Everest Climbers and Clothing Designers: Crazy People Are Right On

I’m heading out of town on Saturday for a week, so there probably won’t be any new posts until I get back (though when I DO get back, expect a flurry of movie reviews, since I’m heading down for a long visit with the parents that will definitely involve major vegging out — it’s my first real vacation in a YEAR, so I’m looking forward to a whole heck of a lot of nuthin’).  I’m hoping to get at least one more movie review (of George Clooney’s Michael Clayton) posted before I leave, but we’ll see how I do.

Far more important, I felt, was giving you guys a heads-up on some great TV shows that recently returned, as well as a couple of things coming up in the next few weeks you may not have heard about.  So, let’s do that first, and we’ll talk Clooney later.

Everest: Beyond the Limit (Season Two).  Tuesdays, 10pm, Discovery Channel.  I had no idea this series was planning a second season, so I was completely surprised when I heard from a friend that it was back.  Thrilled, I quickly downloaded the first episode  from iTunes just in time to catch the second one live (you’ve missed three now, folks, but they’re only $1.99 at iTunes and it’s well worth the $6 to get caught up if you like this sort of thing). 

Man, this show is just plain AWESOME.   Mountain climbers enthrall me for the same reason paranoid schizophrenics do — they’re crazy, and crazy people are absolutely fascinating. 

Disagree that climbing mountains is nuts?  Take off your crampons and let me tell you a story:  Back when I used to work in a biochemistry lab, one of the researchers I worked with was a Russian scientist named Oleg who spent all his vacations out scaling peaks.   I once asked him what it was like to get to the top of a mountain, and he replied, “Heh, well, once you get up near the top, you can’t breathe, you feel like you’re hacking up a lung every time you cough (which is constantly), you start puking, and you feel like total hell.  It’s AWESOME.”  And boy, that seems to be a pretty fair description of what the Everest guys all go through, too, except that once you get closer to the top of THAT mountain, you also have to contend with a variety of deadly threats, not limited to stumbles that can cost you life and/or limb, but also involving things like cerebral edema and a combination of other horrific ailments they call “mountain sickness.” 

And for what?  For a really nice view and the feeling that you’ve just bested a big pile of rocks?  For that you pay $50,000 and risk your life? Dude, I rest my case!  Cr-a-hay-zee!

Season Two of this totally terrific series brings back a bunch of the same climbers from last year’s series, including team leader Russell Brice (so dashing!), asthmatic Mogens Jensen (still refusing to climb with oxygen, despite the fact he’s getting worse every year he tries doing this), and metal-man Tim Medvetz, an enormous bull of a fella’ who was in a near-fatal motorcycle accident several years ago and now has metal pins and braces all through his back, leg, and foot.  I can’t recommend this series highly enough — it’s one of the most entertaining (and educational!) outdoorsy-type shows I’ve ever seen.  Catch up on the eps you missed and then tune in next week for episode 4.

Project Runway — Wednesdays, 10pm, Bravo.  “One of you will be the winner, and one of you will be out.”  Damn, I love this show.  I can’t wait for this year’s group to start getting to know each other better, too, because after seeing the first episode this week, I can feel the insanity roiling already, and it’s only going to get more fun once the cattiness is unleashed in full.  They’re so off, they’re on.  So, let the battle of the pinking shears begin!  Who will be the next one to be auf’d?  (I vote for this guy — he’s already getting on my nerves and we’ve barely begun!  Shut up, Christian!)

Battlestar Galactica: Razor— November 24th, 9pm, Sci-Fi.  This two-hour BG movie airs a week from Saturday, so set your DVRs!  It’s going to serve as the “backdrop” for the final season of the show, and will focus on Lee’s first mission as the commander of the Pegasus.  If you do manage to miss it, it looks like it will be out on DVD the first week of December, so better stick that in your Netflix queueASAP.  The one thing I’m a bit disappointed about is that it looks like there won’t be any Starbuck (ex-Boyfriend Katee Sackhoff), but since I’m enjoying her on Bionic Woman these days anyway, I suppose I can deal.  For now.

