Six years ago today. . .

I featured Two Cities’ Worth of Rescue Workers and Heroes as the “Boyfriend of the Week” (well, okay, in actuality I posted it on the 17th, but let’s not get all technical about it).  If you have a chance today, and you can stand it (I still get all weepy, personally), you might want to go back and reread that write-up.  Every time I look at it myself, I see about a bazillion things I want to edit or improve, as I have so much more I could say now that I’ve gotten some temporal distance from the whole thing.  But the gist would remain the same and it is this: We have some truly incredible people in our nation, and despite the growing difficulty a lot of us are having in terms of feeling good about our country, this fact remains true nonetheless.

Thanks again. 

And again, and again, and again.  And then one more time, just for good measure. 

Incidentally, the Red Cross still needs your donations, folks, so why not take that $10 you were going to spend on espresso this week and send it to them instead as a memorial donation in recognition of those lost or hurt on 9/11?  If we all do it, it can make a real difference.  So, click click click right here and send whatever you can.  We may have total hoseheads in charge of our government right now, but we can still change some things for the better in our own small, individual ways.   Today’s as good a day as any, so go for it!

One Response to “Six years ago today. . .”

  1. Marni Says:

    Well said, sis. Good to remember.

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