What Meg’s Watching Tonight (Friday)

Not much on tonight, I’m afraid, but the good news is that James Tupper and Men in Trees will be back October 12th. I love that show! Here’s what’s on my schedule for this evening (not counting the 14,000 (give or take) movies I’m DVRing because there’s a free Showtime Preview on Dish Network this weekend, of course):

9pm CBSMoonlight. Sure, it sounds just like Angel all over again, but I confess I never got all that into Angel and this one actually sounds a little bit darker and more serious, which could make it feel a bit more unique. It’s about a vampire who uses his powers for good, as a private investigator who works only by night. The main character is played by Alex O’Laughlin, who is a relative newcomer, but the show also features Jason Dohring from Veronica Mars (he played V’s boyfriend Logan) and it’ll be nice seeing him do something different. Reviews have been pretty mixed, so I won’t hold my breath for awesomeness, but you never know!

10pm CBSNumb3rs. Last year’s season finale kind of kicked my ass with its final twist, and that was a nice change of pace because up till that point, I’d been losing interest in the series. The Janus List finale was pretty exciting, though, and now I can’t wait to find out what happens next! Might even stay up until 11 to watch this one live, since it’s Friday. We’ll see if I can stave off the yawn attacks that long. . .

What are you watching tonight?

10 Responses to “What Meg’s Watching Tonight (Friday)”

  1. carolyn (duff) Says:

    i haven’t seen any even slightly positive reviews for midnight. i’m recording it but i don’t have high hopes. i actually saw a review that said the only good thing in the whole show is VM’s Logan and he appears to be saying his lines as fast as possible so he can get the hell out of there.

    i will probably still watch numb3rs but i thought the colby as spy storyline as actually shockingly bad BECAUSE in the earlier episode they did NOT set the proper groundwork and if you (re)watch the earlier episode about that same dude he’s supposedly in cahoots with, there’s a lot of stuff they did wrong if they wanted to make colby a doublecrosser. (particularly in comparison to how other shows very carefully set things up many many episodes in advance…) i think maybe they were getting so many complaints at the end of the season, they thought the only way to save the show was to do something totally insane like that, something they had clearly not planned on doing. i guess they HAVE to deal with the aftereffects in this first episode, but they better get past this storyline fast if they want me to keep watching!

  2. Alisa Says:

    I like vamp shows, I just finished watching an olddddd, well 90’s. LOL It was a A. Spelling vamp show (Kindred, the Embraced), it was only on for 1 season. The star of the show died in a motocycle accident right before it was going to be picked up by SHowtime or HbO one of those channels.

  3. carolyn (duff) Says:

    i haven’t seen any even slightly positive reviews for midnight. i’m recording it but i don’t have high hopes. i actually saw a review that said the only good thing in the whole show is VM’s Logan and he appears to be saying his lines as fast as possible so he can get the hell out of there.

  4. carolyn (duff) Says:

    whoops – sorry for the double comment! 🙂

  5. megwood Says:

    Ah, I never saw the Numbers episode that came right before the finale, so I didn’t notice any plot problems. I think for the sake of my own happiness, I will NOT go back and watch it now, either!

  6. Cheesepuppet Says:

    I’ll be at my graduation party tonight, so no TV for me. We did watch Bionic Woman and got so bored we turned it off. 😛

    We stopped watching Numbers because of scheduling conflicts, but we really liked the show, and now I’m thinking maybe we should rent it and catch up!

  7. Lorraine Says:

    Moonlight – I’m tempted to remove it from my season pass on Tivo because it was rather dull. But, I’m going to record it for a little longer hoping that the romance gets interesting. It was a sloppy pilot – sometimes the camera work, editing, directing, and acting was jarring. Guess I really like vampire stuff so I’m willing to give it a second try.

    Numbers – I think that I watch this show for the 3 minutes of Eppes family time that we get. The investigations are rather ordinary but the brother/father stuff is really good. Last season, Rob Morrow’s therapy sessions were really interesting. Morrow & Krumholtz really work well against each other.

    Stargate Atlantis – what can I say, I’ve been a Stargate fan since day one. The shows are just fun, fun, fun.

  8. megwood Says:

    Hey, everybody! Just watched both Moonlight and Numb3rs and had to log on to say, hooray for surprise ex-Boyfriend appearances! (Kevin Weisman in “Moonlight,” though it’s not in his IMDb credits so may have been a one-time thing (dang), and then Val Kilmer in “Numb3rs” — yay!)

    Moonlight was pretty bad, but I thought it was more good-bad than irritating-bad, and good-bad is one of my all-time favorite genres of badness, as well you all know. The plot was pretty meh, when it wasn’t being downright dumb (an example of “downright dumb” would’ve been St. John’s flashbacks to a mere 22 years ago that featured him carrying a gas lamp — dude, 22 years ago was 1985, and I’m pretty sure we had flashlights by then). And at first I wasn’t sure I’d like the lead actor either, but he grew on me, as did his very smoky voice, and I can definitely see this one getting more cheesily fun as it goes. They really need to keep Kev on staff, though, and also give him more to do, though. Man, I love that guy!

    Nice to have ex-Boyfriend Peter MacNicol back on “Numb3rs,” too (he was gone most of last season so he could do “24”). That said, I’d like to know why suddenly the geniuses all forgot how to shave over the summer — what was up with all the wild stubble, fellas? But other than that, it was a pretty solid opener. As I said, I lost interest in this series mid-way through last season, and then got drawn back in by the finale. We’ll see if they can keep me hooked this year.

  9. Catherine Says:

    Funny story, Meg –

    I went to a panel discussion for Numb3rs just last Mon. They talked a lot about Tony Scott, who directed the first episode (which was screened for us in advance). The actors said that he was very particular about their hair. He sat in on all their haircuts and instructed Peter and David to grow their beards a certain way. So the blame lies on Tony! It will be interesting to see if it carries into the next episodes. Sounds like they have fun plans for this season.

  10. megwood Says:

    Wow, that’s a weird story about the beards. I totally don’t get it! Maybe they’ll be explaining it later on, though. You never know.

    How awesome you got to be on a panel discussion about the show, though. I’d love to do that some time! Sweet!

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