MOVIE: Knocked Up (2007)

Yesterday was my sixth wedding anniversary (congrats to us!). Since we’ve been so busy and exhausted lately, my husband and I decided to stay in, cook a great dinner, and watch a movie together. The dinner was cioppino, and my contribution to its greatness was to stay as far away from the kitchen as possible (my husband is the chef in our relationship — yes, I did choose my spouse well!). And the movie was Judd Apatow’s Knocked Up, which I’d heard was the funniest movie of the summer.

Must’ve been a really dry summer. . . is all I’m sayin’.

Okay, okay, okay, that’s a bit harsh. We did find ourselves laughing out loud a lot while watching this film (about a gorgeous E! reporter (Katherine Heigl) who has a one-night stand with a schlubb (Seth Rogan) and gets, you guessed it, knocked up). In particular, every scene that featured Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd playing off each other was absolutely riotous, and the Cirque du Soleil scene alone made us both laugh so hard we scared the cat out of the room.

But, the rest of the movie was. . . kind of too “sweet” for our tastes. It’s funny and sweet, so, yeah, it’s essentially a romantic comedy, which, as most of you know, is not my usual favorite genre. But I’d seen Apatow’s Forty Year Old Virgin and had loved it (also funny and sweet, but in a better balance, somehow), and I was expecting to laugh my butt off for this one too. Instead found myself kind of wishing I was watching it alone so I could fast-forward through some of the cheesier scenes, and I also had a hard time believing in the relationship that developed between the two main characters. I never felt like they had any chemistry and, frankly, I was kind of sorry to see them end up together, which is not really how you’re supposed to feel at the end of a romantic comedy, you know?

Anyway, if you love “sweet” romantic comedies, you’ll probably absolutely adore this one. We enjoyed it (and had fun especially with the Freeks and Geeks reunion of Rogan, Segel, and a nearly unrecognizable Starr) and laughed a lot, but we’ll will probably never feel the urge to see it again. This contrasts strongly with the comedy we saw on our honeymoon six years ago — Zoolander — which we still watch all the time and quote incessantly to each other (“What is this? A center for ANTS?!”). Next year, we’ll have to do a better job at pickin’ the movie!

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Genre: Romantic comedy

Cast: Katherine Heigl, Seth Rogan, Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Martin Starr, Leslie Mann, Harold Ramis, Alan Tudyk

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8 Responses to “MOVIE: Knocked Up (2007)”

  1. Eva Says:

    Mer-MAN! Mer-MAN!

  2. carolyn (duff) Says:

    I didn’t like this either. and totally felt the same way about the two main characters: no chemistry, and why would she go off with him at the end? all his supposed changes (gee, he has his own apartment now) she hasn’t even seen, so she has no reason to think he’s any better than he was before. lame. it’s the classic boy movie. prettiest girl in the room goes home with scruffiest guy. so who does that leave for us scruffy girls? lame!

  3. Alisa Says:

    1st let me say congrats!!!!!
    My 1st anversary is this Saturday.

    I really disliked this movie also. I thought that I would give it a chance and that I might end up liking it, just as I did w/Shallow Hal. I really thought I was going to hate Shallow Hal, but I ended up really liking it. Anyway, I hated Knocked Up.

  4. megwood Says:

    Congrats to you too, Alisa!

  5. Miss Amy Says:

    Well, hubby and I just had our 15th anniversary and we thought this movie was stinking hilarious.

    Maybe because we have kids and the birth scene was SO much like our experience during our first child coming…it was both laugh-out-loud funny and squirm inducing at the same time.

    Schlubs and hotties do get together and it often works. Just ask my hubby (but in our case I am the schlub and HE is the hottie!)

    Congrats on the anniversary, Meg and here is to many, many more!

  6. megwood Says:

    Oh, trust me, I know schlubs and hotties get together all the time. I married a guy who actually looks rather a lot like Seth Rogan himself (hi, honey!). That wasn’t my problem with their relationship — it was more the fact that they ended up getting together, I felt, BECAUSE of the baby, and despite the fact they weren’t actually really all that right for each other. At the end of the movie, I couldn’t help but see them five years down the line fighting all the time and filing for divorce. I just didn’t feel the connection.

    That said, we also thought it was stinking hilarious — everybody seems to be missing that part of my review. It wasn’t as funny as we’d thought it would be, based on what we’d heard, but man, the scenes with Seth and Paul were all just totally killing us. Great writing! Just no chemistry!

  7. Marni Says:

    Magoo, I was disappointed by this one too, and I usually really like sweetness and sappiness. I agree that the relationship just didn’t make any sense. Somehow there was nothing there to make you understand what either one of them saw in each other. Sort of like Gizzy on Grey’s Anatomy, come to think of it. Maybe it’s all Katherine Heigl’s fault!! I can’t quite place it, but I agree that the whole time you’re thinking they’ll get divorced in a couple of years.

  8. “Knocked Up”: Just another unwanted pregnancy movie | Radu Ștefan prezintă: Blogu' de filme Says:

    […] On the other side of the story, Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl), a career woman, decides to go out with her sister, Debbie (Leslie Mann) to a local nightclub. There, she meets Ben and the two of them start talking. After a couple of drinks they return to Debbie’s pool house, where Alison lives, and they end up having sex. After a couple of weeks… surprise, surprise: Alison is pregnant because Ben forgot to wear a condom. What will happen next? Will Alison decide to keep the baby? Will Ben start acting as a father-figure? Will everything be alright, in the end? These questions and more can be answered if you watch “Knocked Up”. […]

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