Congratulations, Salem-Keizer!

A couple of baseball seasons ago, I raved about the mascot, Crater, of the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, the short-A team in my parents’ town in Oregon.  This year, the Volcanoes not only managed to  feature the hippest mascot in the league (he’s a baseball!  he’s a dinosaur!  we don’t really know what he is!), but they also kicked the butt of just about every team they played, taking the Northwest League Championship last Monday night.

Not impressed yet?  Well, then how about this:  my parents, season ticket holders, along with over 2700 other fans at a game on August 31st, also BROKE A WORLD RECORD. 

Check it out:  Most kazoos played at one time, for the longest duration (over five minutes)!  And if you are currently rolling your eyes and thinking I made this up, scoff not, Philistines — this morning, the local newspaper posted VIDEO EVIDENCE:

My parents report that the whole thing started out well, with the local high school band director coming out (in a tux, no less!) to lead the group in a rousing chorus of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”  But the music quickly turned into something I gather sounded a lot like the sixth grade band at my junior high (in my family, all bad music is described with the phrase “sixth grade band” — and had you attended that ill-fated concert, you would understand why), or, in other words, a total cacophonous free-for-all.  I suspect part of the reason for the lack of cohesive kazooing can be summed up by the photo my Dad sent of himself and his friend Terry standing in the bleachers.  Yes, they are dutifully holding kazoos up to their faces, but at the same time, they’re both laughing so hard I can’t imagine anything resembling actual melody was coming out of their instruments.   Unless that melody was supposed to be the chorus to “I Love to Laugh” from the movie Mary Poppins (“Ho ho, ha ha, hee hee hee!”).

In a word: awesome.

Congratulations to Crater and the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, and again to the 2700+ record breaking fans (who also, that same night, donated over 2000 pounds of food to the local food bank while they were at it)!  Ain’t baseball grand?  

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