Coming this Sunday: Chris O’Donnell in “The Company” on TNT

Just a head’s up that the cutest guy ever to grace the small screen of Grey’s Anatomy (and no, I don’t mean Patrick Dempsey) is coming to TNT this Sunday for a miniseries titled The Company that will be about the CIA vs. the Soviets during the Cold War. Of course, you read the subject line, so you know I mean Chris O’Donnell, and raise your hand if you wish Callie would’ve married his vet character on Grey’s instead of ending up with George “The Man ‘Ho” O’Malley. Yeah, me too. I miss Dr. McVet! Come back, Dr. McVet, come back!

In any case, the miniseries features a pretty stellar set of names: Alfred Molina, Michael Keaton, and Alessandro Nivola also star, and it’s been produced by Tony and Ridley Scott, as well as David Zucker. I’ve got my fingers crossed. Minus ten points for having a web site with faaaaar too much flash animation, but plus five back for mentioning Chris’s role in Fried Green Tomatoes in his bio, because even though it makes me sound like a disgusting GIRL, I absolutely love that movie.

I’ll report back after I’ve seen the first episode to let you know what I thought! Tawanda!!!


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