Know anything about rap music?

It’s that time of year again — the time of year when VH1 airs one of the most entertaining game shows of all time, The World Series of Pop Culture

Last year, the first year the series took place, I didn’t find out about it until it was nearly over, and thus didn’t get much of an opportunity to test my own skills.  However, this year, I’ve seen all three of the episodes so far (it’s airing every weeknight at the moment — check your TV guide for details), and I’ve been blown away by my own geeky genius. 

Get this, people:  so far, I have not missed a SINGLE question about movies.  Nor did I get any of the 80’s pop song ones wrong (Confidential to the young woman who missed ALL of those questions herself on the show:  Not being born until 1981 is no excuse for not knowing the song “Love is a Battlefield” by Pat Benatar).  I’ve gotten almost all the TV-related questions right as well, except for the ones about American Idol or Laguna Beach.  

What I’m realizing the more I watch is how desperately I need to get a team put together for next year, as the first place prize is $250,000 and who among us couldn’t use a third of that pile of dough?  The problem is, while I’ve got movies and most of TV covered, I’m not very knowledgeable about modern music, especially rap and pop.  I also don’t know as much as I probably ought to (well, that’s a somewhat dubious statement) about celebrity feuds, which also appears to be a popular category. 

Clearly, if I decide to get serious about trying out, I’ll need to subscribe to In Touch or one of those other $1.99 celebrity rags.  That’s going on my Amazon wishlist RIGHT NOW.

Anyway, if you aren’t watching this and you love questions about movies, TV, music, and Lindsay Lohan, you should definitely tune in tonight and see what you think!  I also confess to a minor crush on host Pat Kiernan, who is about as dorky-looking as a man of his age can be.  That haircut — its geek cred makes me swoon!  It’s been so long since I saw a grown man with a bowl cut!  I just want to tackle him and smother him with smooches.

Check it out on VH1 tonight and every weeknight for the next couple of weeks and let me know how you do on the music categories! 

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