MOVIE: Descent (2005)

Nope, not the movie about the chicks who get stuck in the underground cave with the monsters (that Descent movie sucked, by the way — don’t get me started).  This is a made-for-TV sci-fi flick (three guesses who was in town this past weekend — hi, Mom!) about a group of scientists who have to drive a big drill twenty-five miles down into the Earth’s surface to try to set off some nukes to blow some tectonic plates back into position before they cause massive lava eruptions that wipe out the human race.

Stop — you’re thinking too much.  I can feel it from here.

Because, no, it made absolutely no scientific sense whatsoever.  In fact, it didn’t even really TRY to make any scientific sense.  But the characters weren’t bad — there were two geeks for comic relief, a Klingon disguised as an upper-echelon member of the U.S. military (Michael Dorn), a Beverly Hills rebel disguised as a PhD (Luke Perry, surprisingly believable as a smart person), and a misguided scientist who realizes his folly and sacrifices himself for the good of the world.   Plus, an evil guy gets his comeuppance, the good guys win, and Earth is saved.  What’s not to love?

In other words, we’ve seen worse.  We’ve also seen way, way better (frankly, I still think the best of the “drill to the center of the Earth” movies was 2000’s Deep Core starring Wil Wheaton and Craig Sheffer, and written/directed by our favorite sci-fi master, Phillip J. Roth — kicked the butt of 2003’s Hollywood feature The Core).  But if this one rolls around on the Sci-Fi Channel again, it might be worth setting the ol’ DVR for it.  If you like this sort of thing.

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Genre: Sci-Fi
Cast:  Michael Dorn, Luke Perry, Natalie Brown, Mimi Kuzyk


One Response to “MOVIE: Descent (2005)”

  1. Alisa Says:

    Oh boy, I liked the Underground Monster Cave “Descent” 😦

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