Bickering, whining, and crying is back! America’s Next Top Model returns tonight!

Just a head’s-up — the new season of America’s Next Top Model starts tonight on the CW (8pm, I think). Though I can’t put into words just why, I simply cannot get enough of this show. I think it’s because, for me, it’s kind of like watching a show about a group of Martians brought together to live in a lavish apartment on Earth. I don’t understand those girls, I can’t relate to them at all in ANY way, and thus they are, to me, just about as alien as Alf. And almost as amusing. Now, if only they ate cats and were as adept at sarcastic banter!

I bet I just lost everybody under the age of 30. Ah, Alf. The good ol’ days of my youth. . .

ANTM Official Site:


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