MOVIE: Wind Chill (2007)

I watched this movie under the absolute, most-perfect horror-movie-watching settings imaginable — in a dark room, from 10pm to midnight, on a Saturday night, completely alone. And I have no idea if that contributed to the film’s success for me, but I sure did end up enjoying this one, even though it wasn’t the “scary” parts I actually thought were good.

The movie opens with a young woman (the characters are never named, so I’ll just call her “Girl,” played by Emily Blunt from The Devil Wears Prada) in a college lecture ignoring her professor and texting her friend. It soon becomes clear she’s about to head home for the holiday break and that she needs to bum a ride from someone or else she’s going to be stuck ridin’ the Big Gray Dog. Her texty friend suggests she check the ride board, so she does, and lo and behold, there’s a guy (“Boy,” played by Ashton Holmes) from her class who is going to the same town. They agree to drive together and share the cost of gas and promptly head out for the five hour drive later that afternoon.

It fairly quickly becomes clear to the audience that Boy is madly in love with Girl and has set this whole thing up, but it takes Girl a little longer to figure it out. When Boy stops for gas, and then takes the next exit off the freeway and into the snowy wilderness, Girl is understandably freaked out. Boy explains he wanted to woo her with the scenic route, but she’s still pretty wigged. This state of mind is worsened when a car appears out of nowhere and promptly runs them off the road. Whoopsie!

Long story short(er), they’re now stranded in the middle of the snowy nowhere in the dark, with no supplies and very little gas left with which to heat the car. Annnnnnd then the ghosts start showin’ up. . .

Now, the ghostly elements of this story (focused around a dead cop, played by the always-gorgeous Martin Donovan, who used to kill people along that stretch of road and is still trying to do so from the grave) are about as scary as your average episode of Supernatural (which is to say, not very). What I liked about this film, though, was the interaction between Boy and Girl, which I found authentic and engaging. It’s not easy to make an entertaining movie about two people stuck in a car, and yet the director and two actors really managed to pull this off (in my opinion, anyway).

Despite a few quibbles with it that I won’t get into, I truly enjoyed this flick and can definitely see myself watching it again some day. Is it brilliant? No. Is it scary? Not really (though it has a few decent BOO! moments). But if you watch it in the dark on a stormy night, you may find yourself sinking all the way into its story, a sensation I rather enjoy, myself.


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Genre: Thriller/horror

Cast: Ashton Holmes, Emily Blunt, Martin Donovan

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3 Responses to “MOVIE: Wind Chill (2007)”

  1. Trip Says:

    OK, so I have to know…

    At any point in this flick, did someone have to run breathlessly to the car, fumble for the keys, hop in, only to have the car FAIL TO START with the nameless evil fast approaching?

    Because like Ann Coulter, cars in horror movies are notoriously under-serviced.

  2. megwood Says:

    Nope — they didn’t need to work that into this storyline, as when they’re run off the road by the phantom cop car, they crash into a snowbank and then can’t get the car back out of it. The problem I had with this, though, is that anybody who lives in an area that gets that much snow would’ve tried several things before giving up the way they did — for example, we always carried a big box of kitty litter in the back of our car in the winter for just such an occasion (traction!). And they didn’t appear to have chains, either, despite the fact they were taking an old beater car on a six hour road trip through a snowstorm.

    Also, they later discover that the gas tank cracked in the crash (still not sure how that happened, frankly, since it wasn’t that spectacular of a crash and I’d assume it usually takes quite a bit of force to split a gas tank open). So, in any case, after a couple of hours, even if they HAD come up with some ideas for increasing tire traction (sticks from the woods, dirt from under the snow — I can think of a dozen of these at least), they still would’ve been stranded.

    I forgave them for some of their idiocies, though, when one of them realized they were parked about 50 yards from a telephone pole with an access box on it, and that they might be able to get a line out using the old phone Boy had in a box of junk in the trunk of his car. I like it when girls in horror movies have brains and take intelligent risks — it helps make up for the oh-so-many times they ran up the stairs instead of out the front door.

    *snort* Ann Coulter, heh.

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