New on TV Tonight: Pushing Daisies (ABC)

After a looooong weekend spent watching TV every waking moment just to get the DVR cleaned off so I could start recording everything all over again THIS week, I was all set to skip Pushing Daisies. Then two things happened: I saw a clip of it that made it look like weird, kooky fun (damn, but I love weird, kooky fun); and I realized it was on at 8pm (ABC), where it just so happens my DVR has an opening.

So, okay, I will give it a try. Even though I read that the main character (who is able to bring dead things back to life but then can’t touch them or else they die again) revived his dog ten years ago and has lived with it that entire time without touching it once — I’m sorry, the Department of TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE PLOT DEVICES called and wants their utterly ridiculous idea back.

Is it just me, or have we been asked to suspend a really ridiculous amount of disbelief so far this season? And we’re only 1.5 weeks in!

In other TV-related news, I’m kind of down on Heroes, which is trying to do too much in every episode, resulting in a whole lotta nuthin’ happening. And I’m one wholly predictable episode of Journeyman away from deleting that one from the DVR timer. I’m still enjoying K-Ville, even though the word that came to mind during this week’s episode was “unsophisticated,” and I haven’t seen last night’s Reaper yet, but I’m psyched to hurry up and tune in tonight. I never got around to watching last week’s Dirty Sexy Money, which means I’m having trouble getting excited about the concept, so I might just delete that one unwatched, and I felt a crushing blow yesterday at about 2pm when I realized that last night’s episode of Eureka was actually the season finale. Colin Ferguson, you will be missed (until next summer when I hope you’ll be back!).

Oh yeah, and I tuned in for Aliens in America Monday night, after reading a ton of positive, excited buzz about it and the word that came to mind during THAT episode was: meh.

Rough week. I hope Bionic Woman doesn’t stink tonight. I have my fingers crossed.

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6 Responses to “New on TV Tonight: Pushing Daisies (ABC)”

  1. carolyn Says:

    i’m with you on ‘aliens in america’ – i thought it was totally boring. i guess the critical acclaim is due to…it not being as non PC as it had the opportunity to be???

    i was a little disappointed in 2nd ep of reaper = not as good as the first! but hopefully #3 will pick back up.

    K-Ville I am surprisingly still liking. still hate that stupid secret of cole’s but i pretend not to know that (or notice the little snipes about it).

    journeyman i’m so mixed on. i really like the livia (olivia?) actress. but i don’t particularly love anything about the plotlines, etc.

    dirty sexy money was pretty good! i think you might like it! 🙂

  2. Catherine Says:

    I’m also finding myself a bit disappointed with Heroes. It’s so disconnected – like 4 different shows in one. I know storylines will start to connect up, but right now it’s a bit boring.

    I’m really enjoying Journeyman. Carolyn, I agree about ep #2 of Reaper. Found myself reading magazines through most of it.

  3. megwood Says:

    Bummer about ep 2 of Reaper! I’ll let you know what I think when I see it myself tonight. Glad to hear I might like Dirty Sexy, though — maybe I’ll watch it tonight too, in that case!

  4. Lorraine Says:

    Pushing Daisies – this was so hyped but for me it was just ok. I’ll give it a few more tries. It may be too “precious” for me – just like “Amelie”. Less of the sappy narration would help.

    Reaper – I haven’t watched episode 2 yet after being pleasantly surprised by episode 1.

    Journeyman – episode 2 was better than 1 so I’ll continue watching but I won’t be disappointed if(when?) it is cancelled.

  5. Sheila Says:

    I thought Pushing Daisies was pretty good – kind of like a Twin Peaks Lite (without the hotness of Kyle McLaughlin, but the main guy was pretty darn cute!) in a way. Weird, funny, completely unbelievable, but fun to watch.

  6. Alisa Says:

    My husband and I both like Reaper, which means it won’t stay on the air. Basically ever show we’ve ever liked together has gone off the air. LOL

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