Three More Reasons Why I Love Les Stroud.

As if you needed any more Les Stroud Lovefest inspiration, here are three reasons why I have been experiencing a major upswing in my affections for him this week. MAJOR upswing. In fact, my adoration for Les Stroud right now is so intense it feels like, at any moment, actual FLAMES might shoot out of my chest.

Or else, maybe that’s the spicy Thai food I just had for dinner. . . Actually, yeah, that might be a little more likely than adoration so intense it *poofs* into spontaneous combustion, right? But hey, they don’t call it HEARTburn for nothing, people.

Reasons I Love Les Stroud, Part Two (for part one, read the old write-up)

1. He’s the host of Shark Week this week on the Discovery Channel! How cool is that? Man, I LOVE Shark Week! While I’m on the subject, though, I confess to major disappointment regarding the much-hyped USS Indianapolis special that aired Sunday night (“Ocean of Fear”). I had been telling people to tune in for weeks because I was expecting it to be the mother of all episodes of I Shouldn’t Be Alive. How they managed to take an incredible story like that one and turn it into two hours of tedium so dry that both me AND my mother nodded off DURING A SHARK ATTACK SCENE, I have no idea. But they did. Gah. If you missed it and want to see just how amazingly they botched it up, “Ocean of Fear” reruns this coming Saturday (check your local TV guide for times).

2. His show, Survivorman, returns August 10th at 9pm on Discovery. YES!

3. According to The Times of London, Bear Grylls is a fake (note: this article refers to Bear’s show Born Survivor, which I gather is just the name Man vs. Wild takes when airing in England)! Here’s the scoop: You know how, at the beginning of every episode of Man vs. Wild, Bear has himself dropped into the middle of nowhere, telling us his plan is to spend the next several days making his way back to civilization with nothing but the clothes and minimal equipment on his back? Well, guess what! After he roasts that snake over his flint-sparked fire, he sometimes turns the cameras off and hightails it to the nearest Motel 6 (or its local equivalent, I suppose). There, he soaks in the hot tub, checks his email, raids the mini-bar, snoozes off to the soothing background sounds of free HBO, and, I suppose, snickers at his cleverness in managing to dupe his entire audience into thinking he’s actually spending the night in a hammock made out of dirty water reeds and buggy leaves, strung up between two soggy trees in a man-eating-reptile-infested swamp.

You know who would never do that? Les Stroud. And that’s why I love him sooooo much this week. The End.


6 Responses to “Three More Reasons Why I Love Les Stroud.”

  1. Jason Says:

    Bear’s no more fake than Les Stroud is. Les will spend hours on a camera shot all by himself, setting it up. Nothing you see in Survivorman is “real time”, it was almost all pre-planned.

    Knowing that, who’s more fake or more real now? They’re both playing for TV, but both are true survival experts. They just have a different style.

  2. megwood Says:

    I completely disagree. I mean, you’re right that Les sets up his shots. He HAS to, as he’s out there all by himself without Bear’s camera crew backing him up. Les will walk up the same steep hill three times sometimes (or down it, even worse in my book!) so he can film it for his viewers. The thing is? Les never said he was filming himself in “real time” — he’s been completely open about how his show was set up since the beginning.

    Bear, on the other hand, has been telling us since episode one that he’s out there for days at a time surviving for real. He makes a big deal out of it, actually — how he’s out there in the middle of nowhere with nothing but his clothes and a pocket knife and he won’t get any assistance until he makes his way back to civilization. As it turns out, that isn’t the truth.

    My complaint wasn’t that Bear’s show isn’t “real” — the things he shows his viewers are absolutely real. He’s really scaling those rock faces, he’s really drinking that elephant poo juice (oy!). In my opinion, the difference lies with honesty. They’re both great survivalists and I’ve learned a lot from each of them. But Bear’s been lying to his viewers since day one — and Les hasn’t.

    I’m definitely still planning to watch both shows — I still love both guys and still respect them both. But I hope Bear will come clean about what’s really been going on (I’m also, of course, totally open to the idea this rumor is completely false, though The Times of London is a pretty reputable newspaper. . .). There’s no need for him to fake it on his show — he’s a bad-ass and we all already know it. He needs to come clean and then just keep doing what he does. That’s all I’m asking for — a little honesty.

  3. Bear is fake Says:

    BearWiki, the place to be for information on the “Bear”.

  4. megwood Says:

    Thanks for the link to your Bear Wiki page, though I will say that I definitely am still a fan of the show, do NOT agree that his advice is “dangerous,” and also don’t have a problem at all with many of the things the Bear Wiki seems to take issue with. Frankly, I think it’s somewhat ridiculous to take issue with most of that stuff — it IS a television show, after all, intended to both educate AND entertain. I don’t even really have a problem with Bear spending some nights in hotels or ordering a pizza now and then. What I had a problem with was him saying he was doing one thing (spending seven days in the wild without any assistance whatsoever, e.g.) and then doing something totally different. I don’t like feeling hoodwinked, especially when it’s COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY (because I would’ve still loved the show and been thoroughly impressed with his skills had he been honest about each debated element all along).

    This morning, I read on Bear’s blog ( that the next season of the show will be addressing all these issues. It will be “more inclusive” of shots of the crew, so that it’s completely clear exactly what Bear is doing on his own and what he’s getting support for. And the show will add a “disclaimer” at the beginning that more directly spells out what’s going on. This is ALL I wanted.

    Bear is one super-cool dude — there’s really no denying it. His blog post completely resolved the entire issue for me, and I just wanted to state clearly and for the record one more that that I am STILL A HUGE FAN OF BEAR GRYLLS and of his show, and I look forward to the next season, whenever it may be.

  5. DK Says:

    Les is musician, and only lasted 3 seasons…maybe he should have taken a night in the hot tub and been able to survive the rigors of a show like that. Oh well…maybe he will write a song about it on his next CD.

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