favorite parts of veronica mars. jason is sorely underused in our opinion. tortured creature of the night has been done and redone, the dialog mostly stinks and the mysteries are generally boring but something keeps me tuning in. my utter lack of a social life? my personal vampire fascination? who knows? who cares? but alex is very pretty and mick st. john is definitely growing on me. i hope the show continues so that he has the opportunity to grow on me more.

    btw, i’ve read a few reviews saying the will smith i am legend deviates quite a bit from the book. i haven’t seen any movie versions but i definitely want to check out the vincent price version. i forget the title.

    well, enough rambling.

  2. Marni Says:

    Bummer, I wanted to read some of the mean and nasty ones. I could only view the most recent ones — must be too stoopid to figure it out. Oh well, I LOVES YA! (and inserting the word “duck” at the end of your post made me laugh out loud, even before it’s 7 am on a Saturday!!) Fun stuff! Never seen the show or the boobs, but I’ll keep my eye out to see who I agree with on this one.

  3. Liz Says:

    YIPPEE, YAHOO, YAY, HOORAY,! Can you tell I’m very pleased about the boyfriend write-up? I happen to really enjoy “Moonlight,” and as a matter of fact, my husband does, too. I don’t tell him I like it partly because I think Alex O’Laughlin is so cute – I just say I love anything with vampires it it (I do). The very first episode was quite murky, and not so good, but we decided to try it again, and it has been getting better and better. I like the storylines, and I think the chemistry between Mick and Beth is great! (I didn’t like her dumb boyfriend, anyway!)

    I remember your “man-boobs” comment, and although I thought it MIGHT have been a little rude, I knew just what you meant. I was distracted, too!

    I was astonished to see that Alex was “Kevin” on “The Shield.” We ALWAYS watch that show, and I also never recognized him on “Moonlight.” I don’t think I’ve seen any of his movies, except I have the sneaking suspicion I may have seen “Man-Thing” on the Sci-Fi Channel. (If I did, once again, I didn’t recognize Alex.)

    I still think this show is reminiscent of “Forever Night,” with Geraint Wyn Davies (hey! he was/is a real cutie!) as a vampire cop. So I don’t think the concept is so ridiculous. But I also really liked “Angel” (cop/investigator – you know the deal), so I guess I really am a push-over for this type of genre. Or maybe I just love vampires! BTW, my husband liked “Angel,” especially the theme music, which featured a cello. AND he liked “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (TV series). So – does that make him a closet – vampire – lover?

    Well, anyway, hooray for Alex O’Laughlin!

  4. megwood Says:

    I ALMOST rented “Omega Man” yesterday, Rochelle, because that’s another movie based on “I Am Legend,” but I confess, I just haven’t been able to take Charleton Heston seriously since seeing “Soylent Green” when I was 8. Even at EIGHT YEARS OLD, I was dying from laughing so hard at “Soylent Green is peeeeeeople!! It’s PEEEEEEEEOPLE!!” Kind of ruined the man for me for good.

    I’ll have to look for the Price version — Vinnie, I can do.

    I loved the theme for Angel too, Liz — I used to have it on my MP3 player, actually. Purdy. I never did get into that series, though. LOVED Buffy, but Angel was just too goofy for me. Not enough girl power, I guess. Or Xander, who was always my favorite!

    Marni (who is my twin sister, btw, everyone!), glad I made you laugh out loud this morning! That made my day to read! πŸ™‚

  5. Angela Says:

    So glad to see you’re back! I completely agree with you on all points about Moonlight. I have yet to miss an episode. This started out because we’d heard that the lead guy was Australian, as are we, and none of my sisters had ever heard of him. We also decided to watch because, let’s face it, he is great to look at, and because Beth is played by Sophia Myles, and she was on Doctor Who as a character I liked (I liked her, being an incurable shipper I didn’t like what happened in her episode, but she was good.)
    I got sucked in ’cause I love vampire shows, and PI stuff, also because I think that Beth and Mick have chemistry. And, last but not least I love to watch it and pick on the inconsistancies, or excessively cheesy moments.

    And, every so often you see Marshall, and then I have to think about how much I love him.

  6. Laura Says:

    As I said privately, excellent taste. Can’t say Moonlight is a good show, but I have been known to sneak-watch it while my hubby is giving our little ones a bath. I actually find Jason Dohring as interesting to watch. I love the moral ambiguity of his character.

