MOVIE: Deadbolt (1993)

I was bored and kind of in between movies today, so I decided to get out a knitting project for a couple of hours and watch something for free using Netflix’s “Watch Now” feature (which I hardly ever do, even though it’s kind of nifty that they’ve set this up for subscribers). I flipped through a few titles and finally settled on this flick, which I’d never even heard of. I’ve always liked Justine Bateman (last seen on Men in Trees) and Adam Baldwin (last seen in Serenity), though, and based on the plot description, it sounded like a good thriller for a rainy afternoon.

As it turns out, it’s kind of neither good nor bad. The plot is stolen from a variety of better movies like Single White Female and The Collector, but it’s not bad for a 90 minute freebie. Bateman plays a young medical student who decides to get a roommate to help cut costs and make her feel a little safer living on her own. Baldwin plays the guy who moves in. He quickly falls in love with her and begins to reveal himself to us, the audience, as a complete psycho. Things go from stalking to murder and kidnapping, but while it’s all very predictable, I still enjoyed it for the most part. If you are a Netflix subscriber and you’re looking for a decent “Watch Now” feature, you could do a lot worse (no, trust me, you could do a loooooooot worse — I’d say at least 85% of the movies available for instant viewing are total crap, which is unfortunate). Thumbs neither up nor down, but instead sort of sideways and wobbly.

Genre: Thriller
Cast: Justine Bateman, Adam Baldwin, Chris Mulkey


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