Help Support Teachers, Kids, and Schools!

Hey, everybody!  One of my favorite blogs for as long as I can remember is  Every year, the author, Sars, has a huge “Fall Contest” to raise money for schools (mostly New York City schools, which have a lot of low income kids AND teachers).  She’s just started the contest up again and I wanted to direct you all to her site so you can learn more about it and the various projects you can help fund.  It’s pretty cool stuff, so head on over and help support our kids, schools, and some very awesome teachers!

Oh yeah, and you can win cool prizes too.  Plus, if her readers donate over $40K this year, Sars will be donning a tomato costume and dancing in Rockefeller Plaza, which is worth the price of admission (whatever your donation may be) right there. 

Here’s the link:

Donate today!

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