The Closer— December 3, 8pm, TNT.  A special (new!) two-hour episode of this terrific series is coming to TNT on Monday, December 3rd, so while you’re setting the DVR for BG:Razor, add this one in there too.  The Closer is one of the few crime shows I think gets better with each passing season instead of worse (and yes, I speak of thee, Law & Order:SVU, CSI, Cold Case, and Without a Trace) . The last season was one of the best seasons of (American) television I’ve ever seen — I thought almost every single episode was brilliant, and that is a rare treat in the world of TV today.  Cable is where it’s AT, my peeps. 

Did I miss anything that’s coming up in the next few weeks?  If so, post in comments!

6 Responses to “Everest Climbers and Clothing Designers: Crazy People Are Right On”

  1. Alisa Says:

    LOVE PR!!
    Agree w/you 100% on Christian, I wanted tell him to shut up when I 1st heard him in the commercials. “I’m sort of a big deal”, in your own little world maybe, but you wouldn’t be on a reality TV fashion contest if you were a big deal in the fashion world. He’s so obnoxious that I bet he wins. I don’t know who’s dress I loved more, Chris’s dress or Rami’s dress, I would so wear them both.

  2. megwood Says:

    Well, you’re SORT of wrong about the “big deal” thing, because, in actuality, a couple of the designers this year are already big deals in the fashion world. At least, that’s my understanding (I don’t really know much about the fashion world, but several of this year’s players are already professional designers working for celebrities and Broadway and all that jazz — including Rami). But Christian’s 21 years old, and he acts juuuuuust like we all did at that age. So, when he says, “I see a lot of hand-sewed crap in here,” I can’t help but snort in derision and dream of his comeuppance. Who DIDN’T need a kick in the shins at age 21? I’m sure I deserved more than my fair share. I’m so glad I don’t have to hang out with my 21 year-old self anymore — she was a real pain in the ass. 🙂

  3. Alisa Says:

    I don’t know much about the fashion world (alright, I know NOTHING about the fashion world) either, but I would think that there would be a difference w/working w/a celebrity, and then WORKING w/a celebrity. What I mean is, someone higher than the designer might have worked w/the celebrity, and then relayed the info to the designer and told the designer to make the clothing item.
    Oh boy, that comment can out snarky. LOL
    And I do have to say that as much as I thought Christian’s outfit was ugly, it was beautifully sewn.
    And I do agree w/his “hand-sewed crap” comment, what the heck was that marionette puppet dress thing?? The front was beautiful, but that back turned into Santino land.

  4. megwood Says:

    I’m sure in terms of status, working with the celebrity is different from working for the higher-up-working-for-the-celebrity. But the end result is that the guy designed and made the celebrity’s dress, the celebrity was thrilled, and people ooh’d and aah’d over it. That’s professional design, in my book.

    And what about the theater guy? He’s clearly a pro too. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with some of the weirder challenges, since we already have seen he can make a dress out of salad! I just hope he doesn’t feel like he has to tone himself down to compete.

    I thought the Santino-esque dress was great, personally. I mean, the train was a disaster, but the rest of the dress was actually quite amazing. I do some sewing myself (though not usually of clothes) and I didn’t see a seam anywhere on that dress. I have no idea how she did that, but she’s clearly got talent even if her vision is a little warped. And at least it wasn’t BORING like some of the others (lingerie man, e.g.!).

  5. megwood Says:

    BG: Razor update! According to an article I just read, the DVD version of Razor will contain additional scenes that are considered relatively important. So, in that case, I think I won’t bother recording the TV version, since there’s no real wait for the DVD (I can wait a week!). And that way, no commercials! Woot!

    Anyway, though you guys might like to know this too. Here’s the article I read this info in, which includes an interesting Q&A with the movie’s writer (and co-exec producer): http://featuresblogs.chicagotribune.com/entertainment_tv/2007/11/answers-to-your.html

  6. Trip Says:

    BSG: Razor, baby! Soooo looking forward to this one. The 2 minute shorts on Sci Fi’s website has thoroughly wet my whistle for this movie. LOVE the retro Cylon freefall battle, the “secret” that leads into Season 1, the fear, angst and ass-kicking action that this series provides. Man, am I gonna miss this show after Season 4.

    Also: There is no F*ing way Col. Tigh is a Cylon. No way.

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