    Did you catch the New York Times review of this show, which trashed the content but went on for paragraphs about Mick St. John’s designer kitchen?

    Oh, and I’m right there with you on the shirts. Not flattering at all. Perhaps they should get the set designer to do the costumes?

  7. Elizabeth Morrow Says:

    As usual, I completely agree with your assessment…….of Alex and Moonlight. The fact that it’s a vampire show is enough to insure I’ll keep watching however, I have been delighted to discover Alex, as well.

    And speaking of Alex, I had the exact same thought about his man boobs. Seeing him shirtless I see he has a fantastic body but those henleys do something weird to his chest. I’m so used to loving henleys simply because of how wonderful they look on Jensen Ackles that the man boobs illusion on Alex was immediately noticeable and distracting.

    However, once I was able to look past the dude boobs, I was absolutely charmed by his eyes and smile. Regardless of the fate of Moonlight (and I hope it goes on for several more seasons), I look forward to seeing more of that man.

    Once again, Megmeister, you have picked a winner.

  8. megwood Says:

    Man, it’s nice to hear I’m not the only one who thinks his chest just looks WEIRD in those shirts!! And good point about Jensen Ackles — he does the henley just fine. πŸ™‚

  9. Rochelle's Sister Says:

    I had to reply after I saw Rochelle’s comments (and add, that as a former disgruntled English teacher, I will be using capitals).

    I like Moonlight. I don’t like it like it. I don’t read/write detailed fanfic about it, but I won’t write it a “Dear John” letter like I had to do to Smallville. He’s SUPERMAN people! Oh, sorry.

    Anywho, I like Mick. He is agreable. He is not overly brooding, even if he is a delicate flower. He has pretty eyes and a nice smile. I’m sure as time goes by we will learn that he has used his immortality to learn languages and kung fu.

    OK, now for my real point. Forget Beth! This needs to be the Mick and Logan show! I mean Josef. If he has to Josef can wait in the car while Mick does the dangerous work. I want to know more about their pasts and how they became friends. If the cure is found what will Josef do? Give it to his comatose girlfriend? Take it himself! Laugh himself silly as Mick grows old and dies and he stays young forever? I would like to see that show.

    I have nothing against Beth personally. I like her. She has a life outside of her romance and I think that is good.

  10. Liz Says:

    OH NO! My Yahoo News has described “Moonlight” as being “on the bubble!” They say not to expect it back until next Fall, if at all! It got so much better in the time it was on the air! They have to give it more of a chance. What should we do – send in massive amounts of blood to the producers? Hmmm, I don’t really think that would work…

  11. megwood Says:

    I confess I’m not too surprised to hear that, since it hasn’t been doing that well in the ratings, really. But I’ll keep my fingers crossed they give it another chance. Especially since the strike may have gone on JUST enough to foil their regular fall TV plans, and they may be urgently in need of something to air in September anyway.

  12. Liz Says:

    Hey, Rochelle’s Sister – great idea about the “Mick and Josef Show!” It could be the vampire “Starsky and Hutch!” You have good ideas, and, I must admit, I appreciated your use of capitals. However, let’s let Beth stay in the show; her chemistry with Mick is awfully good.

  13. Carolyn Says:

    I just started reading your stuff; I really love it! I love your humor, and anybody who thinks Alan Rickman is hot is a friend of mine.

    I really like Alex O’Laughlin, and I’m glad you gave the show a second chance. I really like Moonlight – It’s kinda my guilty pleasure to see this Vampire/Mystery/Romance. I really hope Moonlight stays on. I mean, even my older brother liked it, and he rarely likes any show.

    I looked through your old boyfriends and saw that you didn’t have John Malkovich. I know that it kinda sounds like a weird choice, but you have to see him in Dangerous Liasons. It’s a really good dark romance/drama with an all-star cast ( Glen Close, Michelle Pfieffer, Keanu Reeves, Uma Thurman). I really think you’ll like it

  14. megwood Says:

    Very cool, Carolyn! I haven’t featured John Malkovich, btw, despite the fact I love him, because he sort of gives me the creeps. Brilliant actor, but also kinda creepy. “Dangerous Liaisons” didn’t really help with that, either, I must say! Nor did “Portrait of a Lady,” which is another really good one he’s in. πŸ™‚

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