What Meg’s Watching Tonight (Thursday)

Tonight, it’s all about the old shows coming back for a new season (and, incidentally, I think Reaper’s pilot replays tonight on the CW — if you missed it, tune in, because so far, I definitely think I can say it’s my favorite new show of the season). We have:

8pm ABCUgly Betty. I know it’s horrible of me to say this, but I got reallllly tired of this show about 8 episodes before the end of season one. I actually quit watching, only tuning back in for the finale. I loved the show when it started, but felt like it wasn’t really going anywhere interesting. I’m looking forward to tuning in tonight to see if they have a bit more direction planned for the second year. Will report back.

9pm ABCGrey’s Anatomy. Yeah, I hated it by the end of last season too, I hear ya. And they’re still calling them “ferry boats,” which just nicks my knickers. But that doesn’t mean I can just stop tuning in. I’m STILL WATCHING ER, people! Even after they dropped a HELICOPTER on ROMANO. It’s really hard for me to let go.

10pm CBSWithout a Trace. I don’t usually watch this show during the main season, but instead tend to catch up with reruns during the summer. However, I read that James Marsters will be showing up for a multi-episode arc starting tonight, and that’s got me interested enough to make room for this one on my DVR. Spike? As a cop? Dude, sign me up!

10pm NBCER. See? Here it is, still in my schedule. Even after they dropped a HELICOPTER on ROMANO.

Supernatural will be back next week, by the way. Three cheers for sarcasm and cute boys!

12 Responses to “What Meg’s Watching Tonight (Thursday)”

  1. megwood Says:

    Oops, and I forgot to mention CSI, which is CBS at 9pm. I got really tired of that one last season, too, but tuned in for all the episodes about the Miniature Killer (loved those little miniature doo-dad thingies), so will be watching tonight to see them wrap-up that storyline. Do I care if Sara is dead? Meh, not really. I just wish they’d bring back Liev Schreiber (though, yes, I watched that set of episodes too, so I realize that can’t happen!).

  2. Lorraine Says:

    Without a Trace – I stopped watching years ago because I got too upset with the cases of missing kids. I kept thinking “if they are alive, what is happening to them”. But I agree, I’m tuning in for the James Marsters episodes (although the role will probably be so subdued that I’ll be disappointed).

    CSI – Just kill Sara off already. I love Grisham but their relationship is creepy.

    ER – Meg, I’m with you. I’ve watched every episode until now so I’m sticking it out even though I dread watching every episode because the show has become so dark with everyone so unhappy and in peril. Poor Ray!!

    The Office – this is a show I got into just last year. I was finally pulled in by the Pam/Jim stuff. I like how it has some jaw-dropping moments where you can’t believe some of the un-PC things the characters say.

    Mad Men – this is a breakout role for Jon Hamm. He really inhabits the character.

  3. megwood Says:

    I love “The Office” too, but I’ve been watching that one on DVD instead of “live” because my Thursday nights are already too full of stuff! I haven’t been watching “Mad Men,” but will watch for it on DVD because I’ve heard lots of good things about it!

  4. Eva Says:

    The helicopter was the absolute end of the line for me. Romano was the last reason I was still sporadically watching. The fact that they disabled him with one helicopter and then finished him off with another – if I could have dropped a helicoptor on the entire show, I would have.

  5. Lorraine Says:

    I think ER changed when they had the psycho stab Kelli Martin and Noah Wyle. Since then, every main character has had a major personal crisis/illness. I don’t know how any of them can focus on treating their patients!! When ER began I liked the illusion that there were these dedicated doctors/nurses who could band together to fix the sick and injured. But, I stick with it because there is always some interesting actor or storyline. And it really does have some cool medical stuff even if it is becoming too graphic (but then all the medical/forensic shows are!).

    If you like science mixed with lightheared fun and interesting characters, I recommend “Bones”.

  6. Alisa Says:

    I didn’t watch any of these shows. LOL I’m still catching up on W/out on DVD and re-runs on TNT.

    I’ve never seen Ugly or Grey’s and I decided at the end of ER last season just to stop watching. I should have jumped ship sooner, like right after Romano was killed, but for some reason I hung in, but I’ve jumped off the gang plank.

  7. carolyn (duff) Says:

    what’d you think of grey’s? i actually thought it was 90% terrible. season 3 really jumped the shark for me and last night did nothing to right matters.

  8. megwood Says:

    I haven’t watched Grey’s yet (or Private Practice, incidentally), but I’m sure it’ll be pretty horrible. My mom watched it and has already reported to me that it features a thunderstorm — for the record, Seattle probably gets a serious thunderstorm maaaaaaybe once a year at the most. Let the eye-rolling begin!

  9. megwood Says:

    Okay, I just watched Grey’s! The phrase that immediately leaps to mind is “gag me with a spoon” (sorry, I’m a child of the 80’s!), and I literally DID make a wretching sound when the little girl blinked three melodramatic times to daddy before they wheeled him into surgery. I’m clearly a horrible, heartless demon of a lady.

    That said, I confess I was kind of glad to see everybody again, and chuckled at least once (in the beginning, when they were all vying to be “the new Nazi”). And, of course, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Izzy get snubbed by George for the first 40 minutes. Now if only she’d get hit by a bus, there might be hope for the rest of the season. Ooh! Horrible, heartless demon of a lady!! Me! That’s me!!

  10. megwood Says:

    p.s. Lorraine, I LOVE “Bones”! And I totally agree with you about ER too — that really was a big turning point in terms of the melodrama starting to overtake the ACTUAL drama.

    Actually, speaking of “Bones,” I haven’t watched that one yet either. I think I’ll watch that one next!

  11. Lorraine Says:

    Meg – “Bones” was great! But then it hardly ever misses. Jack/Angela are as cute and funny as ever. The quest for her ex-husband had me laughing.

  12. carolyn (duff) Says:

    i loved the Bones premiere also. 🙂

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